Who wrote Melania Trump’s speech?

Number one, Melania Trump did not plagiarize Michelle Obama, her speechwriter did. And that hack copied from the First Lady’s. So one speechwriter plagiarized from another. More probably they cribbed from the same citizenship pledge essay. I’m surprised pundits pretend to differentiate platitudes from longitudes. Has anybody checked to see if Michelle and Melania don’t have the same speechwriter? Or it’s a Dr. Carvell, Mr. Matalin dueling personality, we’ve seen that before. It wouldn’t take a bipolar disorder to support today’s conjoined parties. TWO, in 2016 the Bushes are rooting for the Clintons, even Karl Rove is pitching for the rival team. If bogeyman Trump wins anything, it will be the best bad actor Oscar, up against every black hat that’s ever troubled WWWF fans. That no one of stature will take the podium for Trump in Cleveland suggests his polling figures are as much of a hoax as he. Why is no one complaining that election 2016 showrunners are plagiarizing from previous lesser of evils season cliffhangers?

Michelle Obama visits Pueblo for Latino Dream Act vote, not to hear or see you

PUEBLO, COLORADO– Chris Curry had this to say about First Lady Michelle Obama’s appearance in Pueblo yesterday: “No signs were allowed anywhere in or around the building and the cops had cattle cage barriers around the entire perimeter. It felt like we were being herded into a gas chamber with Michelle Obama as the bait.”

Obama is no over-hyped Messiah

Critics on both sides of Barack Obama’s premature Nobel Prize peddle the same cynical caricature of our new president, as messiah figure likely overburdened by our expectations. It’s a self-defeating setup that didn’t fool the Nobel panel. Obama is not Jesus, he’s Caesar.

I don’t mean to belittle the Son of God, but Obama’s throne has a far greater vantage point to deliver this world from the yoke of the evil empire. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize is a sort of Pay It Forward award to the man who holds the fate of so many in his hands.

You don’t have to believe Obama is the Second Coming, nor even that he’s a good man. So far he’s played Dubya’s apprentice to a tee. But what can you do? Obama’s vainglourious Basterds have everyone by the throat. The Afghans, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis, live but by the grace of his drones, or the whim of his rendition interrogator-torturers. American activists abut his militarized police, American sick expire while on hold with his third party death panels.

The Nobel Prize could be another medal to pretend this American Emperor heralds a break from injustice as the US redoubles wreaking havoc. Or, it could be mankind’s last best only hope to appeal, if not to Obama’s sense of humanity, to his vanity. Is the 2009 Nobel Laureate going to escalate killings and predations on the poor? The choice is Obama’s.

The growing criticism of Barack Obama’s record of inaction furthers the misconception that Obama is a mere figurehead, an affirmative action spokesman to give the US a kinder, gentler image. In fact, Obama sits in the little dictator’s seat. It’s lost no power since the days of Bush.

You might argue that Bush was mere Howdy Doody to powerful oligarchs behind the scenes. Obama may be pulled by the same strings. But unless the puppet masters choose to reveal themselves, a puppet can pretend they don’t exist. And a real flesh and blood man puppet can utterly efface them. I believe the Nobel committee is hoping to appeal to just that man.

Obama doesn’t need Congress, majority or no, nor the American People, nor the corporate media, to decide what he wants to do. He’s not stuck to overturning the tables of the money-changers, or leading by example by dying for us on a cross. Obama doesn’t have to render unto Caesar, he is Caesar. The most powerful there ever was, although I can’t think now if there ever was a good one. The Norse were in no position then to bait one with a peace prize. Here’s hoping.

Barack and Michelle Obama sent out this response to the surprise honor, trying a little false flattery of their own. Here’s the last paragraph:

This award — and the call to action that comes with it — does not belong simply to me or my administration; it belongs to all people around the world who have fought for justice and for peace. And most of all, it belongs to you, the men and women of America, who have dared to hope and have worked so hard to make our world a little better.

Most of all, the men and women of America? Oh My Gosh Honey, Obama is talking about you and me.

Royal Honours– a Touching Story…

Royal Honours is, in poker, the highest hand you can have.

But now, the British are having a temper tantrum because when Bess II touched Michelle Obama Mrs Obama touched her back.

Liteally, put her hand on her back.

Not her backside.

Not her “bum” which would be any member of her family.

“How dare that PEASANT woman Touch The Monarch?”

This will piss off any Brits in the audience but Waaaaahh waaaahhhh waaahhh…

Quick, somebody call Whine-One-One, we need a Waaaambulance.

