Four Occupy tormentors unmasked

Occupy Colo. Springs held a NO WAR ON IRAN demo today, counter- protested by some soldiers who think any antiwar criticism of their mission fails to Support The Troops. (Horrifyingly curious don’t you think, that US soldiers would already consider war with Iran as their mission?!) Joining them it turned out, were four of OCS’s sneakiest saboteurs. I got them with one camera click! From right to ultra-right: Raven Martinez aka Briaunna Webbing aka Occupy Csprings, Michael Clifton aka Agent of Doubt, Ian Carman aka “Father” Ian, and Ryan Butler aka Ry King aka Lone Wolf.

My policy until now was not to dignify any of these Facebook twits with attention, but their rumor campaign against OCS has become so virulent and untrue, and their misdeeds are now tipping the balance. Today the entire intersection had to bear personal megaphone taunts, but I’ll say that the final straw was yesterday when I learned of misinformation they attempted to spread to the local news. Occupy CS’s hand was forced in issuing a public statement about accused-arsonist Kyle Lawrence, because someone asserted Kyle had joined a violent group that had sprung up in OCS. Uh, let’s get to the bottom of that one, shall we?

WARNING: OCCUDRAMA AHEAD. All of it boring, but these creeps need to crawl back under their mouse pads. Ignoring them hasn’t worked, and even though they crave attention, I’ll give that a try.

Exhibit A
Ryan Butler, Ryan King, Lucky Dog, Lone Wolf
At far right is RYAN BUTLER aka Lucky Dog, aka Lone Wolf. When he disrupted OCS GAs he went by “Ry King”.

The secretive Ryan Butler is half of the Clifton/Butler nerd team that hijacked the “Occupy Colorado Springs” Facebook Open Group. It’s got about 400 members, doesn’t represent Occupy at all, and is maintained as a launchpad for Tea Party occu-haters under the pretext of “free speech” as decided by its unlisted admins Ryan & Michael. The open group was originally created by authentic occupier Amber Hagen, who in her idealism let all participant have admin privileges. When Amber discovered that haters among the admins kept wrecking the page, she began to delete them. Michael Clifton once recounted at a meeting how he and Ryan scrambled over Skype to keep Amber from shutting them out. They hurriedly deleted Amber’s admin access, thus exiling her from her own group. This was the act that inspired Raven Martinez to do the same with the OCS Facebook community page, in all fairness I should say, to prevent others from doing it to her.

Ryan’s claim to fame in OCS came from a failed coup to share the spokesmanship monopoly held by occupothead Jason Warf, but I digress.

Ryan had to step away from OCS after legal trouble from a drunken poker game gone awry, which he tried to blame on authentic occupy vet RTG. Ryan has a criminal record of domestic violence and wears a gun in his home in violation of having lost his permit to carry. That much is not disputed. But Ryan refutes RTG’s version of the event: that Ryan pistol-whipped his ex-girlfriend, which enraged RTG and the two fought, trashing the house. Both face assault charges and Ryan’s ex has filed her usual plea to the court to dismiss any notion that Ryan abused her. Instead we are to believe Ryan tried to defend himself with a vice-grips laying about (leaves a strike pattern similar to a gun maybe), accidentally striking his ex.

I’ll add that my perspective doesn’t come from hearing RTG’s testimony, but rather from eavesdropping on private IMs sent by Ryan as he deliberated what to say by way of damage control. Anyway.

Entirely relevant here however is Ryan Butler’s favorite bragging right, his secret Fight Club-inspired “PLAN-B” CLUB (First rule of Plan-B, you don’t talk about Plan B, snore). Apparently “Plan B” is for Amendment Two fans who want an alternate plan “when the revolution fails.” Was this the pro-violence group to which Michael Clifton alluded in TV interviews? It had nothing to do with Occupy, didn’t come from Occupy, and if its membership is limited to Ryan’s friends, I’m guessing that pares it down to two: he and Clifton. Thus Clifton’s statement about his disassociation from proponents of violence was also facetious, because the above photo was taken upon their arrival at the counter-protest, they came together.

But how absolutely scurrilous to attempt to tarnish OCS with the suggestion that occupy was the breeding ground of their pro-gun Amendment Two fantasy life?!

