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Michele Bachmann is a corn dog

I am so sorry all you Dem Chicken Littles, but GOP candidate Michele Bachmann is not going to depose your precious Recidivist Obama. She’s a straw man and as desperate a bogeyman as the corporate bad-cop party can muster. Bachmann … Continue reading

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Michele Batshitmann has Freddie Fanny Mortgage

Michele Batshitmann has Freddie/Fanny Mortgage. Crusading against publicly funded housing assistance at every level, as in “blame the victim”, but not the “free market” criminal in real estate and investment banking. The ones who gutted the Treasury AND the private … Continue reading

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Find the Michele Bachmann inside you

So Michele Bachmann was a tax collector. Sarah Palin was an oil industry stooge. The media didn’t conjure these villainesses from whole or rare cloth. Most politicians are corporate functionaries before they bill the public to do it. If they … Continue reading

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