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In Colorado they will kill you for your house. RIP Martin Wirth and assailants.

My friend Martin Wirth made the news yesterday trying to protect his Bailey Colorado home from a predatory mortgage company. Today he is dead and I can’t say I believe this is what he intended. He took a sheriff’s deputy … Continue reading

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The American squatter’s rent economy

Mortgages not paid; banks unhappy with property they now can’t unload through a sale; tenants now staying in housing units for free months and years after they default; welcome to the American ‘squatter’s rent’ economy! Yes, there is an INCREASE … Continue reading

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Lying Tea-Party commercial for Pueblo Bank and Trust…

The commercial has the president of the bank nobly turning down a bailout… But, the bailout is NOT for the bank, it’s for the Customers who were victimized by the thieves in the American Financial Institutions… his fellow bankers. But, … Continue reading

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Seriously, I would leave this one for the new owner…

Free live sharks!! Must come now!!! (Peterson/Constitution) Reply to: see below Date: 2008-07-13, 1:55PM MDT We have 3 sharks and a 50 gal tank that have to go right now, house has been foreclosed and need to get out now. … Continue reading

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