Royal Honours– a Touching Story…

Royal Honours is, in poker, the highest hand you can have.

But now, the British are having a temper tantrum because when Bess II touched Michelle Obama Mrs Obama touched her back.

Liteally, put her hand on her back.

Not her backside.

Not her “bum” which would be any member of her family.

“How dare that PEASANT woman Touch The Monarch?”

This will piss off any Brits in the audience but Waaaaahh waaaahhhh waaahhh…

Quick, somebody call Whine-One-One, we need a Waaaambulance.

Get over it already. Bess isn’t anywhere near godlike or sacred, she’s a Dangerously Inbred Hereditary Dictator from one of the most evil and degenerate families in the WORLD.

She’s reputed to be the wealthiest woman in the world because her Grandma’s Army and Navy went out and robbed other nations on Her Royal Behalf.

The rumor persists that Jack the Ripper might have been her great-uncle.

Why? Because her family is so corrupt and murderous that Jack the Ripper would fit right in, seamlessly integrated.

I mean, Damn, her family is notorious for paying women and men and little kids to “touch’ them.

Probably kept the local Rent-a-Sheep operation in business too.

I almost split my pants laughing when one of our Right Wing commentators made a stupid remark about World War One being caused by …

…wait for it…

Her Cousin Willie.

That’s right, folks, same family.

Her family is responsible for more mass slaughter than the Nazis and the Soviets and the Khmer Rouge COMBINED.

Now it wasn’t ALL a British affair, but the leaders of every monarchy involved in that massive dog fight were cousins to each other.
The top echelons of their Officer’s Corps were Royal Family members as well. Bloodline counts for more than Intelligence, Education, Competence and Valor.

But we, the Other People of the Whole Damned World, should maybe be OUTRAGED! (©®1993-2009 DumFox Noose Nutwerks..) that a Commoner dared to touch her Royal Person…

Kiss my fat brown … knee…

(see, I didn’t say “kiss my arse”)

(you lucky people, you!)

3 thoughts on “Royal Honours– a Touching Story…

  1. A good portion of England actually couldn’t care less about the issue, and would have celebrated and supported Michelle if she had strongly kicked the Royal Bitch hard against her bare buttocks!

    When are the British finally going to string her and her dopey son up from a tree like they should have done long ago? And the ‘House of Lords’ my asss! One is hardly to know which country, the US or The Stupid Kingdom, have the more fake pseudo ‘democracy’ running on hot air and gas out there? They should rename the ‘House of Lords’ as the House of Elite and Dumb Ass Twits, now shouldn’t’ they?

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