Colorado Springs government and police continue to lie about their raids on the Homeless

liars myersHOMELAND INSECURITY REPORT- The CS police, under the direction of Police Cap Ricky ‘Liars’ Myers, are continuing to fudge and pretend their innocence about their raids and harassment against the Homeless population in the city, on behalf of the Business Community which simply hates these unfortunate people. They want them all gone but can’t find a way to get it done without attracting public attention. So they have to play all sorts of mind games using the local press as conduit for their song and dance.

‘The cleanups first received negative publicity last fall after homeless advocates charged the monthly sweeps include improper searches and that personal belongings are routinely tossed out. The ACLU contends the cleanups violate the Fourth Amendment and the Colorado Constitution. ….. In bullet-point fashion, ACLU staff attorney Taylor Pendergrass describes its findings after it “interviewed dozens of persons who claimed to have had private property seized and destroyed by CSPD and KCSB.” Among them is that the cleanups were typically unannounced and conducted when homeless people were away from their camps and couldn’t protect their belongings. “Numerous different CSPD officers have been involved in seizing and destroying property, but many interviewees consistently identified CSPD Officer’s Olav Chaney and Tracey (sic) Fox,” Pendergrass wrote in the letter.’

Taken from ACLU: Cops look into sweeps at camps

1 thought on “Colorado Springs government and police continue to lie about their raids on the Homeless

  1. Who knows? Maybe some of the wealthiest will be joining them in the shanty-towns, Hoovervilles.

    And… there’ll be plenty to go around.

    Those six digit homes I referred to in my comment on the Mayor Rivera Post, most of them are in the UPPER 6 digits, like closer to a million than to a hundred grand.

    It’s a much longer fall from the penthouse than from the basement.

    Some of them might come to regret their snotty remarks and aggressive actions directed at the Homeless.

    I might hire Myers or Rivera to clean the floor of my tent for me.

    If they talk nice. Pay ’em a bottle of muscatel and half a hamburger.

    They’ll sure find it difficult convincing anybody to keep watch on their cardboard box while they’re out scrounging for Day Labor.

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