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US, not Assad, drops MOAB Weapon of Mass Destruction on Afghans, same MO used against Philly’s MOVE insurgents.

The US is bragging right now that it's dropped a GBU-43/B MOAB, aka Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, know in the Chairforce as a "Mother Of All Bombs" bomb, apparently the larger of non-nuclear bombs in its arsenal, on a suspected tunnel in Afghanistan, presumably full of Afghans. Will the UN condemn the US act and support coalition retaliatory airstrikes on the rogue regime which did it? No need for an investigation, we're on TV admitting to the deed. Note the US war media are adding "in combat" and "on the battlefield" to their headlines although the command and control center allegedly targeted would be Islamic State's DC. If the US is going to insist that the MOAB bombing was legal under US rules of engagement, it would be hard to argue that Islamic State Terrorism (see what I did there) could not enjoy a comparable broad latitude. Normally of course, US spokespeople would deny responsibility, but this bomb was too big. Too big not to break windows five miles away, and too big to smuggle into the hands of covert operatives so that we can say they did it.

Inspired by Lance Armstrong confession, dope George W. Bush comes clean on Iraq WMDs

Lance Armstrong appeared on Oprah Winfrey's Confessional TV franchise to admit he doped and lied. If Oprah polled her television audience for who should be next episode's guest star, it might have to be Manti Te'o explaining that his dead fake internet girlfriend was a beard. Imagine the ratings if Oprah could book ex-dope-in-chief George W. Bush minus his minder Dick Cheney. Iraq's fake WMDs would be the least of it.

Remember the Maine, the Alamo, Pearl Harbor or the day they found WMDs in Iraq?

I remember the day they pretended to have found WMDs. On CNN and FOX there were were reports that an oil refinery outside Baghdad had been liberated by U.S. Marines with WMDs inside. So they brought cameras in... embedded and therefore non-truthful reporters. A dank, dirty place. Oil refineries are like that. A huge stack of bent, rusted and otherwise unsafe 55 gallon drums. They would have been stacked that way to make the trip to the recycling plant. Nobody in his right mind would use one to store even the NORMAL toxic petrochemicals. Then about 30 barrels, unstained by the pollution, the smoke or smog or haze of burnt or vaporized oils, the soot that was caked onto every OTHER surface. Powder Blue paint on them, looked just like they had come directly from wherever they were manufactured. Not like, say, they were a decade old, hidden and moved since 1991. You might ask, "Jonah, how the Hell would you be able to tell that?" to which Jonah might well reply, "Because I worked in steel mills, solvent and glue plants, and oil refineries". They were stacked, actually. Not on pallets and lifted up by crane or forklift. No, STACKED. Fairly neatly. Something you're not going to get any manual laborers to do if they've got anything in them. A full 55 gallon drum weighs almost a quarter of a ton. And then the camera lights glanced rapidly over some black and white letters written on the sides of the drums, not a complete view but you could see that they were in English and tagged for export. Produ of the Unite   Oh my.Anything packaged for export from Iraq would have a lot of Arabic writing, maybe some Pharsi, and maybe some English but this was ALL english. Neither the U.S. nor Britain had shipped anything to Iraq in a decade.Why I remember this so clearly, because they yanked any further mention of it when a very small handful of internet users spotted it. And now, long after Bush and Blair and Brown finally said "Yeah, we faked the WMD story, so what?" an eerily similar cabal is forming to make war on Iran on reports of WMDs. And there are a lot of people willing to just throw out the ol' Hitler Salute and give the lying thieving murderous sons of whores license to lie to them some more. Maybe enough to justify the planned attack just long enough to start committing such attacks. For those whose religious reason for doing it would be to bring on the end of the world, you're really fucking stupid and you're definitely not prepared for Judgment Day.

So this Right Wing Wanker is claiming to have provoked a police assault on Occupy in DC.

And it appears he actually did so. In his words, to bring condemnation on the protesters. But since most of the people pepper-sprayed weren't protesters, this Wanker is actually claiming to have incited a riot, for political gain, in which civilians were injured. The dork is named Patrick Howley an assistant editor for The National Spectator, an online "news" blog with somewhat less credibility and editorial or should I say "idiotorial" standards than a supermarket tabloid. "conservative" of course. Put this picture up on his Facebook page. Perhaps he didn't really do it and wants to hog "credit" for getting his fellow Americans assaulted. I know, I know, an anti-American terrorist, but he's still American. Here's another theory, Maybe he's a LIBERAL infiltrator into the ConservaTard world trying to make THEM look stupid. Which, all things considered, would be a redundant effort to their own making of silly-looking done to themselves with, you know, not any letup whatsodamnedever. Howley, old sot... do you even take into consideration that gas of any kind isn't limited in its spread or effect to those at whom it's, for want of a better word, AIMED? Every time the Pigs, like the museum guards you praise for their "courage" in resisting your staged attack,, use gas, be it tear gas or pepper spray, it's a chemical weapon deployed against their own people. Sounds like you have a lot of God-damn fun mimicking the worst charges against Saddam Hussein. Your pig hero did, certainly. But, Patrick, old head, you've got to realize something and start realizing it really soon. Those stories your "conservative" masters have you and other professional liars spread, about Asthma and CPOD in particular, being a fake illness made up to "get more black kids on Medicaid" ummm... no. They're real and the diagnoses of Asthma predated Medicaid for about a century. CPOD is an adult-onset form of it and, apparently, what your side is attempting is to deflect the public eye from research that Ozone and other pollutants caused from using internal combustion engines run on gasoline and diesel is a likely cause of it. And they certainly make the juvenile-onset disease of Asthma very much worse. Further, people with emphysema (P. C.: Cigarettes and smog), elderly people and infants, along with the Asthma/CPOD Americans you took the risk of hitting with gas, can DIE and in many cases HAVE died as a result of similar deployments. In case you want a more "Conservative" source for that information, perhaps you could hit up the Collin County Prosecutor in Texas who filed charges against a 14 year old, tried him as an ADULT, for setting off a canister of Tear Gas. The charges included Assault With A Deadly Weapon. Now, I know the manufacturers of Tear Gas and Pepper spray deny any of their products being lethal. So do the makers of the Taser. If you'd care for more on the Taser, or especially if you DON'T (mostly because you're a narcissistic assmunch) here's another Very Conservative Source for information on