Exhibit B
Michael Clifton, Agent of Doubt
Occupying more than the center of this photo is Michael Clifton, self-appointed videographer of the local occupy, known on Youtube and DIY newsites as “Agent of Doubt”.

Michael Clifton was a very early supporter of OCS, donating water and food as he documented its progress on Youtube, each segment introduced in his best impersonation of Alfred Hitchcock, minus the wit, or substance. Let’s say Clifton’s motives started out good, what would lead him last week to step forward and break the story about arsonist Kyle having a history with OCS, packaging his videos for best consumption by the local media?

Of course the answer is simple, and we’ve seen it before. Apparently 15-minutes of personal soundbite, TV attention converted to Youtube views, trumps any consideration for possible negative blowback for the movement. Clifton actually keeps distancing himself from OCS every time he alleges to speak authoritatively as an insider. It’s laughable if it wasn’t damnable, because this time the oaf said he quit when OCS members began to plan illegal strategies. Whaaat? –leaving listeners to infer that arson was among the strategies. What kind of tomfoolery insinuation is that?

Not surprisingly, once more Clifton is defending himself against accusations of being an informer or provocateur. I make no such charge. He’s an idiot. What can you do, Colorado Springs is full of them. Am I being too harsh? Read on.

In an earlier episode in front of City Council, Clifton famously declared himself an outsider to OCS so that he could take all the credit for a –he-thought– brilliant bit of investigative deduction regarding CSPD’s billing of man hours charged for policing OCS. Our friend had videotaped an OCS march you see, and noticed there weren’t any police officers in sight, ergo, the billings must have been fraudulent, yes, ignoring the possibility the cops were plain-clothed, or observing from a perimeter, or on call, etc. So like a flat-earther who draws conclusions based on only what he can see, our intrepid Sherlock declares the CSPD guilty of fraud, and… marches straight into the local office of the FBI to make the charge! The FBI, he reports, were only too happy to accept all his video footage into evidence!

This might point to Clifton’s real reason to declare he was not part of Occupy, because a GA consensus would have vetoed his FBI idea. OCS had recently endorsed a no-snitch policy, not on anyone, not even the city, and let’s face it, not least of all I’m guessing, TO the FBI.

Thus, however unwittingly, let’s call it witlessly, Clifton is an FBI informant in the very technical sense, isn’t he?

To put a fine point on it: everyone who’s participated in OCS activities recorded by Agent of Doubt Clifton, is now on record at the FBI, in not just the lossy Youtube segments available online, but the original hi-def digital sequences, in their entirety.

And while Agent Dork has been a stalwart companion to Occupy, if only for the videos which he converts into ad-views whose revenue he “contributes” to the Occupy movement by funding his own efforts to “promote” it, so far the sum of his efforts has been to give law enforcement and the local media evidence to build a case against Occupy. Thanks a ton Agent Dork. From here onward, your camera aught to record everyone giving you the finger!

Exhibit C
Department of Homeland Security Officer Ian Carman
I was tempted because of his sign to give Father Ian Carman a pass. Who’s to say a Department of Homeland Security employee shouldn’t consider himself part of the 99%? But after successive absences from GAs, then hiding among the haters, it might be time to take a close look at this very disruptive occupier.

Divisive behavior can be very subtle, so I’ll cut to the quick on Father Ian. He revealed to us that he worked for DHS because he wanted to explain that he had access to confidential files on certain occupiers, one of whom, supposedly a veteran, still had a very high security clearance, indicating he was likely still active duty, or perhaps in the intelligence service. Father Ian was asserting this about our high profile occupy star JWS, effectively trying to snitchjacket JWS. Come down on that whichever way you like.

Exhibit D

Raven Martinez writes on Facebook under the identity of her daughter, or the occunonymous Facebook user “Occupy Csprings”. Once a formidable OCS volunteer, Raven suddenly became my own personal raving critic. It’s been suggested that her fury bears the air of a woman scorned — I’ll delve into that further down, if I feel like it.

As reported above, the Tea Party mutiny of Amber’s Facebook OCS open group is what inspired Raven to hijack the OCS Facebook COMMUNITY PAGE. Raven might have done it with the best intentions, but did it utterly undemocratically and to everyone’s chagrin and condemnation. Here’s what happened.

