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Michelle Obama visits Pueblo for Latino Dream Act vote, not to hear or see you

PUEBLO, COLORADO– Chris Curry had this to say about First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance in Pueblo yesterday: “No signs were allowed anywhere in or around the building and the cops had cattle cage barriers around the entire perimeter. It felt like we were being herded into a gas chamber with Michelle Obama as the bait.”

Two years ago they said the dude was murdered

To silence him, of course. Now the Murdoch-owned (maybe just affiliated) tabloid The Globe reports that “Obama’s gay lover tries to commit suicide”.
Call the Pope! it’s a Miracle! Man dead for two years tries to commit suicide!
Other headlines in this bizarre series, “Oprah Gay!” “Obama has affair with Oprah!”
“Michelle has affair with Oprah!”
“Michelle tells Oprah: Stay away from MY man!”

So, which is it, is he gay, his wife and Oprah also gay, are they straight, or what?
Why don’t they come out against his expansion of the Afghan and Iraqi and Libyan and Pakistan and insert_Target_Nation_Here war, or perhaps get on his case about repeatedly doing exactly what their bosses tell him to do, cave on Health Care, Cave on taxes, Cave on this Cave on that.
Dude has so many caves he ought to change his name to Carlsbad.
But they want to portray him to their Demented TeaBag Loser Shock-troops as being an unstoppable dictator, Antichrist, who they have to stop.

There ARE some things you can blame on Mr Obama…

But this ain’t one of them. I mean, Gitmo is still open, torture is still happening, the murderous God-damned wars for profit are still happening…. and he hasn’t managed to fix 30 years worth of pure destructive “trickle down free market” economic policies which favor only people willing and able to loot other peoples’ treasuries. But according to Right Wing bullshit-monger The Daily Caller, there’s a massive increase, (not true, the figure is less than half a percentage point) in pedestrian deaths. And that Michelle Obama is at fault because she encouraged kids to get out from in front of the TV and go for walks, exercise, do things for which the human body is geared. The “Debating” points… as reported at HuffPo:

Slight Uptick In Pedestrian Deaths Is Apparently Michelle Obama’s Fault
Jason Linkins jason@huffingtonpost.com

As Ashley Halsey III, in the Washington Post, reports:

It is the kind risk teenagers take: darting across six lanes of traffic, paying no mind to the flashing sign warning pedestrians to await the green light.

Wayne Cuffy and his buddies bolted across Landover Road on their way to the mall Tuesday night, a mistake that cost the 15-year-old his life when he stepped in front of a Ford Expedition at Dodge Park Road.

A terrible tragedy, to be sure, one that figures into new statistics from the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration, which finds that pedestrian deaths ticked upwards by a teensy 0.4 percent in 2010. And all of those deaths could have been prevented if only Michelle Obama hadn’t been encouraging Wayne Cuffy and his buddies to get out there and start exercising, right?

The Daily Caller is pretty sure they have this all figured out, anyway:

Pedestrian deaths increased sharply during the first half of 2010, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). The reason may be First Lady Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move” campaign.

That’s right! While an intelligent read of everyone else’s reporting on the slight uptick in pedestrian deaths might lead you to conclude that more pedestrians are distracted by their iPods and smart-phones, or that pedestrians are growing more aggressive, The Daily Caller’s Amanda Carey is pretty sure that this is all being caused by that time Michelle Obama urged children, “Let’s Move!” as though she meant, “Let’s move right in front of some moving cars!”

Carey basically echoes this piece from the Washington Examiner, in which the executive director of GHSA discusses the extent to which Michelle Obama is to blame for people dying in the streets in a way that I would term “highly equivocal”:

GHSA executive director Barbara Harsha said her organization doesn’t know why there were more deaths in the first six months of 2010 than in 2009, but the increase is notable because overall traffic fatalities went down 8 percent during this period, and the increase ends four straight years of steady declines in pedestrian deaths.

But the “get moving” movement, led by Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to eliminate childhood obesity, could be to blame, Harsha told The Washington Examiner.

“There’s an emphasis these days to getting fit, and I think people doing that are more exposed to risk [of getting hit by a vehicle],” said Harsha, who conceded to having no scientific evidence that the Let’s Move campaign has led to an increase in walkers and runners, or deaths.

“This is all speculative,” Harsha said. “Obviously, further study is needed.”

Kids, before you exercise, remember to get yourself stretched out at least as far as the above stretches the meanings of words like “told” and “conceded.”

UPDATE: GHSA’s communications director, Jonathan Adkins, tells the Huffington Post: “Barbara Harsha was completely misquoted by the D.C. Examiner. Certainly, we don’t blame Mrs. Obama for the uptick in pedestrian deaths. In fact, we support “Get Moving” programs. We just want to ensure pedestrian safety.”

Meanwhile, deaths from heart disease — the nation’s leading killer of humans — were down considerably in 2010, beating expectations. Medical professionals, however, worry that these trends will be reversed if more isn’t done to stem the “twin epidemics of diabetes and obesity in young people.” So, yeah, maybe now isn’t the best time to conclude from the GHSA study that the safest thing you can do is sit on your couch all afternoon, stewing in your own filth and drinking ranch dressing straight from the bottle. But if you hate Michelle Obama, by all means, indulge

One of my liberal friends posted that to yet another left-wing forum, with the following commentary.

The last paragraph lays out the irony. These are the same folks who oppose health care because all those sick people did it to themselves by sitting on the couch eating Cheetoes.