Bush/Blair have a fall guy!

Iraqi Defector gave defective evidence deliberately, US/UK Defective Detectives failed to notice. See? The Bush, Blair and other governments who launched the blatantly profit-driven war weren't actually Lying to us in any way, oh, no... They were Misled by a bad ol' Iraqi. That makes all better, they weren't dishonest, just stupid. Dig that thar hole a little deeper boys... you'll dig your way out eventually... lying cowardly profit-hungry chickenshit pukes... LONDON (Reuters) An Iraqi defector made up claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction to help topple his government, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday. The defector, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, said in an interview with the Guardian that he had fabricated claims of mobile biological weapons and clandestine factories made to German intelligence officials throughout 2000. Former U.S. President George W. Bush and other high U.S. officials cited the threat posed by Iraqi biological weapons as justification for the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. No such weapons were found and years of political and sectarian bloodshed followed In Iraq, resulting in more than 100,000 mostly civilian deaths. "Maybe I was right, maybe I was not right," Janabi, codenamed "Curveball" by U.S. and German intelligence officials, told the newspaper. "I had a problem with the Saddam regime," he said. "I wanted to get rid of him and now I had this chance." The information from Janabi formed the basis of a 2003 speech by former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell before the United Nations Security Council. The Guardian said Janabi had told a German official about mobile bioweapons trucks during 2000. The German secret service, the BND, which had identified Janabi as a Baghdad-based chemical engineer, approached him in March of that year and again in 2002 looking for inside information about Iraq. "They gave me this chance. I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime," Janabi said. "Believe me, there was no other way to bring about freedom to Iraq. There were no other possibilities." (Writing by Karolina Tagaris, editing by Chris Wilson) So in other words, they based their claims on the word of one man who had a hateful grudge against Saddam Hussein. Now, if they'd found one of Saddam's FRIENDS to testify against him that would have been enough evidence to launch an investigation. The Bush/Blair doctrine was that "if there's a 1% chance" they had a duty to launch the war, and destroy the economy of every country involved and kick the props out from under the rest of the global economy as well. How about THIS? Since a lot of the Leaders of the "externally induced coup" claim to be fundamentalist Christians or Zionist Jews or even Muslims, (Saudis, Jordan, Mubarak-the-ex-satrap-of-Egypt, Turkey...) why not do what Jewish/Christian/Sharia law commands, and judge the accusers by the same standards they used to make their judgments? A lot of people, even non-religious, know the saying, or at least part of it, "Judge not, lest ye also be judged..." and the rest of it "for by the same measure with which ye judge shalt thou

Bolton (reportedly) renews call to Bomb Iran.

As ChickenHawk Supreme, he's done so many times in the past... Called for OTHER people to do the deed. My suggestion for all these "kill in the name of God" Religious Terrorists like Bolton, Bush, Prince, Cheney, Palin etc... strap some dynamite vests on and parachute out over Teheran and do it your Own God-Damn Stupid Self. Pay for it with "your" own money too, you stole that to begin with, took it literally off the dead bodies of your victims, both American and "foreign", as though God really gives two shits about the nationality of either murderers or murder victims. NeoCons are such pukes.

