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Michele Bachmann is a corn dog

Michele Bachmann eats a foot-long corn-dog at the Iowa State FairI am so sorry all you Dem Chicken Littles, but GOP candidate Michele Bachmann is not going to depose your precious Recidivist Obama. She’s a straw man and as desperate a bogeyman as the corporate bad-cop party can muster. Bachmann was fleeing a contentious audience at the Iowa Straw Poll but PAUSED because who can resist the obviously ribald photo-op with a foot-long corn-dog? And she gave her gay hubby the first bite. This ensured press, take your pick, salacious or God-awful horrific, whatever, from media followers who look to the vacuous debutante for inspiration. Stupid? Or savvy as a FOX-coached bimbo?

Michele Batshitmann has Freddie Fanny Mortgage

Michele Batshitmann has Freddie/Fanny Mortgage. Crusading against publicly funded housing assistance at every level, as in “blame the victim”, but not the “free market” criminal in real estate and investment banking. The ones who gutted the Treasury AND the private economy.

This is far beyond a rape victim “leading him on” or even being charged with sexually harassing her attacker.

More like victims of a shooting spree, or their survivors, not compensated and the Killer released because “they didn’t want to get shot, they shouldn’t have been in front of his gun”… and then charged with assault.

$427,000+ in a mortgage with exactly the same terms and same financing. GRAPHIC

Then there’s the chronic complaint about HUD public housing. Well, who exactly built that housing?

In Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas, it was Brown and Toot, the “BR” portion of Halliburton KBR. Her friends.

They also built the Reactor plant at Comanche Peak, 30 miles south of Dallas. “Runaway!! Run!! as fast as your chubby little legs can carry you!!” (My Dad and his twin brother worked for them as painters, on the projects in Houston) (and warned me often never to work for KBR).

But, as the Right Wing Lunatic Litany so often states, it was the people who control 1% who strained the market into collapse, not the 1% who control 90% of the wealth, and flooded the money market with bonds based on the projected interest on those loans, and their derivative bond on the projected interest on THOSE bonds. Basically Counterfeit Money. They got bailed out, the “peasants” Ms. Bachmann and her elitist Koch-sucking comrades so violently despise, …no such luck… (but it rhymes with luck). “Violently”, I say, because her TeaPotty comrades have a death-grip on the Bun Lobby. Why buy military Killing machines for use in our own country? Who are thy going to Kill besides Other American?

Find the Michele Bachmann inside you

So Michele Bachmann was a tax collector. Sarah Palin was an oil industry stooge. The media didn’t conjure these villainesses from whole or rare cloth. Most politicians are corporate functionaries before they bill the public to do it. If they haven’t dedicated their lives expressly to destroying the environment, the social fabric, your job and everyone’s quality of life, they’ve always understood your loss was somebody’s gain, and theirs. Know anyone like that around you? Practically everyone! That’s whose throats you need to wrap your fingers around. Shake the blinders off their eyes with good old-fashioned throttling. Shout them down. Shut them up. Shame and scorn them, the heartless, uninformed, apathetic pricks. Activism begins at the grassroots, pull those weeds from the roots.
The media sets up Bachmann and Palin as characters you love to hate, there for you to pillory in effigy. You can flame them with your wit, call for their heads, but ultimately their pulpits lay beyond your reach, from where they safely goad you at the media’s whim. Wake up. Bachmann and Palin are the effigies. Burning them accomplishes nothing. They’re the poster children rotten apples among the joe public rotten apples which fill the American barrel. Look around you. See all the clueless, amoral, self-serving opportunists? Time to drop the agree-to-disagree, polite society pretense. Take the gloves off and have at ’em.