Get over it already. Bess isn’t anywhere near godlike or sacred, she’s a Dangerously Inbred Hereditary Dictator from one of the most evil and degenerate families in the WORLD.

She’s reputed to be the wealthiest woman in the world because her Grandma’s Army and Navy went out and robbed other nations on Her Royal Behalf.

The rumor persists that Jack the Ripper might have been her great-uncle.

Why? Because her family is so corrupt and murderous that Jack the Ripper would fit right in, seamlessly integrated.

I mean, Damn, her family is notorious for paying women and men and little kids to “touch’ them.

Probably kept the local Rent-a-Sheep operation in business too.

I almost split my pants laughing when one of our Right Wing commentators made a stupid remark about World War One being caused by …

…wait for it…

Her Cousin Willie.

That’s right, folks, same family.

Her family is responsible for more mass slaughter than the Nazis and the Soviets and the Khmer Rouge COMBINED.

Now it wasn’t ALL a British affair, but the leaders of every monarchy involved in that massive dog fight were cousins to each other.
The top echelons of their Officer’s Corps were Royal Family members as well. Bloodline counts for more than Intelligence, Education, Competence and Valor.

But we, the Other People of the Whole Damned World, should maybe be OUTRAGED! (©®1993-2009 DumFox Noose Nutwerks..) that a Commoner dared to touch her Royal Person…

Kiss my fat brown … knee…

(see, I didn’t say “kiss my arse”)

(you lucky people, you!)

Obama Pueblo Colorado rally illustrated

please no more war
PUEBLO, COLO- Here are pictures of Saturday’s Obama campaign rally in Pueblo, which his family wedged in between appearances the same day in Nevada and Missouri. Our peace contingent positioned early at the rally entrance on Main and C Street and greeted absolutely every of the over 25K attendees, from the Orange Pass-holders to the public whose line extended over the horizon.

We stood near a facilitator who barked this instruction to folks who’d arrived to the entrance from the wrong direction, with very likely an unconscious lack of warmth, “Obama welcomes you! [Go to the] back of the line!” Another volunteer warned attendees to please remove their campaign pins, empty their pockets of change, and leave their cell-phones and cameras on for the security inspection. These lines offered us a great opportunity to add our own admonitions. Don’t let them take your voice, for example. In addition to forbidding bags and non-disposable water bottles, participants were forbidden to bring signs.

black gloves
Department of Homeland Security officers wore their strange black gloves.

anti-abortion protesters ousted
A group of anti-abortion protesters managed to sneak through the preliminary security cordons and were summarily ousted. It was tempting to weigh in on what of course should have been their right to political expression in a public area, regardless their extremist views, except that they make such creepy bedfellows. Angry white idiots demonstrating against women’s rights. Even the woman who held the Catholic Vote sign was not a Catholic.

bad-change guys
Wherever the anti-abortion “bad change” white guys next attempted to raise their signs, Obama volunteers blocked their visibility with pro-Obama placards. The Obama enthusiasts even borrowed our PLEASE OBAMA NO MORE WAR poster for the purpose. If you count the rally holders themselves as protesters of the current administration. The anti-abortion disruptors would be the counter-demonstrators, as would we. Which means the counter-counter-demonstrators used our counter-demonstration poster, and the who’s who gets cloudy.

cops talking
The Pueblo police force were in constant communication with each other.

Dems please stop funding the war

Tony and Layla

Tony the witch
Tony brought a Halloween costume to represent another disenfranchised minority.

Security checkpoint
The DHS officer pictured in the middle accosted me immediately after I took this photograph. He threatened me with arrest if I did not put down my camera. If I was neither coming nor going, he forbid me from documenting the security area in the interest of protecting the country from terrorism.

News photographers
We walked around the perimeter of the secured area in order to reach our car. This is the view we had of the press recording the rally.

pueblo stage
This is the main stage from which the Democratic candidates were speaking.

secret service
Attempting to cross Union Street, north of the Historic District, our crossing was blocked by a security detail amidst a scene so quiet it seemed to be anticipating an important arrival.

motorcade arrives
Sure enough, within minutes the Obama motorcade arrived. Michelle Obama waved to everyone as their vehicle passed.

motorcade dismount
The SUVs disgorged their passengers. Secret Service agents exited from every door.

Obama has a chance to hear from Pueblo

pueblo coloradoPUEBLO, COLO.- How exciting to live in a swing state! Obama returns to Colorado on Saturday Nov 1st, 3pm Pueblo. If Obama becomes president, when will we have a better chance to reach him with an antiwar message? Michelle Obama’s visit to COS on Tuesday looked progressively Blue, Blue, Blue, until you got inside the City Auditorium and saw the Red White and Blue pro-militarism imagery. We need to put the peace logo back at the front of this train. As usual, expect campaign lieutenants to throttle the pacifist tone.