Robert Fisk and the language of power, danger words: Competing Narratives

Celebrated reporter -and verb- Robert Fisk had harsh words, "danger words" he called them, for host Al-Jazeera where he gave an address about the language of power which has infected newsman and reader alike. Beware your unambiguous acceptance of empty terms into which state propagandists let you infer nuance: power players, activism, non-state actors, key players, geostrategic players, narratives, external players, meaningful solutions, --meaning what? I'll not divulge why these stung Al-J, but I'd like to detail the full list, and commit not to condone their false usage at NMT, without ridicule, "quotes" or disclaimer. Fisk listed several expressions which he attributes to government craftsmen. Unfortunately journalists have been parroting these terms without questioning their dubious meaning. Fisk began with a favorite, the endless, disingenuous, "peace process." What is that - victor-defined purgatory? Why would "peace" be a "process" Fisk asks. How appropriate that some of the West's strongest critics are linguists. Fisk lauded the current seagoing rescue of Gaza, the convoy determined to break the Israeli blockade. He compared it to the Berlin Airlift, when governments saw fit to help besieged peoples, even former enemies. This time however, the people have to act where their governments do not. I read recently that the Gaza Freedom Flotilla might be preparing accommodations for Noam Chomsky to join the passage. Won't that be an escalation? I imagine if Robert Fisk would climb aboard too, it would spell doom for any chance the relief supplies would reach the Gazans. A ship convoy with Chomsky and Fisk on board would present an opportunity that an Israeli torpedo could not resist. Here is his list. If you can't peruse the lecture, at least ponder these words with as much skepticism as you can. The parenthesis denote my shorthand. peace process (detente under duress, while enduring repression) "Peace of the Brave" (accept your subjugation, coined for Algeria, then France lost) "Hearts and Minds" (Vietnam era psych-ops, then US lost) spike (to avoid saying: increase) surge (reinforcements, you send them in you're losing) key players (only puppets and their masters need apply) back on track (the objective has been on rails?) peace envoy (in mob-speak: the cleaner) road map (winner's bill of lading for the spoils) experts (vetted opinions) indirect talks (concurrent soliloquies, duets performed solo in proximity to common fiddler calling tune) competing narratives (parallel universes in one? naturally the perpetrator is going to tell a different tale, disputing that of victim's; ungoing result is no justice and no injustice) examples: occupied vs. disputed; wall vs. security barrier; colonization vs settlements, outposts or Jewish neighborhoods. foreign fighters (them, but always us) Af-Pak (ignores third party India and thus dispute to Kashmir) appeasers (sissies who don't have bully's back) Weapons of Mass Destruction (not Iraq, now not Iran) think tanks (ministry of propaganda privatized) challenges (avoids they are problems) intervention (asserted authority by military force) change agents (by undisclosed means?) Until asked otherwise, I'll append Fisk's talk here: Robert Fisk, The Independent newspaper's

A bit of Blatant Racism from veteran historian Dave Hughes and the Gazette

Ok so nothing actually NEW about that, except that it was published yesterday. Mr Hughes celebrates the "counterinsurgency" and "Anti-Terrorist" actions of the Racist Murderer Kit Carson and the Colorado Militia. Yeppers! While blatantly comparing the Racist War on Iraq and Afghanistan to the equally Racist, equally For Profit War Of Conquest which "subjugated" the American Indians, he doesn't apologize for his own attitude that them thar dark skinned "insurgents" need to be Put In Our Place and God-Damn Stay There. Yes, we're supposed to Grovel before the White European Culture and beg the White European Masters' forgiveness for daring to be Dark Skinned and still believing that we're equal to them. I also gather that we're not supposed to mention the Cowardly Baby-Killing, Then and Now, that accompanies their Imperial Wars. "Kit" Carson was famous for pretending to be a friend to the Navajo nation, discovering where their winter supplies of food were, then leading the Militia to destroy those caches of food and Starve the Navajo nation into submission. Real BRAVE person, not to mention honest. What a wonderful Idol Mr Dave Hughes holds up for us to worship and honor. What a bunch of pukes. Guess what, Dave Hughes, Gazette, all your Klan friends? You didn't completely destroy the Indian Nations and you didn't subjugate us. This ONE, myself, for instance, isn't "subjugated". I can't speak for any but Jonah, but I do urge anybody who isn't of the Pure Aryan Stock to walk away from their Racist "conquering" Army. Don't fight for the bastards who consider anybody who's not Pure European culturally or racially to be "inferior" and in need of Subjugation. Let the Oil Companies fight for their own God-Damn profits. Taking up arms against the chosen "enemies" of the White so-called "Masters" is a betrayal of your own families. They want to dominate the world with their "superior" culture? Let them do it for themselves, without the Uncle Tom servile sell-out cooperation of the people they despise as "inferior". This Dave Hughes punk is one of those who says the attempted Genocide wasn't actually a genocidal racist action, that the WMD attacks on American Indians using Smallpox never happened, that the Sand Creek Massacre wasn't a Racially Motivated War Crime. Now Dave Hughes is saying American Indians were "terrorists" because we defended our place in the Soul of the Earth. He might as well come out and state openly the beliefs held by Carson and Custer and General Palmer, the "Manifest Destiny" belief that the English RACE is Ordained by GOD to be masters over all the "inferior" peoples on the Earth, and the belief of the authors of the "Manifest Destiny" doctrine that American Indians don't even have Souls. I bet he won't, for a while yet. I bet he's waiting, with Typical Republican "courage" for Other People to subjugate us to the point that he can come out and openly show his Full-Blown Racism. Same with the Gazette and the rest of the not-very-secret Ku Klux Klan freaks who

Rove’s Book: “I regret that I didn’t LIE ENOUGH for Bush”

