The US and allies pulverized Gaza in order to control the ‘fixing’

Hillary ClintonDonors pledge $5bn to rebuild Gaza. …What’s $5 billion to the US government when it throws trillions out to the banks and financial institutions in their ‘crisis’? The US government simply destroyed the already semi starved Gaza in an attempt to shove Hamas to the side afterwards during the ‘fixing’ to be arranged! That’s simply their standard morality at the US-Israeli Zionists Central Command. All’s fair in love of Israel and war against the Palestinians is their motto!

Remember when Barack Obama didn’t say a word as CIC Dubya and Israel went about with their ethnic cleansing rampage of destruction against the people living in Gaza? The excuse then was that ‘I am not president yet’, and blah, blah, blah…. ‘One president at a time’… and blah, blah, blah. They just couldn’t act at the time they said, because?…. well just because.

Enter now Zionist Barack Obama, Zionist Joe Biden, and (my favorite Zionist cutie) Zionist Hillary Clinton. Cracks the ears just to hear them rattle on about how they’re going to make sure that only their slave, Abbas of the PLO, can be allowed to control the distribution of ‘aid’ to Gaza. Who does the US government think that they are kidding in the Muslim World? It simply sickens to see the Saudis, Israel, and Dictator Mubarak in Egypt all talking together about how they’re now going to help Gaza out. What a line up of total scum, and the Muslim World is all watching! So much for bringing democacy to the region, since it’s more like bringing Hell.

YES, this is what American liberals bought with their votes. They bought more support for Israel in ethnic cleansing the so-called Holy Land. They bought more support for waging an eternal war for the military industrial complex business called GWOT. They bought more WAR. They bought into destroying Gaza so that they could then ‘fix’ it. They bought into helping murder off the children of Gaza.

49 thoughts on “The US and allies pulverized Gaza in order to control the ‘fixing’

  1. Wasn’t that a similar wrecking operation done just previously in Lebanon to the one done against Gaza by the US government and Israel? It all amounts to the Jewish State policy of out terrorizing their opponents. If the Jewish State isn’t robbing, it’s purely vandalizing its opponents, the people the land was robbed from them by the Jewish State.

  2. You deflected my question. Can you shed some light on the pain and suffering of the Palestinians living in Lebanon?

  3. Why should I? This is a thread about Gaza aid and the US role in destroying Gaza. You, as usual want to channel discussion elsewhere.

  4. I am sure the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Lebanon is equally important to you, so, can you start a separate post on this issue?

  5. Maybe I will, Chuck? Perhaps the most well known ethnic cleansing in Lebanon of Palestinians was done by Israel’s allies under IDF assistance at. See Sabra and Shatila massacre

    Still, I want to write about how Saudi Arabia is Israel’s most important regional ally first though. They both hate Iran, you know?

  6. So, nearly 30 years after the Lebanese slaughtered the Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila, the Palestinians, today, continue to suffer in Lebanon.

  7. By the way, what are your thoughts on Hamas and Fatah forbidding any Palestinian from emigrating from Gaza and the West Bank and the fact that the rare Palestinians who do leave are denied citizenship in all Arab countries?

  8. Yes, the Palestinians continue to suffer everywhere because there are everywhere people who want a Balkanized Middle East. Before the US and the Israeli Jewish State Zionists ever entered that much onto the scene, the Turks, Brits, Italians, and French promoted a Balkanized region, did they not, Chuck? The suffering started then for Palestinians and continues not just because of the Jewish people who immigrated into Israel, but because of many others, too.

    And Palestinians are blocked everywhere, just like pre WW Jews were, too, from freely immigrating to other areas around the world. It is not either Fatah or Hamas that is responsible for that, and you are erroneous to imply so, Chuck.

    BTW, I, at least, appreciate your efforts to de-escalate the rhetoric some. Thanks.

  9. Say, Chuck, why is it that the same people who are orchestrating the attack against Iran are the ones who orchestrated the Lie Campaign against Saddam Hussein?

    You know, the Same Lying Punks who said “500 tonnes of WMDs in Iraq?”

    Why should we believe Known Liars like them or Known Liars such as yourself?

