Washington DC changing of the guard

Barack Obama superheroIt reminds me of the Rose Bowl, or the Super Bowl, or more specifically, WAITING for the Main Event. It seems to me that Obama has lost his first battle against entrenched power. We have to wait, to anticipate in spoon-fed loops of network hoopla, we have to watch dignitaries, supposed rivals, embrace each other, we have to fawn as our ruling elites are paraded on red carpets, in entirely different screen shots than the thronging millions. And Barack Obama has to wait too. The nation’s pressing challenges are going to take years to address, apparently, and I believe it if Obama puts himself at the disposal of the miscreants. I’ve watched a London changing of the guard, lots of pomp, but nothing happens.

Am I anticipating a memorable inauguration speech? If President Obama announces his intent, forthwith, to initiate judicial proceedings in The Hague against as many of the previous administration as are found culpable. I expect Obama to tell them he’ll give them a half minute head start. I want to hear Barack Obama put his head against a tree and count to thirty.

2 thoughts on “Washington DC changing of the guard

  1. Everything in America has come down to looking like just another big corporate Sales Event, hasn’t it? And yet if you get hooked you’ll be buying just one more big piece of junk.

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