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Banned books: the subversive dystopia

Banned Books, p.2– I put a lot of faith in an internet resilient enough to remain an unrestricted archive of crowd-sourced human knowledge, even more I hope public data will eventually permeate the proprietary, but continued access to subversive literature … Continue reading

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Libertarian me-first values exemplified by face-stomping teabag Brownshirts

Move over RNC Kicker, Rand Paul preemptive-linebackers Tim Profitt and cohort Mike Pezzano have been identified as the “lead stomper” and protester-wrangler of yesterday’s face-stomping video. MoveOn activist Lauren Valle was holding a sign meant to highlight Kentucky senate candidate … Continue reading

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Tony, David Barsamian says hello

The local Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission found a little more between the lines than they may have counted on from visiting scholar/lecturer David Barsamian. Although he preached the habitual Gandhian nonviolent civil disobedience, and putting faith in reforming … Continue reading

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Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist

Even the most violent totalitarian system hasn’t enough weapons to outnumber the masses. For fascists to rule with an iron glove requires well deluded pacifist theologians to tamp the populace spirit. By example they can martyr themselves silly for all … Continue reading

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