Actually his "regret" was that he didn't defend the indefensible strongly enough. Not that he went along with the LIES about WMDs even after they were demonstrated to be false, and continued to press the notion that "all (responsible) Intelligence agencies agreed" Except for Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, who were outed by Rove and Bush because they couldn't actually refute the evidence the Wilsons presented, or for that matter such "liberals" as Colonel (USMC) Scott Ritter, who unlike Rove or Bush had actually BEEN to Iraq, actually investigated the WMDs claim, with other actual Experts, (unlike anybody within the Bush Administration, REAL experts) and the private for-hire and VERY right wing intelligence agency Strategic Forecasting. All these "liberals" who have their GPS units in their cars reprogrammed so that they can get anywhere making only Right Turns, (so it seems) and the (death death KILL Them ALL! bwaahaaahaa) prosecutor and primary supplier for the California Death House, Vincent Bugliosi, who is about ten degrees to the right of Vlad the Impaler. These are NOT peaceniks by anybody's standards. And, none of them, not a single one, in any way a supporter of or fan of Saddam Hussein. The sad part of it, Rove's Book is going to be served to the Right Wing Morons who make up the rank and file of the Republican Party, and they'll eat it up and ask for seconds. The dipshits who believe that really, any day now, you'll see, the million pounds of nerve gas is going to be found in a super secret underground laboratory in a hollowed out volcano under the Tigris river... And that Osama bin Laden is going to be there too.

Scary Sarah story….

75% of Americans believe Silly Sarah is NOT qualified to run for president... that's scary... Because 25% of Americans are so STUPID they believe she IS. My God, the woman did not know the constitutionally defined duties of the Vice President (to be prepared to assume the duties of President should the President no longer be capable of performing those duties). Richard Cheney did know, but had a team of lawyers (I noticed the typical Colorado pronunciation of the word is "liars". very apt) to define the Vice Presidency as some sort of above-all-laws Imperium. Sarah does not know. Sarah believes that Jesus chooses her to be the leader and that she can find the WMDs in Iraq and Osama bin Laden, just by the indwelling Holy Ghost. I believe she blasphemes against the Holy Ghost by making such claims. She hasn't channeled Jesus to help the army find these elusive targets , perhaps Jesus is so P.O.'d that we didn't choose His vessel to be our leader so instead He's going to oh what's the use? Her STUPID racist followers don't believe in Logic or anything resembling logic. They actually believe that the goofy bitch is qualified to have her nasty little fingers on the triggers of the Biggest Baddest Guns in the entire history of History itself. They also believe that Obama is the Antichrist, we're all going to either be Raptured out (not biblical but they think so anyway) or burn in Hell forever before 2012 anyway, sa why exactly would it matter if she could run for president in 2012 anyway.? If 2012 election cycle arrives and she's not raptured out that means she's not one of the Chosen Ones OR that she's been fed and subsequently feeding others a lie about the Raptu... oh damn, I'm confusing them again, apparently I've got some kind of rabid-ass idea that her supporters are capable of actual logic...

Economy grows by 3%….

But only on the strength of the Socialist programs like Cash For Clunkers and stimulus payouts. Also according to the AP of all people, it's the best showing in TEN YEARS. Well, Tea Party... what sayest thou now? Capital just got its collective Arse kicked. But, fear not, Fearmongers, you just might be able to scream, chant and tantrum (along with the occasional murder of Americans) into derailing the only real hope of economic recovery, thus destroying America as a nation. Many of the Wrong Wing have said they wouldn't mind if America fails, just as long as they could blame it on Socialism and Liberalism. One on a FreeRepublic message board said he didn't care if 5% of Americans actually DIED from their efforts to derail any recovery, just so long as it destroyed Socialism. That's nice, bubba, (and it's supposedly one of the better known radio Hate Hosts that wrote it) kill 15 MILLION Americans to accomplish your political goals. That IS an expression of Anti-American Terrorism there, bubba. Only I guess you're hoping they'll all be from those whom Mrs Palin branded to not be "Real" Americans. Kind of like Glenn Beck and guest saying America needs to suffer a terror attack involving WMDs just to drive all us no-doubt Weakling Liberals to come crawling back to their particular brand of Corporate Slavery... "Please, O Coward-Ass so-called 'conservatives', please, we'll be good little slaves and allow your ChickenHawk Warmongers like Beck and Rush and O'Reilly and Cheney make all our decisions for us".

Israeli war criminal to speak in Denver on premise of Iran having WMDs

This alert just in from Denver. Zionist war criminal Uzi Landau (who denies Amnesty International report that Palestinians are withheld their own water) is scheduled to speak tomorrow at CU Denver. Landau's visit is part of a renewed Israeli PR campaign to refute the UN Goldstone Report and to advocate for military strikes against Iran. A spirited protest scheduled for 1PM. CFP will be joining in. Below is full action alert: Former Israeli Minister of Internal Security and Zionist hard-line supporter of genocide of the Palestinian people, Uzi Landau, will be speaking about the supposed threat of Iranian Nuclear Weapons on his first trip to the United States. The speech will be taking place at the University of Colorado at Denver on the Auraria Campus on Wednesday Oct. 28 from 1:30pm - 3:30pm at Saint Cajetan's Church across from the King Building (please come early around 1pm) For those of you unfamiliar with this war criminal and human rights violator, he was opposed to the 2004 disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip. He encouraged armed resistance by settlers to the plan and was actually banned from traveling abroad by Ariel Sharon due to his extreme views (hard to believe he was too extreme for Sharon). He was also Minister of Internal Security at the time of Rachael Cory's murder by Israeli forces. He was previously sponsored by the Zionist of America in a failed speaking tour and continues to support human rights violations of the Palestinian people. Please come with signs and a spirit of "vigorous" protest. This should not go un-resisted!!!

