We have had once again to resort to comment-moderation due to the organized political spamming coming from the Israeli military onto our blog. We apologize if there is a delay to your posts being put online because of that. The alternative was to allow the IDF to trash out the site.

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12 Responses to Sorry…

  1. Avatar Ellen Borjeson says:

    No biggie since nobody posts here anyway. LOL.

  2. Oh, we get our share of Angry Right Wingers.

    Some of them making what they hope are clever remarks about our intellect and sanity.

    From the sheer number of the Spam-gunner posts a casual reader would get the impression that there was a “Massive Outpouring of Conservative Opposition”

    Without noticing the Spam was coming from about 50 separate people with fewer than 5 IP addresses between them.

    Somebody’s apparently getting PAID to spam our site, working it like a regular job, the way some of us actually get paid for Doing Real Work and Building Things or Providing Actual Services to other people.

    So we have to remind people from time to time as to the true nature of these attacks, and, the people who perpetrate them.

  3. Eric Eric says:

    It’s a standard we’ve set. Regular readers know to post comments only that they are prepared to substantiate.

    And NMT is not about a debate, but a collective effort to shed light on misrepresented current events. Propagandist have really no place here.

  4. Avatar Ellen Borjeson says:

    This site has its work cut out for it in demonstrating even a modicum level of credibility. Reckless and irresponsible “information” is posted with no substantiation, such as the bogus quotes attributed to Ariel Sharon and Ben Gurion. Recently, the assertion was made that the IDF always engages in human shielding, but, when the author of the assertion was asked for proof, he was dumbfounded. Countless other examples of shoot from the lip remarks made her, with no backup, have rendered this site a laughing stock for two-bit anti-Semites and the sad downtrodden.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Typical Israeli military contemptuousness spammed onto other people’s websites. Nobody is worthy of respect other than the Jewish State. Gag us now, would you?

  6. Avatar Ellen Borjeson says:

    [Comment has been removed.]

  7. Avatar Martin Gustafson says:

    [Comment has been removed]

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Jewish State Spam Gunner comments will now be clearly labeled as such…

  9. Avatar Spam Gunner says:

    Comments removed

  10. Avatar Spam Gunner says:

    I thnk the only thing you’re sorry about is not being able to debate in a meaningful way, resorting to name-calling and profanity.

  11. Avatar Spam Gunner says:

    Another perfectly legitimate post of mine deleted? How does that look to readers?

  12. Avatar Spam Gunner says:

    Tony, face it, you and Jonah are completely befuddled by my informed posts. You are totally ill-equipped to respond, so, you delete my posts. Now, how does this look to readers?

    (It is informative to them, Spam Gunner, to see you at work. We can see just who you are…. You are part of an Israeli effort to down web sites that tell the truth about the Jewish State)

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