Embattled by internal struggle against the very identity of mothership Occupy Wall Street, the OCS GA had adopted the moderating policy implemented by the New York OWS to thwart vanguards and saboteurs, but the Springs admins at that time were refusing to implement them. Admins were continuing to post political endorsements, conspiracy theories and statements critical of fellow occupiers. Further protocols were adopted by OCS to require admins to use their initials to identify who was responsible. Again this was ignored, and now many of the admins were refusing to attend the GAs.

One day Raven noticed important posts being deleted and snide comments being made about OCS protest actions, all being done by an admin who would not reveal his/her identity, and worst of all, in the name of Occupy Colorado Springs. An admin herself, Raven made the clever move of temporarily deleting all the other admin users on the chance that this one might be stupid enough to reveal himself by complaining about his suddenly lost access. The idiot took the bait, and turned out to be none other than OCS-permit-holder and self-important-leader Hossein Momsforpot. For shit. Well this left Raven with a dilemma. Who was going to believe that Hoss was anti-OWS? More critically, who among the admins she had deleted, could she reinstate without the risk that Hoss would convince them to reinstate his admin status with which he could then delete Raven? This was the lesson Raven had gleaned from the hijack perpetrated by Wolf & Agent Duh.

I neglected to mention that the earlier hijack was accomplished anonymously, with Ryan pretending that sole admin status was held by “his dog”. So with her hijack, Raven added her own innovation, Raven loudly proclaimed that she’d been shut out too! She planned to claim that her eventual “reinstatement” was the result of an omniscient AnonymousTM hacker who’d intervened for the betterment of the movement.

Raven’s problem was that I had just the day before publicly refused an admin appointment, and when she cavalierly let suspicions fall on occupier PJ, he promptly deleted himself. Funny story, no?

Well, although a number of very earnest admins felt slighted, oddly enough things worked out for the better after Raven’s purge because all the internal occuhating stopped, and a number of the admins who felt pushed out ultimately outed themselves as Ron Paul enthusiasts, conspiracy nuts, or single-issue MMJ addicts. In reality, no one was ejected from OCS, but having lost their control over the Facebook page, they chose to make kissoff statements and move on.

So Raven was able to coax PJ and me to share the admin responsibilities with her, and it’s a good thing too, because when Raven eventually turned against the broader OWS mission, she’ll say it was because of my personal agenda, Raven went and DELETED the Facebook page. She thought she’d done it, but Facebook has safeguards fortunately, PJ and I were alerted and able to save the 3,300 member page from oblivion.

And the rest is history in the making. Three of us administrate the community page now, we trust each other and our dedication to the values and goals of the original Wall Street occupiers, and the Facebook likes continue to rise.

Is that enough about Raven? Yes it is. She’s doing her best to vilify and destroy our efforts, but that’s as much as I want to say about her.

What the hell. Each of these four unsavory characters knows that I could say far more than I’ve divulged here. I’m already embarrassed enough to talk about them as I did, good grief. The personal attacks on me are based on nothing that I hadn’t written about on NMT, yet they persist via email and phone calls to everyone they can reach. Well, here’s my shot across the bow.

26 thoughts on “Four Occupy tormentors unmasked

  1. Damn Eric…way to call out the people who didn’t even organize the counter protest…way to hide behind the internet…do you really think your worth time in jail?….don’t flatter yourself….Misinformation?…Eric the articles we gave the ex marine…the one who’s head is blacked out in the above photo…the one who started the protest on your side then jumped to ours…were from this website…written by you and tony…you know the website that is not associated with OCS…Even though its covered in OCS….How about we address something else…how yall ran….Go ahead say it…We didn’t want to give yall the satisfaction of answering you back….but you and i know that’s total bullshit…yall couldn’t say nothing back because A. what we said was True…or B…you’d piss of the people of Colorado Springs with your Anti-Troop bullshit….you and the four others left because the counter protest was bigger louder and had more support from the people of Colorado Springs….Lets also address the issue of how comments i made were deleted from OCS community page…lets also address the issue i can no longer comment on that page…sounds like censorship to me….lets address the issue that OCS has become the thing OWS is trying to get rid of…A movement that censors what people say…and drives away anyone who doesn’t agree with everything they say…Thanks though because of your actions yesterday and this article the counter group is now double in size…the counter group is now bigger then OCS…lol…remeber how i said i would burn OCS to the ground?…. I keep my promises…OCS-O COUNTER OCS-1

  2. I agree with you, Jeremy, that we now have seen a ‘counter Occupy’ born here in Colorado Springs, thanks all to the efforts of you lost Tea Bagger sad sack lot. But then again, we always did have you herd/ horde of Right Wingers as our CS neighbors anyway, so nothing much is new with what passed at your Saturday counter protest to Occupy’s demonstration.

