State sponsored Terrorism wins again…

Gestapo Chief Robert Mueller said “Terrorists who can’t be convicted could be set free under the plan” which the House and Senate have now nixed to close the Torture Center.

Aside from laying aside the basics of Human Rights and the Rule of law he said that the non-convicted (and therefore Not Guilty) Terrorists live in a comfortable environment that’s better than some U.S. prisons.

Nice of him to admit that the AmeriKlan prison system tortures American citizens as well.

The pricks who insist that this is all somehow protecting Freedom are the Same Ones who say that we can’t call George Bush and his lackeys (like the Congress) the War Criminals they truly are, because they haven’t been convicted.

Like the coward murdering Scum of Blackwater.

Or the Police and other Pigs when they, for instance, shoot a little old lady through her door (Etta Collins, Dallas Texas) or shoot a man who’s climbing a fence to get away and claim that he’s trying to throw a rock at them (Border Patrol, Arizona, 1985) or the IDF and Similar Terrorist organizations.

Innocent until proven guilty, They SAY.

Unless it’s somebody who isn’t a Right Wing Gestapo Torture Freak who’s accused.

The ones who practice that double-standard are purely and simply COWARDS.

I know we’ll hear from some who say I don’t have the Right to say that because they “fought for my right to say that”.

A Terrorist Ploy used often here in Colorado Springs.

The rest of our formerly Great Nation too.

They’ve caved in and aquiesced to the Terrorists.

2 thoughts on “State sponsored Terrorism wins again…

  1. aside from the unproductive name calling, i agree with the premise that if they don’t have enough to convict these guys, they should let them go. They should fly to exactly where they captured them, and set them out with a full belly, and a canteen of water.

  2. Yeah, there’s a video of some Chinese Muslims who were cleared, and released… under The Cheney Doctrine they were going to be held at Gitmo forever because China wouldn’t take them back.

    So, Bermuda is now hosting them.

    And the island of Palau.

    here’s the Huffington Post link.

    MSNBC is supposedly a lefty site… at least according to Fox.
    Calling them names sometimes works, draws them out to try to defend their positions, or more likely, those of their leaders.
    Sometimes the most insulting things said about them are said BY them.

    Remember, people who are reading this are actually smart enough to get on the internet in the first place, so they CAN learn.

    If they do or don’t it’s entirely up to them.

    And it is to a degree interactive. Not like watching TV or listening to the radio, which is entirely passive.

    Or in the case of a “call to action” reactive.

    For this they’re required to Think. An amazing medium, and I wish I had invented it.

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