Bush, McCain still haven’t fulfilled their promise to the Troops

Two years ago Bush said, at a Thanksgiving dinner attended only by troops who were vetted to be loyal enough to not ask embarrassing questions (the other soldiers got to eat cold MREs for Thanksgiving) that “If only my wife and my Dawg support me, WE will stay in Iraq.”

Then got the HE part of WE smuggled out of Iraq within hours, the same way HE was smuggled in earlier. Leaving the rest of the WE part to clean up after his stupid coward ass.

He repeated his False Bravado last summer in Afghanistan, saying he envied the Troops for their romantic and heroic mission but… Dog-gone it, he had a prior business commitment in Washing Tundy Sea that prevented him.

I wish he’d left his poor ol’ Dawg out of the equation, his Wife is dumb enough to stay with him, but that’s her own stupid fault.

So far la menage Bush is in Texas and still not making any moves eastward.

Mr Bush, if you DO go, don’t actually go on any missions. I have friends and relatives in what was formerly your publicly funded Private Corporate Army, and I would just hate to lose one or more of them because they had a Jackass like yourself backing them up.

Leave that part to the REAL men, m’kay?

Oh, that’s right, you already do…oops, my bad…

McCain echoed the same lying “Yeah, I’m behind you guys all the way” (as far behind them as he could possibly get) insincere sentiment this past year.

Mr Bush, Mr McCain, you and your gold-digger wives can go there, you have your Corporate Dictatorship firmly in charge there… or so your propagandists tell us.

One of them just today told us that YOU brought democracy and freedom to Iraq.

Just, you know, leave that poor ol’ Dawg here. Miz Laura and McCindy have a voice and can speak for themselves.

Oh, and send back the plane and the pilot when you go.

You won’t be needing them, and WE did after all pay for them.

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