    ‘…the counter group is now bigger then OCS…lol…remeber how i said i would burn OCS to the ground?….’

    Congratulations, although you have hardly succeeded with anything in your life, let alone destroying Occupy. I’m sure the 1% will be proud of you and what you are trying to do though, which is simply to make a SELFISH personal career in the military while helping the US government occupy other parts of the world with its police state/ soldier state.

  3. BTW, Jeremy, I find it mildly humorous that you Tea Baggers had on your corner of the street, the sign that said RECRUIT FOR PEACE NOT WAR. Eric and I both came up with that wording and wrote the sign out for you folk. You’re welcome though. It was meant as a counter military recruitment slogan at the Military Recruitment office in the shopping center we all were at.

  4. Oops. Soldier Jeremy doesn’t understand the military concept of “shot across the bow.” Oh well.

  5. I declare Eric the winner! Another movement is now officially dead in Colorado Springs. Let this be a lesson to all those who dare to protest the establishment in Southern Colorado! Eric will destroy you from within! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. lol selfish for staying in the military??? lol this is to good to be true…you address none of the issues on which i made…also as i said yesterday at the protest your to scared to say anything to my face you gotta say it online…easy being an internet gangster aint it tony and eric?….Also that sign recruit for peace not war…was held by one of your own who came over to talk to me…thats when i gave him the articles about the fake ptsd and baby killers…so he was your side now he joined the counter ocs movement…Tony, Eric i use to respect you…well at lest you anyway Eric…Tony ive never respected you as a human being…but yesterday and today showed people one thing…that both of you are cowards…you did nothing yesterday excep to take pictures….and then you come on here and act all hard and try and take personal shots at me while avoiding the comments and issues i brought up…how you are censoring the ocs community page…how you lied to that vet…and how both of you are two faced spineless brainwashing sacks of shit….Tony besides being addicted to porn what have you done with your life? Besides being a coward what have you done?…Eric when have you ever struggled with money?…When have you ever done the world anygood…go ask all those people who use to be an activists right along with you and no longer are because they see your true colors…Yellow….quit attacking me on a personal level and address the issues i brought up….why are you telling people your for soldiers but this website is littered in anti-military….why are you telling people that were spreading misinformation…when the information we are spreading is from this site…how come you are deleting post and blocking people form making post on the ocs community page…how come the occupy movement is now only like 5 people strong…and how come you hide behind the laptop and fake name instead of telling people to there face what you think and lying to people about your name…whats your real name tony…answer the questions instead of slinging mud at people….im 21 your both in your 50s and the sad truth is im winning….your restorting to mudslinging name bashing tatcis while im pointing out the truth and uncovering your lies….answer dont critize

  7. Selfish whats selfish about fighting for your rights, btw I think you two owe a few people an apology for what was said, said about kyle and hypocrisy that we all know runs down that line. Or you accusing people of hidden agendas another form of hypocrisy. Done by you two, another thing is why you, tony, can talk shit to me when i cross the street, or yell at raven and accuse her of her things she has never done, is it because we are women? That is what seems like to me.

  8. are you guys censoring me here and on face book?ive posted several comments some on accident but non show up why?

  9. Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!why isnt it posted if i already said it?

  10. as i do my research and investigate and educate myslef.very strange and telling.more questions and more questionalbe people.alot to soak in.
    after checking the notmytribe site.
    eric verlo i appreciate the honesty for what its worth.i think hearing amber hagen,jack walden semple,and patrick jay ian carmen side on this would help. how long has “hoss” admin?who are these people admin because they were right winger ron paul loving pot smonking admins?dates would help.i need facts not just divulge many things but more needs to be purged.