Change We Need Rally
with Barack and Michelle Obama

The Union Avenue Historic District
Intersection of S. Union Ave. and D Street, Pueblo
Public Entrance: Corner of C Street and S. Main St.,

Saturday, November 1st, Gates Open: 1pm, Program Begins: 3pm

The event is free and open to the public. …For security reasons do not bring bags or umbrellas. Please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed.

historic district of Pueblo

Springs Dems rally downtown in force

COLORADO SPRINGS- A street party atmosphere prevailed downtown as local Dems formed a line over five blocks long to see the presumptive next First Lady. El Paso County may want to be conservative, but this afternoon the police had to treat the Democrats like VIPs.

LaylaWe stood to the West of the City Auditorium with our antiwar banners, keeping our distance from the anti-abortion and pro-Palin sad puppies.

Once again Colorado Obama supporters voiced their agreement with our slogan to stop funding the war. As per usual, Tony raised his voice about the less obvious antiwar theaters of Afghanistan, Somalia, Haiti, etc. With Layla in tow to reinforce the KIDS NOT BOMBS mantra. Still without upsetting most.

campaign workerEventually, one campaign official and then another approached us politely to inform us that we had to leave their sidewalk. Naturally we declined since we were not obstructing the public right of way. The second more animated worker went to confer with CSPD officers, who must have advised her to let us be.

No really. I remember hearing about GOP handlers in 2004, pretending to speak with the authority of the Secret Service, telling activists who could or couldn’t participate. I didn’t think I’d have a chance to laugh off that kind of self-important condescension from slickly dresses Democrats too.

Soon enough however, a city utility truck was stopped adjacent to where we were standing, his engine idling as if to test our determination with his exhaust. Most unfortunately, he blocked the visibility of our banner.

We stood our ground though because we could see that TV cameras were mobilizing around us for upcoming developments. It turned out we were ideally situated, perhaps less ideally for the organizers, to greet Mrs. Obama as she visited the outdoor crowd.

Springs Democrat overflow
Michelle Obama spent a good deal of time shaking hands and listening to personal encouragements. Let’s just admit that she was as gracious and eloquent as her husband.

Tony gives interview
Tony gave a lengthy interview to Hungarian reporters touring with the Obama campaign. They assumed he was a McCain-leaning counter demonstrator, and so were pleasantly surprised to hear we were actually Green Party Cynthia McKinney advocates. Andy stopped by before rejoining the queue to enter the auditorium. A number of the Springs quasi-extant peace community were in line for the Obama rally, sadly minus any peace paraphernalia to give them –or it– away. Gobama! (Hope for Peace?!)

Catholic vote
Next we decided to have a little fun with the anti-abortion contingent who’d occupied the center of the street. We were in general agreement that there are issues more important than the price of gasoline.

Blocking our message
But they weren’t interested in our expanded message of saving the already-born too, and moved to block our signs.

Does this presidential race look close?

NekoTuesday’s presidential debate left me feeling nothing but awkward. Barack Obama sat half leaning in his chair, while his opponent shuffled toward whoever held the microphone like Neko the mouse-chasing screen saver kitten, except McCain flapped his arms like a penguin, and had about that much to say.

Actually, did either candidate say much? McCain repeated his incoherent assurances, and Obama’s tack seemed deliberately to be not to outshine McCain. Spectators would probably delight in watching a best man win, but it seems Obama’s strategy is not to clobber the Bush poster boy, because Americans can’t help themselves from feeling for the underdog. Especially if he’s the Last White Hope.

John McCain could fly a Navy jet through the IQ gap between the two candidates. But McCain’s flight record shows he couldn’t even navigate that without clipping a power line and leaving all of us in the dark. McCain is that unsuited for the job, any job except influence peddling and whoring in Rio. That’s not an exaggeration. He is that vacuous, that soulless, that traitorous, that cowardly, and that lacking in judgment. It does trouble me immensely that cohorts like Biden can’t help but temper their public criticism of McCain with reminders of how much they like him. It reminds me of Bush as drinking buddy.

With his record of failure in his every endeavor, school, flying, captivity, corruption, infidelity, war-mongering, belonging to the GOP, being tainted by Bush, where does John McCain find traction with the American populace?

How the hell is this contest anticipated to be close, except the issue of Americans resisting the idea of a black president?

Here’s an explanation getting passed around the web:


What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said ‘I do’ to?

What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife after she no longer measured up to his standards?

