Pioneering human shields since 9-11-01

WTC 911 terrorist attackWard Churchill called them Little Eichmanns, but if that’s giving the World Trade Center workers too much credit, at minimum they were human shields, masking the Command & Control Center of America’s economic war machine.

The US military is quick to blame its foes for using human shields, to explain the collateral damage we always inflict –Iraq, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah– but who more deliberately than the USA? The huge weapons industry makes all fifty states legitimate military targets, and now because armed drones are piloted from US soil, the homeland war zone extends into our homeland, for which the American public is the human shield.

1 thought on “Pioneering human shields since 9-11-01

  1. Are you saying that the US ‘big’ government and its ‘Armed Forces’ are using us as human shields, Eric? I don’t know? I feel so safe with the nuclear command center located right here in Colorado Springs right in the middle of us civilians that…uh……………….. BOOM!

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