  11. by your actions and deeds notmytribe in my opinion you fall in the same catogory as lone wolfe aka ryan king,raven martinez,micheal clifton aka agentofdoubt,jason warf,hosisen forouzandeh,kristie wheleer,people to be leery of.until proven other wise
    im not democrat, im not republican.these parties have done enough damage.the people are tired of this bullcrap ,and see it for what it is ,but it only hurts those that participated/participate in it .. wouldnt you agree?the above mentioned have to many similarities to not to guys…(notmytribe)whats with the upside down star (pentagram)on tabs page?but dont take my word for it!thanks for the insight was far more difficult to get any answers from the above metioned..look i dont know who is or who isnt a paid agent or who is a pawn but there are diff a lot of suspect actions a statements from indiduals throughout this ocs.the people are about resistance against the opressors not this cloak n dagger cointel freemason secret societies madness…

  12. Gosh, you guys and gals are just so decent and all and enlightened that it takes our heart away.

  13. Ben, sorry about the trouble you’re having. I see a number of your comments in the spam folder, but they appear to be duplicates so I hope you figured out what was triggering a filter. Maybe your punctuation-missing-spaces?

    Sorry I was lazy about putting dates. I figured the only interest in this occudrama is with members who were there and knew the basic highlights. I had no interest in making these stories public, but when goaded with a bullhorn, incessantly harassed online, and having everyone around me subjected to a barrage of emailed innuendo, INSTEAD OF CONFRONTING ME AT GAs, I figured they had it coming.

    ALSO, I’m sure you know that neither Ron Paul, nor Pot, nor any ideology really, disqualifies anyone from participating in Occupy. But they can’t use OCS to push for a candidate, or one issue over all others, or try to sabotage OWS themes with which they disagree. That’s pretty simple to understand

    There was nothing wrong with the early OCS fixation on pot, except when it was to the exclusion of all other issues, when actions had to be cancelled to gather instead at pot trials, and of course when pot advocates didn’t want to do anything BETWEEN pot courthouse protests but smoke pot.

    Nothing wrong with pot. Arcane drug laws and the tragic “war on drugs” is a huge OWS concern, but not the ONLY ONE.

    The pentagram you mention is a red star a-kilter. NMT is very much a leftist voice. We aim not to censor at all, but our defenses are dialed up right now in the face of these constant personal attacks.

  14. have not figured out what i’m doing wrong could you guys put up the comment that looks like spam but isn’t with errors and all?why is the o.c.s community page down?left or right the human race wants truth love freedom honesty and to be free from lies manipulation and oppression.a red a-kilter pentagram huh.kind of like chaos out of order?or order out of chaos?

  15. Once again Eric and Tony both of you doge the questions and charges i have put against you….you censor ben franklin and avoid the the questions…you hide behind a mask of mudslinging name bashing…and you lie…you do nothing but lie to the people…you mislead people and you change where people look by distracting them…sounds a lot like the governement dont you think?…keep running eric and tony…keep hiding…everyone can see your scared of me…beccause im not backing down and hiding…im not rolling over and letting you do whatever you want…im fighting for the true occupy…im coming for both of you and i hope your ready…you and the three others who support ocs/notmytribe….im done with the lies and misinformation…the backstabbing…all of it…eric and tony both of you owe a lot of apologies to people….but its to late….so keep doing what yall do best lie and mislead know its true otherwise you woulda of answered me before…also quit censoring people….your starting to act like the government….

  16. I was briefly in CS in early October for Occupy CS. My experience was watching my homeless friends whom were alcoholics like I be thrown out of the crowd. I watched as everyone allowed militants to toss eccentrics and those that would have added a lot for the movement out. I watched as CS alienated every potential person that was homeless.

    I have nothing but pity for you in CS whom are squandering in the mud with internal turmoil.

    The first chance out of CS, I took, unable to watch the rampant hypocrisy and unsustainable social models begin to form. I pray you all find a way out of this mess. When you do, Denver will have your back.

    Try not to throw out anymore homeless, they can do more than those with jobs and homes a lot of the time. After all, our days are nothing but Occupy-related.

  17. Hope it’s going well for you in Denver, ‘Benjamin’. Best wishes and I miss having your participation in Occupy here in CS.

