One would think the IDF would welcome the press…

If in fact they were committing lawful actions.

Instead we have multiple incidents of the Independent Reporting, as in not the reporters embedded into the IDF, being met with IDF gunfire.

The one incident which makes the point the clearest about the
Restrictions On Reporting From Gaza

* The Israeli authorities are not allowing foreign journalists free entry into Gaza.
* The Foreign Press Association recently held a lottery for the first eight foreign media organisations to be given access to Gaza. Sky did not win a ticket in this first round.
* Sky News, like other foreign media outlets, is relying on local Palestinian freelancers inside Gaza to give us the latest information.
* Some military details may be subject to censorship by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). This is standard for all media organisations operating out of Israel.

…is the one in which 3 Palestinian children who were Murdered by the IDF because their father dared to report from Gaza things that the Israeli Propaganda Ministry, some of whom have been posting rather heavily on this forum, Did Not Want Published.

Incidentally, the woman who reported this in the Pittsburgh paper is Jewish.

Voice of Palestinians loses 3 daughters to Israeli shell[/b]
Saturday, January 17, 2009
By Sadie Gurman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

For weeks, Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish watched war devastate his town in northern Gaza, huddling at home with his eight children as shells exploded and fire roared just outside their door.

From his home in Jebalia via speakerphone, Dr. Abu al-Aish shared his fears Thursday evening with a Squirrel Hill audience. “Today, Gaza was completely dark because of the flames from the explosions and the destruction,” he told the crowd gathered at the Jewish Community Center to voice concern over the ongoing fighting.

YouTube Video of Israeli TV speaking with Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish

He said he lives in constant worry for the safety of his family. “I am sitting helpless, looking in my children’s eyes, while they’re wondering which one of us will be lost. … I am helpless in front of my children. If I lost them, what would be my life?”

Hours after connecting with his Pittsburgh audience, Dr. Abu al-Aish’s home was hammered by an Israeli artillery shell, killing three of his daughters and a niece and severely injuring two daughters. Eighteen of his relatives were in the home at the time.

Israeli TV said initial reports indicated that a sniper had fired either from the family’s building — which friends quoted on TV said they doubted — or from nearby. The Israeli infantry responded with a tank shell.

Throughout the 21-day war, Dr. Abu al-Aish has been providing Israeli TV viewers with updates on the medical crisis unfolding in Gaza. For many, he is the voice of Palestinian suffering. But yesterday, his report was different.

“I want to know why my daughters were harmed,” he said on TV. “This should haunt [Israeli Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert his entire life.”

Dr. Abu al-Aish was able to arrange transfer of his two injured daughters to Israeli hospitals, a rarity in this conflict. The Israeli army for the first time allowed a Palestinian ambulance to travel straight to the Erez border crossing, where the injured were transferred to Israeli ambulances. From there, they were taken by helicopter to Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv.

Gazan officials identified Dr. Abu al-Aish’s daughters fatally injured as Bisan, 22; Mayer, 15; and Aya, 14. His dead niece was Nour Abu al-Aish, also 14.

Dr. Abu al-Aish, 55, is a longtime peace activist who has promoted joint Israeli-Palestinian projects and studied the war’s affects on children. “What is happening is not the right way, from both sides,” he said Thursday night to his Squirrel Hill audience. The tragedy stunned those who took part in the Jewish Community Center discussion.

“When you know people, it makes a big difference,” said Nancy Bernstein. “We happened to hear this man, with his children around him, and now, his children are dead. It’s very shocking.”

Others said the deaths underscored the need for a swift end to the violence. “If the Israeli government had announced a cease-fire this morning, Ezzeldeen’s kids would be alive,” said Dr. Naftali Kaminski, a UPMC associate professor of medicine and pathology and longtime friend of the Palestinian doctor. He said he learned of the deaths from a nephew in Israel.

“This is a guy who, all of his life, was dedicated to two things: One is peace and reconciliation between Jews and Palestinians, and the other one is taking care of his patients,” Dr. Kaminski said. “This is devastating.”

There was also a 22 year old woman murdered in the attack.

I put in emphasis and Extra Emphasis on certain key elements in the story, because I know the IDF supporters habit of hiding behind the “Anti-Semitism” argument to deflect criticism.

Perhaps here I should point out that same Scriptural “right of return” touted loudly by the Knesset would also apply to the Palestinians in equal measure.

Because the Samaritans are Israel too…

Either the Scriptures are false, in which case Israel doesn’t exist, or they’re true, in which case both Israel AND Palestine have equal rights to exist.

8 thoughts on “One would think the IDF would welcome the press…

  1. You neglected to mention that Hamas is prohibiting the press in Gaza, as well. Both sides are naturally trying to control the press and shape the coverage of the news. I think Israel realized how the press can complicate things with the “Jenin massacre” accusations that turned out to be totally staged and fabricated.

