Michele Bachmann urges anti-health teabaggers to slit their wrists, so do it

I may not be not an expert on blood pacts, but I’ve seen them on TV. You cut your palm or finger with a knife or other sharp edge of opportunity, and let your blood mix with that of your newly-resolved comrade. The Colorado Independent reports that US Representative Michelle Bachmann is calling for a blood covenant from her fellow anti-health reformists, and she wants them to be so determined that they “slit their wrists.” We’d like to go the Minnesota congresswoman one further. If the private-insurance-death-panel advocates feel they must defeat health reform because Obama’s measures “have the strength to destroy this country forever,” they could prove their resolve by slitting their throats to really commingle their blood!

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2 Responses to Michele Bachmann urges anti-health teabaggers to slit their wrists, so do it

  1. Avatar Katherine Tomsich says:

    Is this a joke? If not- I guess we understand just who are the ignorant ravers. Read the bill before you spout your nonsense. Remember that Obama and his administration have been full of lies and lack of transparency and you will see why people fear his legislation. They write things then decide later what it means. Why do people race to lose their freedom?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Katherine, you have a point about Obama and the Democrats. However, what freedom is there in the current Health Care System? What are you talking about? I see little freedom at all to get decent health care for most Americans and I have spent the majority of my working life now working within the ‘Health Care’ sector.

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