What if Michelle Obama were a wife who not only became addicted to pain killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?

What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard and Princeton?

What if Obama were a member of the Keating-5?

What if McCain were a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are?

Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll?

Michelle versus Cindy! Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll? That’s a tough one, if simply because neither one is standing next to a Ken.

May be that they are standing next to an aging Ken on Cialis, or next to A Ken Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part Deux? So picking the prettiest Barbie Doll this election doll this year is going to be just a little bit different than in the past.

At least we won’t have Hillary as the Barbie Doll, standing next to her Ken! We just barely missed that fate, thank The Gods! But we must choose a Barbie Doll of some sort, so we won’t get off completely now.

So what do the feminists have to say about this selection-election (erection)? Just kidding on that last -tion, but it rhymed and I had to put it in. So let’s go to alternet to see… The Candidates’ Wives Face Media Sexism
(Quite frankly, I’m surprised to see the feminists put it that way…lol) Media Sexism indeed!

I think that the media is actually doing all of us a service by letting us scrutinize the Barbie Dolls this way. One of the most fun things of all was agogging Laura’s activities during the last 8 years. I loved her book selection and would choose it any day over Oprah’s! She has been kind of a soft and sexy Bush family Barbie.

It’s not like the media is promoting pornography by having us all check out Michelle and Cindy closely. It’s not molesting a child or anything. Michelle and Cindy are not sad (female) victims of an old fashioned Mormon cult, or the like. They have functioning minds of their own. They’re talking dolls!

So I haven’t made up my mind yet. I may wait until the day of the election before finally deciding which one of the two will make the prettiest Barbie Doll for me. They’re both cute! Though I’m leaning and a tilting a little towards Candy Cane!

Republicans: they set the tone in politics and then bitch about the tone in politics.

One of the things I was struck by, as I read the comments at the bottom of news stories about Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View, was how many Conservatives bitched and moaned about how the show wouldn’t give equal time to Cindy McCain. Maybe if they gave more thought to whether what they were saying was true, instead of just — in typical Conservative fashion — flinging their poo at whomever they could like a zoo monkey, they might have found that out that Cindy McCain co-hosted the show in April. And of course, these are the same morons who screech that restoring the FCC Fairness Doctrine would destroy freedom of speech.

Cindy McCain: the ultimate hypocrite. To declare that candidates’ wives should be “off limits,” and then — on the very same day — attack Michelle Obama as “unpatriotic,” makes me wonder if her plastic surgeon has been injecting her botox just a little too deeply.

Hypocrite family values. John W. McCain is bashing Obama for turning down public campaign funding (along with its limits) — never mind that McCain has already done exactly the same thing. Only the terminally stupid or certifiably insane could buy their crap.

Why is it the only way John McCain ever gets asked a real question is when a heckler shows up?

Will the Israeli Mossad assassinate Obama?

Hundreds of military helicopters terrorize Denver. My guess is Cheney is planning a false-flag terrorist attack for the Democratic National Convention in August.

Treason Party. Useless House Democrats vote to legalize Bush’s unconstitutional spying on Americans, and give telecoms immunity for their complicity in his crimes. Anyone who doesn’t see that the Democrats have become just another mask for the NeoFascists is a fool. Our constitutional democracy is dead, and the Democrats are as much to blame for it as the Republicans. If Bush doesn’t suspend the Consitution and declare himself dictator for life soon, the Democrats will probably do it for him.

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s notes, June 21, thomasmc.com

If stupidity were an energy source, Republicans could save the world!

Desperate Clintonistas. Psychopathic liar (as proven by not one, but TWO lie detector tests) Larry Sinclair arrested at press conference where he again claimed he was Barack Obama’s crack whore.

John McCain, creepiest presidential candidate, ever!

So, Ms. McCain thinks it’s ok to go after a presidential candidate’s wife? Ok, who’s going to be the first to ask her about her past – and possibly current – drug addictions? If the McCain camp is smart, they will lock her up until after the election. Her proving she’s a cold-hearted bitch isn’t going to win him any votes, especially when she is contrasted with a class-act like Michelle Obama. Cindy McCain thinks that just being filthy rich somehow makes her classy. It doesn’t, and her mouth proves it. Her only talent is scaring small children. Between her facial plastic surgeries, and pulling her hair back as tight as possible, she looks like she’s falling backwards into a black hole.

Transcendental Politication.

Dennis Kucinich says if Judiciary Committee ignores his 35 articles of impeachment for 30 days, he will reintroduce with 60.

If stupidity were an energy source, Republicans could save the world!

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s June 19 notes, thomasmc.com.