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What percentage of a partially eaten donut would YOU bet…

That the chemical spill which has currently gotten Monument evacuated… is going to be neatly and safely taken care of and that you’re not going to be in any danger from it? Because the Chemical Industry, especially those divisions most … Continue reading

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US president can’t even make a speech

I MEAN, so effective was President Obama’s delivery that huge swaths of the American public who had come to hold him in clear disdain were safely put back under his spell. So self assured and competent was he that the … Continue reading

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Compared to George W. Bush, Obama demonstrates W didn’t stand for Worse

Media voices this morning are positively giddy with Obama’s extension of tax cuts for the rich. Probably anticipating a hefty Christmas bonus. Today would be a good time to apologize to Debby Downers you vilified in ’08 because they cautioned … Continue reading

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Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist

Even the most violent totalitarian system hasn’t enough weapons to outnumber the masses. For fascists to rule with an iron glove requires well deluded pacifist theologians to tamp the populace spirit. By example they can martyr themselves silly for all … Continue reading

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Corporate Dictatorship over the US gives Big Business a free ride

The US government has released a study done by the government itself, that declares that over 2/3 of both American and foreign corporations pay no taxes here. This is truly a robbing hood society where the working poor are forced … Continue reading

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