    How much money are you, personally, making from the death of each American, Iraqi, Palestinian, or even Fellow Israeli, Punk?

    You’re a sick putrid seller of Other People’s Lives, just like your Imperial Masters who you came to this Blog to defend.

    Your mother would be ashamed, if you hadn’t already killed and eaten her.

  10. ‘Your mother would be ashamed, if you hadn’t already killed and eaten her.’

    Please, Jonah…

  11. From March 2 to March 6, UC Berkeley students will host Israeli Apartheid Week. The week long event will include lectures, panel discussions and movies addressing the legal system of Apartheid in Occupied Palestine. The event is also orientated toward educating the public about the boycott, divestment, sanctions campaign, of Israeli-Apartheid products. In its fifth annual year, Israeli Apartheid Week will be held in over forty cities around the world. At UC Berkeley, the event is happening for the second year.

  12. Don’t forget to include some lectures and marches on apartheid in Saudi Arabia. They have “Muslim Only” roads there, which makes it a real hassle to drive for non-Muslms.

  13. Saudi Arabia is a backward place, Chuck, so are we supposed to focus our attentions on criticizing every backward place before we can earn the right to criticize the Jewish State that American tax dollars do so much to prop up? And one other thing, Chuck… Last I heard is that Saudi Arabia is not engaged in a massive ethnic cleansing operation? Have you heard differently?

    If they are doing what the Jewish State is doing to its indigenous population that the Jewish population is running off their land, then that would be a surprise, now wouldn’t it? Because Saudi Arabia is the indigenous population. Right, Chuck. But you have a problem with that, I guess? You only like colonial settler states.

    One thread that runs through all the Zionist apologisms is that others have done bad things before, too, so why not let the Jews be bad boys also? The US killed off much of the Native Americans, so boo-hoo-hoo… why pick on the Jews for doing the same with the Palestinians?

  14. One guy only cares about the great pain and suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, which, coincidentally, involves Israel, but, yawns about the suffering Palestinians in Lebanon. Another guy invents an apartheid issue with Israel where there is none, yet, completely ignores real apartheid with almost two dozen Arab nations near Israel, under the pretext that they are backward and, therefore, you just cannot expect more from them. I take it that China forcibly sterilizing women and Africa genitally mutilating women is way, way, way off your radars. I hear my bullshit meter going off. It’s ok because the people who really matter in this regard–those investing in Israel–don’t have fantasies of apartheid in Israel and, in fact, have been investing in Israel in record amounts. I take it, then, that the Israel Tourism Board shouldn’t count on you visiting any time soon? LOL.

  15. More of the Zionist same. It’s always why is everybody picking on us? Why can’t be be allowed to get away with our own crimes? Why focus on us? Can you imagine a petty thief arguing out this stuff in a courtroom? Why go after me for grabbing the woman’s purse, when there are bigger fish to fry?

    Well, I’ll answer WHY? for you, Chuck. It is because Israel is simply an appendage to the entire imperialist system with the head of it being he United States. Jewish Zionists wanted that after all, Chuck. They wanted to be on the team with the big boys, didn’t they? Well they got it! Congratulations! I feel for how much stress you big shot executives/ executioners are always under. boo-hoo-hoo….

  16. Your biggest crime is that of being an obtuse pedantic, Chuck. There’s a special place in Hell for that type. Our patience is running thin once again with the Jewish State Spam Gun.

  17. Hey, Chuck-enHawk, how much money are you getting paid to Troll this site and others where your IP address is mysteriously suddenly appearing?

    Let’s see if we got this straight, you’re doing it out of the goodness of your nastly little evil Heart of Obsidian…

    You say you’re well educated, must be employed SOMEWHERE, right(wing)?

    Either that or…

    One or more un-named parties is supplying you with free internet access for the express purpose of promoting the Killing Machine, on this and other Weblogs.

    And since one person can’t possibly type more than 200 words per minute, which is I believe Mavis Beacon’s record, and even I can’t consistently type 100 words per minute, that must mean that the posts showing up in comments sections on OTHER weblogs almost simultaneously and originating at YOUR IP address, well, they must be done by Magic of some sort.