  18. Eric who would get “fired”? I did not create the “cloud” the people who have exposed themselves and each other created this “cloud”. who is being paid? i only search for truth and honesty. why did patrick jay delete himself? more questions than answers from both sides of the coin. sad.. we need unity not division.

  19. Ben-
    PJ stepped down from admin on the OCS community page because Raven was trying to pretend that HE was the one who purged everyone including her. In reality she did it, and when she saw she was not getting her way with OCS, she tried to delete it entirely.

    I have no idea that anyone is being paid to disrupt OCS. It looks to me like pure bumbling egos. Maybe I’m being naive, but OCS continues based on what it DOES. The internet coups have nothing to do with it, though it’s weird how much stock all the non-participants put in the Facebook page.

    Btw Ben, please stop spamming with your comments. One copy is enough.

    I’m agreed that we need unity. The question is, where do you find unity with people who have pledged to destroy occupy? Or whose actions continue to defame occupy?

  20. Eric is destroying OCS, as he tried to destroy CS Peace & Justice – from within – and the useful idiots have no idea of what’s happening. “Mysterious” admins deleting admins. You’ve outdone yourself – well done. Again.

  21. You bobos don’t know enough to make any comment about any current event happening and being commented about on NMT. How sad to be so ignorant and uninformed.

    All you know how to do is hate others and to spread your thick headed bile around. Go back to the crannies of HateBook/ FaceBook where you can so thrive on ad hominem attacks done nonstop.

  22. Let’s see now, the ‘news’ broadcast begins with propaganda by a Right Wing hater of the Occupy Movement claiming that we are somehow all arsonists because of an event totally unrelated to your feud with those who YOU WANT CENSORED and KICKED out of Occupy CS. Then the broadcast goes over to Brittany, your sweet and lovable wife, who plays all innocent like it supposedly is Eric that would want you kicked out of Occupy instead of you Right Winger takeover guys trying to railroad us on the Left side out of Occupy CS, all because we are speaking out against the US war making that you are an integral part of Mr. supposedly ‘Lethal Warrior’ Jeremy. (You lie a lot though, so who knows what real unit of troops you are actually with? It could be the Goober Warriors for all I know at this point about you…)

    Boo hoo hoo…. Some people are not totally on board for more killing like you and your wife and your Berserker squadron friends are. And Jeremy and gang are going to stop them from talking on Not My Tribe! …as if that is somehow related to a bunch of Right Winger Republicans soldiers tryg to take over Occupy CS?) It is not.

    Speaking of your claimed military unit, too, The ‘Lethal Warriors’. They have had some very bad press through the years about the criminal element they have always had inside their/YOUR military unit, Jeremy. I wonder how your Commanding Officer might feel when we reprint some of the material on this blog published in places like the LA Times before about the criminality and the thugs connected with this unit? They’ll have Jeremy and his army grunt buddies to thank for more of the publicizing of that sort of thing, now won’t they? Bet they’ll be real happy with the publicity you might set off Fort Carson getting about how some of you are not the nicest folk, after all….

    Back to the broadcast, which ended on claiming that all of us in Occupy opposed to you Right Wingers somehow are planning to burn Bibles over at Fort Carson. I suggested that tongue in cheek because US military units have been nonchalantly burning Qurans, causing the deaths of many Afghans who got hot under the collar about you and troop buddies DISRESPECTING their religious faith. The local ‘gnews team’ could have easily figured that out but chose instead to launch a stupid scare story about Occupy CS supposedly wanting to ‘burn Bibles’, which you Right Wing soldier nitwits feet into nonstop.

    Jeremy, good luck with your military career after you get known for stalking and stealing bicylcles off antiwar people’s porches. Thanks for key scratching my car, Dude. You are one fugged up ‘soldier’. No positions apparently were open in the Klan, so you joined the Army.

  23. Watching you useful idiots destroy OCS from within is better than any soap opera.

  24. Oh, really, Publisus? I thought you just had posed yourself off as supposedly being pro- the CS Justice and Peace Commission, where you even lamented that Eric supposedly had destroyed an active antiwar grouping according to nasty Right Wing you…

    You really aren’t for either Occupy or the Peace Movement at all, Publius. You’re just a scabby Right Wing troll, trying to be as destructive and slanderous as you can be.

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