Re-enacting and Celebrating Genocide… Just Like Skokie…

As immortalized in the classic Film “The Blues Brothers” where a group of dim-wits put on Historically Authentic Military Uniforms (of the SchutzStaffel) and marched through a largely Jewish suburb of Chicago.

So, on Territory Days, can those of us who are of Indian descent expect to see these guys celebrating the American Genocide?



Now, I KNOW somebody will point out that there are still American Indians alive today.

And say that therefore the Genocide and the attempted full-on Extermination of AMERICANS never happened.

Like the Smallpox Blankets,
or herding the Indians onto the U.S. version of the Warsaw Ghetto,
the mass slaughter of the American Bison (Buffalo, TaTonka…)
encouraged and enforced by the U.S. Army in a policy to starve out the plains tribes.

Colonels Custer and Chivington both making the statement that killing the women and children was necessary
because “nits make lice”
and killing off the men without slaughtering the women and children would be a waste of time,
you have to kill the Breeders.

And in a way, they’re almost right.

The bastards FAILED… we’re still here in spite of the Mass Murders.

By the same token, if they want to judge the U.S. Genocide as “false” on those grounds they would have to judge the Nazi Genocide as “false”

And they can dress up and pretend to be the perpetrators of the Racist Murders and laugh and joke and pretend that it was somehow righteous…

But there will be some, especially ME right here, right now….

Who will call you on it, and remind you that such displays are like these…


more nazis


more klan

Might I remind gently that the largest actions the Klan has staged in the past three decades have been attempts to terrorize Native Americans and Immigrants by putting on Period Costumes


And marching through the towns, villages and neighborhoods where we live.

Like Old Colorado City… where I personally live.
Have a Nice Skokie/Selma/Birmingham…

3 thoughts on “Re-enacting and Celebrating Genocide… Just Like Skokie…

  1. Frankly, I support the right of the Klan (and their ilk) to put on silly costumes, and act like retards, so long as they do not physically harm anyone. People do not have the right not to be offended, but they do have the right to voice their opinions. They have the right to be racist, to discriminate, to associate (or not) with whomever they choose. They have the right to peaceably (no physical violence or property damage) assemble.

    I believe that the atrocities committed upon the Native Americans can never be made up for, and i would support the transfer of half (at least) of the wild federal park lands to the surviving members of the several tribes which exist today. This land, and all current reservation land to become true (not custodial) sovereign nations ruled, as the residents see fit, with no subordinate status to, or subsidy monies from the uS government.

    i really would like feedback on this idea.



  2. Actually, the land is still in the name of the tribes.

    It’s leased but under the Laramie Treaties the lease payments are like 2 cents per acre per year.

    There’s a significant amount of whining by the Right Wing about even that much.

    And, here in Colorado, they’re deeply ingrained in the political establishment.

    I’m kind of glad they’re allowed to do it, march like they do…

    If we passed a Noble Law that the mentally deficient (or, Morally Deficient, more like it) had to wear an armband or some other marker to warn people that they’re dangerously stupid…

    It would be universally condemned and rightly so on Civil Liberties grounds.

    Give them Free Speech and they put their own armbands on.

  3. I don’t like it that the uS government still treats the indian nations as subordinate states. They can pass any laws they want, unless the fedgov doesn’t like the law.

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