Israeli mushroom cloud smoking gun

What does the Israeli Internet Megaphone look like in the flesh? Take a look at who's peddling the Weapons of Mass Destruction meme against Iran. It's the same Smoking Gun Mushroom Cloud scare.

Thunderous Silence From The Right…

When Glenn Beck, Darling Boychild of the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe, allowed an equally demented guest, former Osama bin Laden hunter extraordinaire Michael F. Scheuer, to say that America needed another 9/11, this time with WMDs, in order to force Americans to completely abandon liberty and the Democratic Process and reinstate their Master Richard Cheney as Dictator-for-life, trade all that went before for the safety of being abject slaves. They're willing, for their own political power, to give up perhaps millions of American Lives and a U.S. city or two. That's the Classic Definition of Terrorism. "Only Osama can... [laugh] ...can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand that their Government protect them effectively, consistently, and with as much violence as necessary." "If you want to understand what's going on and if you would like to get to know some of the reasons for your losing the war against us, then read the book of Michael Scheuer." -- Osama bin Laden and with as much violence as necessary But, you see the "as necessary" part is left entirely up to them. Reactions to this literally Anti-American speech from the Far Right Lunatic Fringe? Not even. No "Outrage!" segments on DumFox Noose Nutwerks. No cricket chirping. Nothing. This from a Right Wing Blogger on Fark... posterized by a friend of mine to highlight the exact meaning behind what these jerkoffs are saying... My friend also posted this comment to go along with it... I just want one person on the Republican side of the ideological aisle to justify this. You see, a joke about Sarah Palin's daughter has Republicans marching in the streets. How does that outrage equate when one of their own is openly hoping for a terrorist attack on TV? Why are they not denouncing this in the strongest possible terms, with no modifiers? Why indeed. I think George Bush and Dick Cheney Rejoiced when the towers went down. Their Regime was, in the words of Bush Daddy, "in deep doo-doo". Their friends and accomplices at Enron were being investigated, for the last time as it turned out, their ties to THAT massive ripoff of America was being mercilessly exposed... and an old family friend of Bush engineers an attack on American soil... and, thanks to among many, Michael F. Scheuer, never caught. How Convenient. My sister the Air Force Sergeant was Horrified that I would say such a thing "How DARE you! Thinking he would get thousands of 'His citizens' KILLED like that?" Well, Sis, he DOES consider us HIS property, although they only used the term "citizens" when spouting propaganda, and then he got thousands more of "His" citizens killed in Iraq, fighting for "his" oil. And, his accomplices and friends at Enron were given 8 more years to complete their original job of stripping America bare. How Very very very convenient. But you read it here first, folks. Cause you KNOW the Right Wing NutJobs at DumFox and KVOR ain't gonna tell you that they want Americans killed, by the millions if necessary. Not in those exact terms. Or, not usually. They DID for ten

When Bush and his Terrorist Corporate Empire started the Iraq War…

...the date chosen for beginning the invasion and occupation was in commemoration of the date in 1988 when the Iraqi Army, with full cooperation and collaboration from the United States, gassed a Kurdish town as part of the continuing war between Iraq and Iran. It should be noted too, that the U.S. Air Force and other military have supplied various countries, Turkey, Iraq, Russia Soviet and post-Soviet... with tactical, logistical and materiel support for their Extermination Campaigns against the Kurds. When a Bu'ush Regime supporter starts with the sob stories about how the Kurds were abused by Saddam, remember that. The Bushi'ites have no concern for any ethnic group, any human rights or freedoms. In fact there are pictures of U.S. state and defense department officials shaking hands and yukking it up with Saddam in the days following the March 19th attack. And official statements that the gas attack had been done by the Iranian troops. This is old news, certainly, but the Propaganda Campaign is being ramped up to "justify" the Murder Campaign begun in Iraq 6 years ago this evening. Ari Fleischer went on record saying that Saddam Hussein had orchestrated 9/11. He said this not 6 years ago but 6 DAYS ago. So, what's a Truth Activist to do? All we can do, keep plugging along and correct the Lies of the war-pigs, keep exposing them for the murdering lying thieves they truly are. Now the same people who told us about Iraq having a million pounds of WMDs are telling us about the New, Scary Boogie-Man State, Iran, having Weapons of Mass Destruction and saying that we need to destroy Iran. This, too, is old news, but again, the Manipulative Ones keep putting out their same old tired lies, so we have to keep reminding them, sometimes gently and sometimes angrily and in a manner quite cross... Of the fact that they Lie through their teeth.

What do WMDs and President Obama’s Birth Certificate have in common?

