The American Empire’s quickie whores of Beirut

Hillary and CondoleezzaThe Lebanese Right Wing is going into a panic as it is about to lose a major election coming up in that country. Israel is also worried and Barack Obama’s Zionists are getting worried, too. It was time to sex it up in Lebanon and who better than that old American whore, Hillary Clinton, to do the job? Cause Condi went off duty! See Hillary the Harlot Does Beirut in 165-Minute Swoop-In.

What’s she say? She said that Barack Obama don’t care about any damn election results and we’re there for you anyway!

4 thoughts on “The American Empire’s quickie whores of Beirut

  1. “Israel is also worried and Barack Obama’s Zionists are getting worried, too”

    Poll after poll reflect widespread support for Israel among Americans, and, in particular, among Christians. So, in effect, most Americans are Zionists, painful as this may be for you. You may or may not know that there are only a few million Jews in America, so, the majority of 300 million US citizens support Israel and want to see an Israel that is safe and secure, and negotiated with fairly. Especially, given that Israel’s negotiating “partners for peace” would be terrorists.

  2. Hillary, the American quickie whore sent to Lebanon is back once again, and this time with a quickie apology to the dead children her troops just dispatched in Pakistan.

    US ‘deeply’ regrets Afghan deaths See

    This Democrat really is something else isn’t she? So full of feminine intuition and virtue! Right, Michael? She’s a credit to the liberal voter!

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