Obama to bankers, ‘I’m saving you from the pitchforks!’

pitchforks at the gateWell there you have it from the horse’s mouth, Obama is not trying to save you, me, and all the other poverty stricken louts! He’s trying to save the bankers from us coming at them with pitchforks! He’s willing to give them trillions of $$$, too, to help them out. Money that the louts will eventually be paying off for the bankers. See Inside the Obama-Bank CEO Meeting

Obama laughed along with the rest of the CEOs, before listening to Lewis get to his point: he wants to pay back Troubled Asset Relief Program funds.

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks,” Obama said.

Protecting thieves is a criminal act, Mr. President. Helping drive the get away car is, too.

But in this case, it is the President of the US and US bank officials driving the car! This is the greatest bank robbery in history
and the liberal Democrats are letting them get away with it, too. They just don’t seem to have the smarts to figure out what’s going on? And they’re too busy pointing fingers at others as they’re led by their noses!

4 thoughts on “Obama to bankers, ‘I’m saving you from the pitchforks!’

  1. When the Europeans chastise us about our economic policy, you know we’re in trouble.

  2. Though it’s mere hypocrisy on their part and the top dogs of Europe merely wish they could get away with open criminality more like their American cohorts always do.

  3. This level of Robbery is CHANGE though, so he is kind of delivering on his campaign promises. It’s just that most Americans thought he might reduce the level of theft, not increase it…?

    And he is Black…. did anybody mention that yet? My Mom said never to trust any of them people because they’re all thieves… lol… She just didn’t know!

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