Obama divides to conquer his indecision

Not a campaign posterPresident Obama has reduced his Afghanistan options to four, but won’t say what they are, so that’s now four unknowns instead of one. A magician who tells you he’s narrowed your card down to four possibilities hasn’t conjured jack until he shows you which. Without detailing what the Afghanistan options are, the press is left to speculate, and their choices are: 10k more soldiers, 20k more, 30k and 40k. That’s just haggling. Obama’s real choices are 1) keep the generals at their calculators until it looks like the public will swallow a troop surge; 2) leave soon; 3) leave now; and I’m sorry but the best option 4) was forfeited on Barack’s first day in office.

The Obama administration is not only stalling, they’re having the media set up the punch by framing the perimeters of what Americans can expect from Obama’s decision. How will you like Obama’s choice, on a scale of 10 to 40? Zero increase in weapons spending and troop deployment is not a choice, according to the corporate war-making owned media.

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