  2. Any incidents that are deemed war crimes committed by the IDF should be thoroughly investigated and if any IDF are found guilty, they should be prosecuted and punished. Similarly, with Hamas killing 11 Israeli citizens with their rockets, Hamas who are responsible for the killings should be brought up on war crimes charges, as well. Let’s be fair.

  3. Hmmm… that would be the same Megaphone people who are using the software to alert their subscribers to any blog or internet news report which doesn’t adhere strictly to the U.S. Government and the Puppet Knesset approved propaganda?

    Say, don’t they use a Hebrew Battle Call as their group name?

    Let’s see Battle cry and “to COMBAT Anti-IsraeliWAR ‘propaganda’ by Attacking the websites which dare to dissent with Pro-Israeli WAR horseshit?

    Sounds very much like, by their own admission, they’re committing hostile attacks against AMERICANS who are exercising our Right to Free Speech and Free Press.

    See, Mr Haddad, that amounts to (attempted) Censorship.

    I don’t know about whatever fucked up dictatorship in which you claim to have been born, but in America censorship is at least technically ILLEGAL.

    It’s bad enough that the pissants in OUR Government attack free speech and free press in OUR Country (Like the CSPD beating down dissenters at the St Patrick’s Parade 2 years ago, the Denver Pigs beating down protesters and the Minneapolis-St Paul PIGS doing the same thing, and charging people with terrorism for possession of copies of the Bill of Rights).

    Now we have a Foreign Nation (if you accept the notion that the Knesset isn’t a Vassal State) doing the same thing.

    Then there’s the notion of the Israeli Navy blowing up a United States Naval Vessel at the start of the 1967 war which gave Israel the “right” to govern Gaza and the West Bank as the Israeli Government sees fit.

    Call me a sentimental fool if you wish, Mr Haddad, and I’m sure you will, but I kind of like the notion of only being able to govern people who consent to be governed by you.

    I grew rather attached to the notion because they used to tell me that in school all the time.

    Of course they were LYING about it but hey, they did teach me the principles of Democracy.
    You remember Democracy, don’t you?
    Israel is supposedly a Democracy and not actually a Theocracy like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

    and Iran and the Taliban, since I know how much you love being compared to your Enemies.

  4. I thnk you guys need to get out and take a deep breath of that clean Colorado air. LOL

  5. It’s fascinating how a state the size of New Jersey, on one-tenth of one percent of the land mass in the ME, where just a few million Jews live, can generate such obsessive antagonism and even hatred. You’d think Israel is the single source of all the world’s problems. My, my, Israel must be the most powerful nation on the planet to have such a heavy influence on everyones’ lives.

  6. If Israel doesn’t want to be compared to Nazi Germany, all it has to do is QUIT ACTING LIKE NAZI GERMANY!

  7. Of course, the exact location of the “tiny chunk of land” is far from New Jersey or Virginia.

    and happens to be one of the most strategic crossroads in the World. Let’s see, Africa to the west and south, Asia to the north-east and east, Europe to the direct north….

    Hmmmm… you know, in such a trade corridor as that, whoever controls that should have a nation that’s Fantastically Wealthy.

    So, how are the Arab citizens of Israel doing, wealth-wise.

    Not a question.

    I realize, Mr Haddad, or whatever your real name is, that you’re now blocked from spamming the site.

    But you can actually read it.

    The bit about the poverty in Gaza being caused by their refusal to bow to Israeli Rules and only elect Israeli-Approved representatives, so of course Israel had no choice but to surround their entire nation with a Prison Fence and deny them the right to even import INTO their own nation such food stuff as Chickens, cattle and goats…

    It’s just like the Gestapo and the WaffenSchutzStaffel declaring that it was the fault of the Resistance in the nations they conquered, that forced them to do the same thing in Warsaw and to shoot 10 civilians for every German soldier killed.

    Why, oh why, Won’t the Conquered Races of Untermenschen recognize the Moral and Racial Superiority of Israel?

    It would be so much easier for them to admit they are defeated, kiss the boots of the Conquerors, then the conquerors won’t be FORCED to kill them and make them suffer…

    Oh, the Inhumanity of those who dare to Resist The Conquest!

    Now that we know you’re an American Cop your attitude is more understandable.

    Just not anything we’d be prepared to agree to.

    And ordering us to SILENCE Tony, as your Haddad persona and at least one other told us, was kind of way over the top, don’t you think?

    Actually, I know the Fascist mentality and you probably felt that was a very reasonable request.

    It must sadden you terribly that people don’t simply grant you the Obedience you feel your Royal Status merits.

    I believe on several occasions you suggested counselling for Tony, I’ll suggest a Christian alternative… “Physician, heal thyself”.

    As I remember, He was speaking to a Levitican Rabbi at the time.

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