College Republicans not brightest bulbs

CU Boulder student Andrew CrownBOULDER- A favorite photo from Thursday night’s event. This is the president of the CU College Republicans, who got up to object to student funds being spent on terrorists and frauds. Even after Ayers and Churchill spoke about how neither education nor students should be treated like commodities, sweaty dope Andrew Crown asked why a university could not do like any well-run corporation, and fire whomever it wished.

The crowd booed, but the panel of guests calmly encouraged us to let everyone have their say. It’s a reserve and graciousness of which I am in short supply. These guys shout down activists, attack progressives, remember the RNC Kicker, and the Protest Warriors? They have the ear of the mainstream corporate press. Why would we need to tolerate a single of their blimp-necked peeps at a discussion for intelligent people?

If you think I am assessing someone’s intelligence level based on whether he agrees with me, I am. On academic matters, it most certainly is appropriate. In classes, assessments of the retention and comprehension of man’s accumulated understanding of the subjects are called tests.

Does the University of Colorado have no admissions standards?

Mr. Crown’s questions was answered well beyond his ability to understand, and he returned to his seat shaking his head like the whole lot of us were incorrigible. I hope so.

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5 Responses to College Republicans not brightest bulbs

  1. Avatar daniel lafferty says:

    yeah man republicans are so effin dumb i wish they would all just commit a mass suicide and get out of this life! they dont know anything, they need to turn off fox news, and turn on msnbc. msnbc is the only legitimate way of getting real news, and they arent bias like fox news either!!! we must move towards a progressive america, and move past capitalism. capitalism is the dumbest form of an economy, we need to move onto socialism. i am proud to say, that with obama, we can! finally someone who understands this.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah…sure…right… Barack the Socialist?…. sure he is! Good luck with getting an education, Dude. …lol… You wouldn’t be a Republikkkdumb yourself, would you b, Daniel?

  3. Avatar zelda says:

    people, you are the reason our nation is in the state it is. Because yes CU has standards for admission. It’s called diversity. If everyone were just like you what kind of world would we live in… I’ll tell you a VERY BORING world. Agreeing about everything is a waste of time, without debate and someone challenging your opinion there is no way to move forward. Get over your liberal self and open your DAMN EYES.

  4. Yale has admissions standards too. They just over-ride them when a Scion of one of their Country Club families needs a little bit of help to get in out of the draft. Like GW. The Naval academy at Annapolis supposedly has entrance AND retention standards. Unless one happens to be the son of an Admiral, in which case no matter how much of a shocking cock-up one is, or how much one acts the ass, he still gets in and graduates and goes on to an illustrious career of crashing very expensive airplanes and manages to get taken prisoner after his last spectacular Lack-of-basic-flying-skills crash into a lake near Hanoi.

    Not much protest from the College Republicans about those though. The Rich have more because they deserve, by virtue of their birth, to have more.

    Or at least according to the Republicans.

  5. A missed Excerpt.

    The crowd booed, but the panel of guests calmly encouraged us to let everyone have their say

    That would be the same panel of guests our hero the Young Repugnican had just called Terrorists and Frauds.

    By the way, the well-run corporations he and his really stupid friends represent, …

    they’re the ones who have spent the past three decades running America into the ground and beyond. And have been responsible for more American deaths every month than al Qa’eda has in its entire history.

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