I wrote one article in the Rants & Raves section of Craigslist pointing out the fact that even if the light hasn’t changed, a pedestrian in the crosswalk (or even jaywalking) Has The Right-Of-Way end of sentence period. Screaming out the passenger side of your best friends ride to the pedestrian “Hey, get the Fuck out of MY road” marks you as an idiot, for one thing, extremely childish, and a lawbreaker. Harassing other users of the road, no matter what vehicle they’re using, especially their feet, is not only socially retarded behavior, it’s illegal. Honking your stupid horn in any situation other than to signal an impending hazard is also illegal.

People who don’t bother to read those portions of the Drivers License Test and the accompanying manual shouldn’t be allowed to drive, in a civilized society.

Lucky for them we don’t have a civilized society. My post on Craigslist R&R got flagged. The person who replied to it by saying he would simply run over anybody in his mad rush to claim his non-existent Right of Way, and subsequently call the police to report it after he got home, (several crimes there, including murder)… His post wasn’t flagged.

Ehh… just goes to show we’ve got a lot of semi-educated Right Wing Morons in town.

But the Road Rage, fueled by Right Wing Talk Radio, that would be probably THE most significant factor in pedestrians getting hit.

If you’re crossing the street or even walking on the sidewalk parallel to the street and you hear a loud motor, AM radio playing and some idiot leaning on his horn and cursing, just realize that you’re witnessing a crime, AND that you and anybody else in reach of his vehicle are in danger.

Springs Dems rally downtown in force

COLORADO SPRINGS- A street party atmosphere prevailed downtown as local Dems formed a line over five blocks long to see the presumptive next First Lady. El Paso County may want to be conservative, but this afternoon the police had to treat the Democrats like VIPs.

LaylaWe stood to the West of the City Auditorium with our antiwar banners, keeping our distance from the anti-abortion and pro-Palin sad puppies.

Once again Colorado Obama supporters voiced their agreement with our slogan to stop funding the war. As per usual, Tony raised his voice about the less obvious antiwar theaters of Afghanistan, Somalia, Haiti, etc. With Layla in tow to reinforce the KIDS NOT BOMBS mantra. Still without upsetting most.

campaign workerEventually, one campaign official and then another approached us politely to inform us that we had to leave their sidewalk. Naturally we declined since we were not obstructing the public right of way. The second more animated worker went to confer with CSPD officers, who must have advised her to let us be.

No really. I remember hearing about GOP handlers in 2004, pretending to speak with the authority of the Secret Service, telling activists who could or couldn’t participate. I didn’t think I’d have a chance to laugh off that kind of self-important condescension from slickly dresses Democrats too.

Soon enough however, a city utility truck was stopped adjacent to where we were standing, his engine idling as if to test our determination with his exhaust. Most unfortunately, he blocked the visibility of our banner.

We stood our ground though because we could see that TV cameras were mobilizing around us for upcoming developments. It turned out we were ideally situated, perhaps less ideally for the organizers, to greet Mrs. Obama as she visited the outdoor crowd.

Springs Democrat overflow
Michelle Obama spent a good deal of time shaking hands and listening to personal encouragements. Let’s just admit that she was as gracious and eloquent as her husband.

Tony gives interview
Tony gave a lengthy interview to Hungarian reporters touring with the Obama campaign. They assumed he was a McCain-leaning counter demonstrator, and so were pleasantly surprised to hear we were actually Green Party Cynthia McKinney advocates. Andy stopped by before rejoining the queue to enter the auditorium. A number of the Springs quasi-extant peace community were in line for the Obama rally, sadly minus any peace paraphernalia to give them –or it– away. Gobama! (Hope for Peace?!)

Catholic vote
Next we decided to have a little fun with the anti-abortion contingent who’d occupied the center of the street. We were in general agreement that there are issues more important than the price of gasoline.

Blocking our message
But they weren’t interested in our expanded message of saving the already-born too, and moved to block our signs.

Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll?

Michelle versus Cindy! Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll? That’s a tough one, if simply because neither one is standing next to a Ken.

May be that they are standing next to an aging Ken on Cialis, or next to A Ken Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part Deux? So picking the prettiest Barbie Doll this election doll this year is going to be just a little bit different than in the past.

At least we won’t have Hillary as the Barbie Doll, standing next to her Ken! We just barely missed that fate, thank The Gods! But we must choose a Barbie Doll of some sort, so we won’t get off completely now.

So what do the feminists have to say about this selection-election (erection)? Just kidding on that last -tion, but it rhymed and I had to put it in. So let’s go to alternet to see… The Candidates’ Wives Face Media Sexism
(Quite frankly, I’m surprised to see the feminists put it that way…lol) Media Sexism indeed!

I think that the media is actually doing all of us a service by letting us scrutinize the Barbie Dolls this way. One of the most fun things of all was agogging Laura’s activities during the last 8 years. I loved her book selection and would choose it any day over Oprah’s! She has been kind of a soft and sexy Bush family Barbie.

It’s not like the media is promoting pornography by having us all check out Michelle and Cindy closely. It’s not molesting a child or anything. Michelle and Cindy are not sad (female) victims of an old fashioned Mormon cult, or the like. They have functioning minds of their own. They’re talking dolls!

So I haven’t made up my mind yet. I may wait until the day of the election before finally deciding which one of the two will make the prettiest Barbie Doll for me. They’re both cute! Though I’m leaning and a tilting a little towards Candy Cane!