How are police an economic stimulus?

police sworn in
A first application of stimulus funds went to rescue law enforcement jobs in Ohio. Barack Obama was on hand to herald their taking the oath. Are you wondering how policemen meet the criteria used to justify taxpayer monies supposed to stimulate growth and common wealth?

Aside from the obvious, raising income for municipal entities, through fees, court costs, and social services. More action for the penal system, much of that already a growing private sector.

There would also be the police function of assuring stability, which encourages confidence in business investment. Or is that getting ahead of our recovery narrative?

More police anticipates America’s rising unemployment, and rising unrest. When the public faces repossessions, foreclosures, padlocked factories, and a drastic reduction in the supply of even the basic needs, local police departments are going to be the front line government service to teach the “tough love.”

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