    Seems like an organized effort, and since, as I pointed out before, the IDF “giyus” Megaphone proponents consider anything criticizing IDF is an ATTACK against Israel, and you deny by your continued silence on the issue,

    That would make what you and your comrades are doing a similar Violent Attack against Americans in retaliation for OUR use of OUR Freedom of Speech.

    That fits very snugly into the U.S. governments definition of Terrorism.

    Not surprising, though, you have been supporting the ACTUAL physical Violent Attacks by the IDF and their American Military Puppet-masters against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and now, Gaza.

    Since you support those Terrorist operations, I guess that must mean you yourself are a Terrorist.

    American and IDF Torture Center Prisons have quite a lot of people in their Clandestine Custody and, of course, Torture Chambers,

    On Far Less Evidence.

    Yet, an Arrogant Puke like yourself demands Absolute Proof that your IDF is committing Murders…

    I guess all the Dead Babies in Gaza don’t actually prove anything, especially since IDF claims to be in complete control of Gaza.

  18. Soooo, calling someone with whom you disagree a “puke” is, what, your method of disarming them?

  19. Israel not only murdered lots of people in Gaza with intent, it destroyed the entire infrastructure with intent…. with intent to use the worsening conditions to murder civilians, including babies.

    Chuck, we’re getting real sick of you Jewish State blog spammers once again. You have made your points clear by now and I’m closing your vicious hate off at this point for rest and recuperation from overexposure to your vile politics. Further posts to any of my commentaries will simply be removed when I get the chance. No doubt you will cry out, Poor ‘censored’ Israel. We simply don’t care about your uh…’contributions’ any more. Good bye.

  20. Remarks removed. We simply are not going to allow the Israeli military spam gunners to run the site ad lib. You can post comments to the point and up to a point but that’s it.

  21. Well, since “chuck” and “Ilan” have the same computer, I guess we can assume that they’re both too poor to afford their own internet connections so they have to share, or something like that.

    Ilan or Chuck or whatever your REAL name is was before you sold your soul…

    Calling you a PUKE refers to your literally Un-Godly habit of defending Baby Killing.

    Baby Killers don’t have any social standing in any Civilized Society so whatever Society you represent must not be actually, well, Civilized.

  22. Remark removed. You have to actually say something semi- meaningful, ‘Illan’, for it to stay up on this site for long. No spam gun material PLEASE.

  23. Look, Jonah. I understand why you call these people the names you do, but let’s stop doing this, OK?

  24. Not ad hominem, more like ad generis.

    See, I speak read and write more than just English.

    So, let’s address a different issue, yes?

    You’ve change names but not your Internet Protocol address.

    Now, some people might not notice that but then, some of us know that each one is specific, and specifically designates one and ONLY one computer or internet connection.

    There are software programs such as the Megaphone which your many incarnations insist doesn’t exist which route several or several hundred different computers through one Internet Protocol address.

    For instance if I had my landlady’s computer hooked up to the same cable modem as this one, I would use a program called dnsmasq

    People with two computers in the same house often do that.

    Also people who have a business account with an Internet Service Provider can have their entire Local Area Network connected to the same IP address.

    This would be the case if, say, some particular group who wanted to put out Propaganda on a mass basis and pretend that it was coming from “Concerned Citizens” acting independently.

    One would do that from a Warehouse in Newark New Jersey USA for instance, or maybe from a similar set-up in the Seychelles.

    Another and far more cost effective method would be to have a the computer equivalent of a WATS line, a switchboard type arrangement where the people would send their trash to a Server which then regurgitates it onto other people’s websites.

    That’s where it crosses several legal boundaries.

    Perhaps, since you are on the internet and with an Anonymous E-Mail address, one of those that Yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc etc etc give away for free without once checking out whether or not you are who you say you are…

    You must have at least once clicked on the link that says “I have read the Terms of Service sometimes called Accepted Use Policy and I agree to the terms”

    They’re all pretty much the same.

    It’s because it’s an internet standard.

    I had a website and you probably clicked on the link to try to spam that as well. Or your Automated Forwarding “service” did it automatically.

