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Senate hopeful, Missouri fool Todd Akin takes wide stance on legitimate rape

Representative Todd Akin revealed his “legitimate rape” standard was no misunderstanding — now he’s courting America’s vast army of Christian idiots who already share his belief in rape-modulated immaculate contraception, a convenient pretext for a complete abortion ban. Meanwhile his … Continue reading

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Code Pink thinking with its vagina, our apologies in advance for the language

Just kidding, about the anatomical reference giving offense. Not kidding about Code Pink “Women for Peace” thinking with their vaginas, making it the theme to their callout for the Tampa RNC in August. Agreed, men thinking with their reproductive organ … Continue reading

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Denver April 28 War on Women march was a PRObama rally and we fell for it

DENVER- Isn’t there something distasteful about a gathering of Obama supporters who want to rail against “The War On Women” and permit no mention of his non metaphorical deadly engagements? Organizers complained bitterly about activist Rita Ague’s successful subversion of … Continue reading

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Without women there is no revolution!

I believe it, don’t you? No patronizing flattery here –but also IMO what’s behind the diversionary War On Women with its ready- made astroturf battle stations.

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The “War On Women” is a wedge issue

I’ll say this with the sensitivity I know White Males of Privilege have in spades: I’m sorry, isn’t the War On Women an obvious wedge issue? To me it’s the usual progressive ideals versus religious brick wall, meant to divide … Continue reading

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