The Rules the Idiot Squad are trying to impose on this are the same ones George Bush imposed on the people of Iraq regarding Proving that they did not in fact, possess Weapons of Mass Destruction. "We can't prove anything, so it's up to the Victims to prove anything" An Army Sergeant has joined in to the Doomed campaign to have President Obama unseated, through a frivolous lawsuit alleging that his birth certificate isn't valid. Yep, the Idiot Squad is still at it. Never minding the FACT that the Bush administration, who opposed the election of President Obama, had in their control the working apparati of both the Pentagon and Homeland Security. The thought that Bush would ever refrain from using Homeland Security for political gain was dashed 7 years ago when his Former Lt. Governor, now Governor, of the State of Texas, Rick GoodHair, was allowed to use both Department of "defense" and Homeland "security" resources to track down and intimidate rebellious legislators who left the state rather than participate in his Bush-authorized Gerrymander. So surely it would have not escaped the attention of Bush if in fact the birth certificate were in Serious Question. Guess the Sergeant never got the memo.

Bible Code, Redux

So, it was on again today. And this time, thanx to all the Mossad, Knesset and IDF name dropping that's been going on, courtesy of our Trolls... Some of the names were eerily familiar. People in Netanyahu's Koalition of the Killing government with his 22% "majority mandate". Nut Job after Nut Job saying how wonderful the Bible Code works, citing events they 'discovered" in the code ... after they happened of course... And even a couple of Pentagoons and yeah, Troll, I know you think you have a handle on accuracy but I call the PentaGoons that deliberately. Our Army is at least in their leadership every bit as thuggish and murderous as IDF. It makes it difficult to tell which is the Master and which the Disciple in their Sick Sadistic relationship. But the theme comes out, they want to take the so-called Proven Accuracy of their decoding of the Talmudic Matrix, and use it as Legitimate Foreign Policy. And apparently, these demented Freaks actually have backing from some shadowy types from OUR government. Let's boil that down, shall we? Why thank you, of course we shall. There's a politically backed movement to base Life and Death decisions, active in TWO Nuclear Armed governments, On a Glorified Seance. An Ouija Board. Reading Tea Leaves. The show was taped in 2004. The people interviewed saying how much they would love to actually influence Official Policy both in Washington and Tel Aviv, are now close to the hearts of both governments. One of the "ACCURATE" predictions involved the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. You know the ones, the 500 metric tonnes (that's more than a MILLION pounds, folks) of WMDs that it turns out didn't exist in the first place. OOOPS.... Apparently the Code didn't predict that disastrous misstep. Or the bit about the Syrians and Lebanese running the IDF out one more time when they invaded Lebanon again. Just like the IDF got run out in 85. Well well well well well... But one thing predicted during the show, and welcomed with Loud Hosannahs from the Silly Ass proponents of the Bible Code, was the notion of WMDs in Iran... I know the Country Song says the writer is too stupid to be able to tell the difference between Iraq and Iran. Probably can't tell the difference between the U.S. and Mexico or Russian and China or Germany and France either. Bigots are like that... But for those terminally confused types, that's IRAN spelled with an "N" on the end of it and with nearly 4 times the prewar population of IRAQ spelled with a "Q" or alternately IRAK spelled with a "K". Remember always, gentle readers, and forget never, that these are the SAME "experts" that George Bush hired to give intelligent intelligence reports about Uranium, anthrax, Smallpox, Mousepox, Nerve Gas... In Iraq 6 years ago. In other words, Lying Warmongering Sell-outs to God and the Whole Human Race. Since both Washington and IDF still have prisoners in Torture Chambers across the globe being tortured and Murdered based on these DumbShit's "expert testimony"... That would cast a rather large shadow on every other aspect of their Continuing Terroristic War

Israeli troops to withdraw by tomorrow?

Well. So does this mean the Knesset were doing Bush one last ass-kissing or does it mean the "Emergency" declared wasn't actually as much of a big deal as they let on? Were they really "fighting for their life" or was it just politically timed? according to Huffington Post Israeli troops out of Gaza by the inauguration. Which is Tomorrow. So did they actually find the Yellow Cake Uranium, the Anthrax, Smallpox and all that Nerve Gas? O, THAT'S RIGHT, THIS WAR WASN'T PROPAGATED SPECIFICALLY ON THOSE PARTICULAR LIES... MY BAD... so, Mr Haddad, you're the expert, or so you keep telling us, and Your government whichever one it happens to be, signed on to those lies, so... maybe YOU can tell us where all the Iraqi WMDs are... because the most highly trained experts in the British and U.S. Armies haven't found them. Or if you want to tell us that the business in Israel is in no way related, we'll understand. We won't believe you, but we WILL understand. By the way, that image is a mirror image of Warsaw Ghetto. Mr Haddad and the rest might contend that it's not like that at all, but they would once again only be mouthing the trash their Masters tell them to say.

The WMDs are in Israel!

NAZI seige of Gaza continues, heartless Obama refuses to utter a single word of restraint. The world can just forget about "hope." ... all those poor, deluded souls who "believe" things will actually change when President Bush-lite is inaugurated on the 20th. While the cowardly Obama bows down to his Zionist puppet masters, Nazis bomb schools full of kids. Damn Israel to Hell, forever! List of Zionist traitors in the US government. What do you know, pretty much everyone who lied the country into war in Iraq is on that list! Photo gallery of children murdered by the Nazis. The Israelis are no longer even human. Are Comparisons Of Apartheid Israel To Nazi Germany Fair To Nazis? Pay-to-play Democrats: Bill Richardson withdraws his nomination for Secretary of Commerce, on news that he is under investigation for giving a company gov't contracts after they donated $100,000 to him. Hillary apparently has a very similar problem, and for exactly the same amount. What do you bet she refuses to do the right thing, like Richardson, and holds out until Obama kicks her out? Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Jan 6 notes,

Psychic wins lottery and The Bush Propaganda Connection.

