Robert Fisk on how the international press helped Israel censor the media

Israel murders off journalists in much the same manner as the US military often has done. That is their heaviest form of censorship- DEATH. But they have other methods, too, and world famous international correspondent, Robert Fisk, discusses how the international media went along and allowed themselves to be censored by the Israeli media, in much the same form as how they also did when the US military censored operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Robert Fisk on Gaza and the media

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9 Responses to Robert Fisk on how the international press helped Israel censor the media

  1. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Ah, the esteemable Mr. Fisk, that paragon of objectivity! It was an hysterical Robert Fisk who sullied his reputation and had sufficient egg on his face to make an omelette when he first accused Israel of committing a massacre in Jenin. Remember the massacre in Jenin that Fisk concocted out of whole cloth? In Fisk’s addled mind, Israel murdered thousands upon thousands of Arabs and caused global outrage directed at Israel for committing such a horror. Can you imagine, thousands of dead bodies of innocent Arab casualties killed by the dastardly Israeli armed forces. Well, when all the dust had settled, it turned out Fisk was delusional and there WAS NO massacre. Turns out the so-called massacre of thousands of innocents was really 56 people and the vast majority were militants. You don’t hear much about Jenin these days. Fisk is at it again spewing his slanted, anti-Israel venom. Except, this time, we know all about his deceptive tricks.

  2. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Robert Fisk ““Why, for God’s sake, can’t Mr Powell do the decent thing and demand an explanation for the extraordinary, sinister events that have taken place in Jenin? Does he really have to debase himself in this way? Does he think that meeting Arafat, or refusing to do so, takes precedence over the enormous slaughter that has overwhelmed the Palestinians?” wrote Robert Fisk in the Independent.”

    Alas, there was no massacre in Jenin. 56 people died, mostly militants. Robert Fisk lied.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘Remember the massacre in Jenin that Fisk concocted out of whole cloth?’

    He hardly did that at all. Many others including the United Nations and many human rights organizations stated that the devastation done to Jenin was actually quite horrible.

    For a more nuanced accounting of the events in Jenin one can go to wikipedia…

    It is true that the number of people actually killed in this Israeli attack was far fewer than originally thought to be, but Israel’s censorship of the press and the Israeli military’s control of access to the area were the cause of these exaggerated fears of a much worse massacre than actually occurred.

  4. Avatar jonah says:

    So, David or Nom-du-Jour of the Troll Machine…

    Did you really expect us to believe that if YOU personally (or those users of the portal in Newark) were not allowed to post propaganda here, to the exclusion of all other business conducted on this site, that somehow IDF propaganda would have NO outlet whatsoever?

    What, did DumFox Noose NutWerx and TBN and the Pentagon Propaganda errr Information Office and the Usual Gang of Idiots from Minitrue (that last one was from a book, maybe you can find it online, if you haven’t already knocked down the Gutenberg Project with your spam attacks, they’ve probably got it)

    Did all these high-profile, according to Them very popular and very widely trusted among the Dumb, Illiterate Commoners, did they really just up and POOF!! disappear into thin air?

    But it’s “Censorship” if we don’t let you spam us…

    Does that mean I can order the Jerusalem Post, which isn’t nearly as reactionary as you are, to grant me half of their newspaper to tell MY side of any story?

    Maybe preempt 14 hours of commercial-free airtime from Fox.


    Why, that’s CENSORSHIP, I tell you, CENSORSHIP!!

    Call the Reality Police, we’ve got us another one….

  5. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Jonah, do you think you know more about Fisk, or, the Middle East, for that matter, than David Pryce-Jones, one of the foremost authorities on the Middle East? This is what DPJ writes about the journalistic follies of Robert Fisk…

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    So, how about it “David”? Why are WE supposed to respect you, speak to and of you as if you had any honor whatsoever, when you entire purpose for writing here is to provide backup,Aid and Comfort, to the Coward Murdering Bastards that literally blew that baby’s head off?

    Bubba, you sure got a lot of Dam Gall.

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    Somebody closed the kids eyes, that’s good, but maybe it would have been better for YOU if the eyes had been left open.

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    If you or your Kamaraden LagerKapos had any Human Dignity you would hide your face (well, you do that anyway) and simply at the very least Not Boast about your wonderful War on Civilians and how Big, Brave and Mighty your army is.

    When YOU die, YOU will stand in the judgment and answer to God Himself for you evil, and that Child will be one who accuses you.

    You have no moral high ground and you should stop acting like a Petulant Little Bitch

    Oh, you Bad, Wicked Naughty Liberals! How Dare you speak harshly or Impolitely to ME, Even though I’m doing something my Masters actually described as a Warlike Act against your Weblog which doesn’t actually belong to us but we’re going to treat it as though it does… How Dare you insult us by pointing out our moral and physical Cowardices, and our murders of Even Babies!

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    You don’t have to pass that on to your Masters, they’re already monitoring your “progress”.

  7. Avatar David Stengler says:

    My “purpose” is to provide what I hope is more sober responses to your often-baseless, incendiary and hysterically emotional charges against Israel, such as what you just posted: “Coward Murdering Bastards that literally blew that baby’s head off”

    This sort of outburst does nothing to advance the debate of the Arab Israeli conflict nor of current facts on the ground, and, frankly, your rants and temper flair-ups do more harm than good in trying to support your own position. You still have not responded to my question regarding any objections you have regarding Hamas, Fatah, Arafat or any Palestinian-related matter. I have shown my own independent thought by stating my opposition to Israel’s settlement policy. Now, why don’t you demonstrate your’s?

  8. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Jonah: “Bitch, baby killing Scum like you…
    “Baby-Killing Puke like you”
    “Coward Murdering Bastards”

    Does this blog condone such reckless language from a member of its staff?

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    That’s what happens when people get frustrated having their site spammed by a semi automated spamming device such as yours is, ‘David’.

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