Israeli troops to withdraw by tomorrow?

Warsaw GhettoWell. So does this mean the Knesset were doing Bush one last ass-kissing or does it mean the “Emergency” declared wasn’t actually as much of a big deal as they let on? Were they really “fighting for their life” or was it just politically timed?

according to Huffington Post Israeli troops out of Gaza by the inauguration.

Which is Tomorrow.

So did they actually find the Yellow Cake Uranium, the Anthrax, Smallpox and all that Nerve Gas?


so, Mr Haddad, you’re the expert, or so you keep telling us, and Your government whichever one it happens to be, signed on to those lies, so… maybe YOU can tell us where all the Iraqi WMDs are… because the most highly trained experts in the British and U.S. Armies haven’t found them.

Or if you want to tell us that the business in Israel is in no way related, we’ll understand.

We won’t believe you, but we WILL understand.

By the way, that image is a mirror image of Warsaw Ghetto.

Mr Haddad and the rest might contend that it’s not like that at all, but they would once again only be mouthing the trash their Masters tell them to say.

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