Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist

orwell pacifism fascismEven the most violent totalitarian system hasn’t enough weapons to outnumber the masses. For fascists to rule with an iron glove requires well deluded pacifist theologians to tamp the populace spirit. By example they can martyr themselves silly for all the overclass may care. The future of industrial man is a boot in your face for the eternities of all your successive lives. Pacifism is the acceptance you offer in hope that eventually you’ll reincarnate wearing the boot.

2 thoughts on “Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist

  1. What crap. Violence or the threat of violence is authoritarian and coercive. A person coerced into pacifism isn’t a pacifist, they’re a victim. Don’t pretend for a minute that any totalitarian system in control of a nuclear missile doesn’t have the capability of sending us back to the dark ages or worse: Eradicating the human race like dinosaurs.

    Or just consider for a moment that there are more bullets on the planet than human beings.

  2. How can “totalitarian” systems be opposed, if not using force or its threat? Pacifism has never accomplished anything, but people’s war has raised millions up. Now we need a war for the biosphere of which we are a part.

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