The first is the most famous headline you've never read... the rest of it is about the so-called "Bible Code". The "History Channel" is running the shitmongering 4 times this evening, saying the Bible Code is accurate, predicted assassinations, 9/11 yadda yadda yadda.... Remember this show was taped in 2003. It also allegedly predicted that Saddam was tied to 9/11 and the often discredited Bush LIE about WMDs, and the retarded notion that they were somehow smuggled to Syria. Instead of, you know, Saddam knowing he's going to be killed no matter what, actually USING them. And somehow smuggling a Million Pounds of Nerve Gas out of the country while the U.S. Army, Navy Air Force Marines were watching them under the proverbial microscope. People watching this show, if they believe any of the Israeli and CheneyBush Corporation CRAP mentioned therein, will believe that God, in person, has given them the Celestial Green Light not only to Invade, conquer and occupy errr "Liberate" Iraq, but also to "Liberate" Syria. This is alternating with a show about the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, wherein the Political Propaganda-inspired narrative, when mentioning Biological Weapons, always bring in the notion of a small government or non-governmental organization unleashing them. Not even mentioning, because this is BushCo Propaganda, the intent of the Bush Administration to unleash Smallpox on Iraq. Bush and Co. ordered the Koalition of the Killing Imperial StormTroopers to be vaccinated against a disease which is extinct in the wild and the only known cultures of it left in the world are in the United States and the Former Soviet Union. It wouldn't be the first time the U.S. Military has used smallpox as a Bio-Terror weapon either. The LIE put out by the Koalition of the Killing was that Saddam Hussein intended to use the Smallpox virus, which he didn't even HAVE, BUT... the first persons you would vaccinate against a horrendous Bio-Terror weapon (Which the U.S. has, and Iraq did NOT have) would be the soldiers in your own army. This ties to something repeated in the PNAC statements of Intent to Commit Mass Murder, Robbery and World Conquest errr "Liberation" (under the Benevolent Domination of U.S. Corporations)... That We have biological agents tailored to "a certain genotype" and should always consider their use Of course the people who suggested that were Jewish and were talking about using a bio-terror weapon that's tailored to Their Own Genotype. Meaning Arabian. What's that said at Seder? "Our father was a wandering Arabian" sound familiar? And the Arab and Israeli claims, seemingly contradictory, stem from the history that they are, indeed, two branches of the Same Family. Add in 3700 more or less years of family infighting complicating those claims... but with all the complications the dispute arises within the family. An interesting story illustrating this is in the end of the Book of The Judges of Israel, in the Old Testament. Segues into the books of Samuel. Involving the Tribe of Benjamin. If the Rulers of the Knesset want to distance themselves from these bastards they really

McCain-Palin: incontinent & incompetent

Is John McCain dying? Poll: the only thing McCain's slimey campaign lies are hurting, is John McCain's campaign. If you thought McCain couldn't sink any lower, think again. His latest ad campaign: Obama kills babies. What's next, he eats them, too? White Christian babies? Grandmother sues McCain/Palin for promoting hate speech. McCain flat out lies about his "support" from veterans. GOP tricking voters into registering Republican. Rigged voting machines in W. Virginia are flipping votes from Democrat to Republican candidates. Leave it to a Reich Wing Conservative to claim that the Robber Barrons ripping off the other 99% of us is a good thing. The rip-off that just keeps on taking. $70 BILLION of Wall St. bailout will go to bonuses for the very people who drove those companies to the verge of bankruptcy. I predict a shart uptick in guillotine sales in the near future. Colin Powell rejects the Islamophobia of the fascist right, as he endorses Obama. Then again, shouldn't Obama reject an endorsement from a war criminal who stood up at the UN and lied to the entire world about bogus WMDs in Iraq? Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Oct 20 notes,

100 days until end of Bush Error

Imagine that. The Conservatives refused to provide health care for all, claiming the $50B price tag would bankrupt America. Yet, in the last month or so, the Treasury and the Fed have forked over more than $5T over 100 times as much to cover the gambling losses of the filthy-rich. It is clearly way past time for a Second American Revolution!   The entire planet has been scammed by the filthy rich. There is nothing on earth that can stop this slow motion economic trainwreck. The derivatives meltdown will cost more than 10 times the entire world's output. On the up-side, I hear the filthy-rich taste just like chicken! Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. This is the guy Obama should make Secretary of the Treasury. 16 newspapers endorsed Obama on Sunday, only 2 for McCain. Stephanopoulos: No candidate has ever lost with Obama's lead over McCain. (53-43) Top GOP strategist Ed Rollins compares McCain's spectacular campaign failure to Hillary's. McCain expected to "hit the panic button" today, since it now looks like he will have a hard time even carrying many of the "red states." GOP is just a pseudonym for LIE. "Curveball," they guy the administration blames all their false Iraq intel on, says he never told them Saddam had WMDs, they made all that crap up themselves. In fact, he never even spoke to the CIA! The red flag should have been his "faith and family values" campaign. Congressman Tim Mahoney (D-FL) paid his mistress $121,000 to keep her mouth shut about the affair. There are cannibals in the land. Even ArchNeocon Bill Kristol admits McCain campaign is a joke, and then rabid McCain campaign turns on him. Didn't someone once say something about "a house divided cannot stand?" Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's Oct 13 notes,

