Colorado rallies against Prohibition and violent drug wars

10,000 rally in Boulder and 3,000 rally in Denver against laws making marijuana illegal. It’s time to end Prohibition, end the violence- inducing ‘War on Drugs’, and to at last end Prohibition. It’s also time to end the war on women and make prostitution a legal act, too. All these activities need to be regulated of course, but legalization can only help reduce disease and stop violence due to bad enforcement of bad law. See article about the Denver protest

1 thought on “Colorado rallies against Prohibition and violent drug wars

  1. I agree with this, up to a point.
    you said:”All these activities need to be regulated of course”

    I would ask, why they would need to be regulated, and how much regulation is necessary?

    I submit that the activities only need to be regulated up to the point where there is direct physical harm, or direct property damage.

    For instance, i am against any licensing, taxing, or mandatory disease testing of prostitutes or any restrictions on the actual USE of ANY drug. The consumer of a good or service must make his own judgments about the risks of that product or service. It is his responsibility to make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. It is not for Government to decide ,for him, what risks he should take, or not.

    I see no difference ,at all, between the “anti gay” agenda of the Religious Reich, and the “pro welfare” movement of the Left.

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