Oliphant the Islamofascist?

oliphant gaza israel cartoon
Pat Oliphant might be the world’s best known cartoonist. A recent cartoon of his has got the Jewish State First crowd all up in arms about its supposed antisemitic (read anti Jewish) character! See Oliphant Gaza cartoon denounced by Simon Wiesenthal Center

Has this cartoonist, Pat Oliphant, all along been a sneaker cell Islamofascist? You be the judge. What do you think? Also see Focus on Gaza – The Spin Battle – 10 Apr 09 – Part 1 on youtube.

4 thoughts on “Oliphant the Islamofascist?

  1. Oliphant may not be an Islamofascist, but, he’s an historical ignoramus given the well-documented Muslim-Nazi relationship and deeply entrenched pro-Nazi sympathies existing throughout the Muslim world today.

  2. There is no ‘well-documented Muslim-Nazi relationship and deeply entrenched pro-Nazi sympathies existing throughout the Muslim world today’ and you are just a totally dishonest antiPalestinian liar to claim such. You falsely label them Nazi sympathizers so that you can help justify you own predisposition in that direction.

    Oliphant seems entirely correct in pointing out the complete opposite point, in that it is the connections between the Nazi Movement of the ’30s and the Jewish Staters’ Movement of the present that is what he highlights. Both Jewish Staters and NAZIs were extreme nationalists and would/ will stomp on anybody who got, or seems to them to get, in their way.

    It seems to me that people like yourself ‘Dan’ at the Israeli Propaganda ‘Internet Megaphone’ software machine have a lot of nerve to claim we are injust to you when Zionism is compared to the Nazis, when all the while you yourselves are so prone to call and negatively label ‘the entire Muslim World today’ as being Nazis. What a lot of damn lot of gall to tell that to… say Bangladesh, where the British killed off millions of Muslims through an artificial famine during the war years.

    YES, why should these folk be big fans of the Brits and their war against the NAZIS while the Brits killed off between 3-4 million of their local Muslim citizens through starvation, ‘Dan’?

    See ‘The Forgotten Holocaust – The 1943/44 Bengal Famine’ at http://globalavoidablemortality.blogspot.com/2005/07/forgotten-holocaust-194344-bengal.html

    It seems to me that you ‘Dan’ are the real ‘historical ignoramus’, as you called Oliphant, here. 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 million dead Bangalis is a lot of Muslims to not give a damn about IMO, but where have you and your ‘Holocaust Museums’ ever mentioned these dead Bengalis?… dead because of the British-US war effort not giving a damn about them.

  3. This is the best you can do? Machine gun links onto our site? ‘Dan’, you are programmed to do this though. Here is the link to our own commentary and wikipedia’s about your link to the Israeli military software called the Internet Megaphone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megaphone_desktop_tool and http://notmytribe.wpcomstaging.com/2009/ten-tips-for-dealing-with-the-zionist-internet-megaphone-spam-machine-of-giyus-86573.html and http://notmytribe.wpcomstaging.com/2009/israels-internet-megaphone-psychological-war-propaganda-machine-is-now-being-used-against-notmytribe-86129.html

    If you post any further quick links onto Israeli military propaganda trash points to our site, I will remove them, ‘Dan’. Rules are that you can use ORIGINAL nonsense of your own ONLY. We simply are not going to try to keep up with a software run program using multiple people to post linked crap onto our site. Get it?

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