Conservatism is Cancer of Democracy

McCain picks Cheney for VP? Cheney is skipping the GOP convention, he has his regularly scheduled meeting with Lucifer that day. Book by former Wall Street Journal reporter claims White House ordered CIA to forge evidence linking Saddam to al Qaeda, and knew that Iraq had no WMDs before the invasion. Well, duh! Excerpts from Thomas McCullock's notes Aug 5,

Somebody should have told them… Fealty is Dead and Gone.

This might sound bizarre, but I connected to this because Miss Johnnie was watching a Rockies' baseball game. The commentators were mentioning that George Bush had been loudly booed when he threw out the "first pitch" on Opening Day. Seemed a little outraged by it. The comments were on the order of "They booed the PRESIDENT!" and "Hello! He's ONLY the Leader of the free world! Duh!" Where to start? How about, he was never appointed Leader of the free world or even Leader of all Americans. He can only lead people who are weak-minded enough to follow him. For instance, he's not MY leader. I have enough personal strength and dignity to refuse to follow, really anybody in general and a low-life Murdering, lying, cowardly thief in particular. Some of the people who say we should obey him in everything he tells us, use the Name of God to justify it. They point to a biblical passage "Honor God (and) (by the act of) Obey the King". Allow me to point out, once again, this was not God speaking. It was a scribe of either King David or King Solomon. Both of whose reigns began with revolutions. David who was anointed King in a secret ceremony and fought a long rebellion against Saul, who was anointed in a PUBLIC ceremony. We know this because King David told us that Samuel had done so. He mentioned it long after Samuel, and his father Jesse and his 8 brothers who witnessed the Secret anointing were dead. Solomon who was born of adultery. In a union that accurately reflected what Samuel had been instructed to tell the people before anointing Saul. "do not fear to anoint this King for them, for they do not reject you, but rather they reject Me... but tell them first what manner of King will reign over them, he will take their sons to run before his chariots, and their daughters to be his bakers and his handmaids". The fact that neither David nor Solomon were ever accorded universal recognition of their "authority" during their lives is duly recorded. So the question would be, wouldn't it be to the advantage of a King who is under constant threat from rebellions to get the people to believe that God Himself had commanded them to obey him? But neither David nor Solomon would ever take unfair advantage of such an attitude, now would they? And again, we know this because they, themselves, told us so. Thus the Religious point of view. For a more immediately practical point of view, America was founded as a nation by Rebels who overthrew the lawful government of the King. And there were ministers of the Gospel preaching the Loyalist propaganda, again using the Honor God and Obey the King bullpoo-poo. Right here in America. But the point of that is, for 232 years now we in America have not HAD a king. Those who wish to say that we owe him obedience and that God said so, must have had one of those very conveniently Private anointments. Much like George Bush saying that

Of course the Reaganites don’t mean what they say…

But we kind of expected that, no? For instance there was a United Nations mandate about Torture, and Shirley Temple Black was one of the signatories, which said Torture was not permissible under any circumstances. Basically our solemn word as a Nation, and according to the Constitution, a Foreign Treaty ratified by Congress has as much weight in American jurisprudence as the Constitution itself does. But alas, somebody in writing the law put in a few Weasel Words. For instance, nobody is to be subjected to Severe pain either as punishment or to extract information. Nobody is to be subjected to unnecessarily cruel or harsh treatment. So the Reaganite lawyers are now saying Ha ha ha, we lied to you and you can't do a thing about it because we had some escape clauses in the treaty. Now George Bush and Douche Lymphnode (Limbaugh) say "Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of us?" Well, dumbasses, it's like this... the only alternative to actually negotiating in good faith is to commit unjustifiable atrocities, like the Invasion of Iraq or perhaps the pending attack (using WMDs, no less) on the nation of Iran. Not meaning what you say as a civilian, Joe Citizen type, means nobody will rent you a house without you paying all the rent in advance. People won't give you credit. Not meaning what you say as a representative of the people means you won't be able to get anybody to agree to anything you ask for unless it's under threat of absolute destruction. To do that you would have to be at a level of International Bad-Ass which has never been reached. You would have to be Untouchable. The hijackers on 9/11 demonstrated for us that hell no, we ain't untouchable. But if we negotiate constantly in bad faith, our word as a nation means absolutely NOTHING, it would inevitably inspire people to negotiate with us at gunpoint... that is, THEM pointing the guns. Or failing the ability to negotiate that way, simply saying "screw negotiating, we're all going to die sooner or later anyway, why not just fuck these dudes up really really badly while we're cashing out"... And they throw airplanes at our buildings. Way to GO! Ronnie and George and Rush, you and your socially retarded gang of thugs have already bought us a few nasty terrorist attacks. Gosh, George and Rush, you must have felt a huge surge of pride when those towers fell, knowing you helped it to happen.