    The terms of service from my Web Hosting and the Accepted Use Policy from the ICANN domain name registry and the terms of service from every E-mail service all have the same identical rules concerning Spam, flooding, and Denial of Service attacks.

    Perhaps if any of you who do that kind of crap ever bought a domain and webhosting, you would understand.

    When I asked how much you’re getting paid to do it, I was and am very serious about it, even though I don’t expect any of you to actually admit to the Crime of “Theft of Services” and at least under American Law, you’re not actually required to do so…

    Or British or Israeli Laws either.

    Unless, of course, the Government wherever you’re located says you’re a Terror Suspect in which case the Mossad or MI5 or Homeland “Security” can either arrest you and hold you without bail, charges or even acknowledging that you’re actually held Prisoner, torture you until you confess to whatever charges they make up against you and/or Assassinate you.

    Mossad in particular is Infamous for using that last option.

  25. I haven’t changed my name. I think the confusion stems from different users being connected to a network.

  26. In total contradiction of the “network” even existing?

    So you’re either in the same building on the same LAN, which every single other Troll has denied…


    The Network is a Software Device designed to facilitate mass emails, Spam, flooding or Distributed Denial of services Attacks.

    Thank you for admitting it.

  27. Jonah, we have already established that there is a interconnection between Ilan and the other Spam Gun people coming into the blog. Let’s not argue this point further. Let’s not insult them or call them names. It serves no point to do so.

  28. You are in the same building, Ilan? And which building would that be? I certainly did not expect this revelation from you. I promise that to launch any home made rockets at you if you tell us where the building would be? LOL… I can not vouch for Jonah though.

  29. Oh, I know, Tony.

    There’s also the point of mentioning it… because remember the effect the Spam-gun has on the sidebar, it APPEARS like a bunch of angry yet unrelated people who, out of the Goodness of their hearts, took up the cause of Israel.

    And reminding them every time that they’re breaking laws and, what should be a more important consideration, breaking their sworn contracts.

    Our readers should be reminded too, from time to time, what these fellows think of something as simple as a sworn word.

    If their oaths mean nothing to them, then, really nothing else regarding honesty or honor in anything they swear as truth .has much chance of standing.

  30. “it APPEARS like a bunch of angry yet unrelated people who, out of the Goodness of their hearts, took up the cause of Israel”

    I certainly appears that the only one angry here is you and your cohorts, Mr. “Puke”.

  31. Ilan, we don’t really have to make much of a case for allowing you or others who we consider to be about or the level of KKKers or Nazis into spamming up our blog with your nonsense. Unfortunately, you are being goaded on and I apologize for that. That has to stop, Jonah.

  32. It seems that the pro-Israeli posters come to play with solid backup whereas you guys just sort of play it by ear, no preparation, just histrionics. You say things without checking. Like when you said the NY Times is a pro-Zionist newspaper until you were slammed with the information that the owners of the Times have been demonstrably anti-Zionist. You end up looking weak, weak, weak.

  33. Ilan, only you people think of the NYT as being radical liberals who hate Israel. That’s a sign of how out in La La Land you really are. It’s the flagship corporate paper of the US. You know the US, don’t you, Ilan? It’s that country that allows and directs your precious Jewish State to commit mayhem all the time.

  34. Did you write down the name of the book about the NY Times before deleting my post? I’m just trying to help you not make a fool of yourself in the future by not saying things about the Times that are incorrect.

  35. Ilan, we already discussed this with you before. Thomas Friedman, one of your Israeli Propaganda Spam Gun’s hero theoreticians resides over at the NYT. The New York Times is not a supporter of Hamas, Dude. What do they teach you in the IDF propaganda school anyway?

    By what weird stretch of mislogic has carried you to believing that you are being persecuted by the New York Times, a long time supporter of the Jewish State? The whole world seems to be somehow against you in your constant fearful nightmares of being somehow cut off from the US government teat. Get a grip on it over at your ‘library’.

  36. It’s very difficult to have a discussion with someone who is a self-admitted drunk and junkie. Your brain is too fried to reason with.

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