The American Empire’s quickie whores of Beirut

Hillary and CondoleezzaThe Lebanese Right Wing is going into a panic as it is about to lose a major election coming up in that country. Israel is also worried and Barack Obama’s Zionists are getting worried, too. It was time to sex it up in Lebanon and who better than that old American whore, Hillary Clinton, to do the job? Cause Condi went off duty! See Hillary the Harlot Does Beirut in 165-Minute Swoop-In.

What’s she say? She said that Barack Obama don’t care about any damn election results and we’re there for you anyway!

Election day fire alarm at Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall fire alarmCOLORADO SPRINGS- The Gazette has video footage of city firefighters arriving at the El Paso County election offices at Centennial Hall on the evening of election day, Nov. 4th, just as Clerk and Recorder Bob Balink exits the building. RNC delegate Balink’s possibly illegal ban of news crews from all county polling places, did not prevent cameras outside from documenting the 8:20pm fire alarm which delayed the tabulation of election results. Here’s the official CSFD DUTY REPORT for UNIT E1C.

Incident No. 838997
Alarm Time: 20:20
Dispatched: 20:21
Arrived: 20:24
In-Service: 20:54

ATAL-Detector Operated Due to Particle Contamination

E1 to scene for automatic fire alarm sounding, unknown further.

E1 arrival to a single story government building, fire resistive construction, no visible signs of emergency, evacuation completed. Investigation of fire alarm panel, activation of detector in zone 5. Further investigation shows activation of detector, apparently due to dust, in basement level electrical closet. Facilities maintenance on scene completed successful reset of system after cleaning out detector. No further action required, E1 return to service.

Pollsters detect Stevens Effect in Alaska

diebold-state-seal-of-alaskaObama’s victory has called into doubt the improbable Bradley Effect, but MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow pointed to the re-election so far of Senator Ted Stevens in Alaska, a result which rings off-key with his pre-election eight point deficit in the polls, as suggesting a reverse-type Bradley Effect: voters misrepresenting their inclination to vote for a felon.

So why not name this specter after the honorable senator crook? The Stevens Effect: telling pollsters you will not vote for a candidate who’s a convicted felon, but in the voting booth making sure to kiss his ring.

But before we condemn the Alaska voters, let’s give them a chance to demand an investigation into their election results. Apparently the major contested offices won by Republicans on Tuesday polled very differently than the result. Plus, the Alaskan voter turnout came in much lower than expected. Until these anomalies are clarified, perhaps it’s too early to blame a Stevens Effect on the electorate. Maybe the Stevens Effect will eventually refer to a computer programming term for fixing the election result to please a mob boss.

At 84 years old, probably we’ll be denied the satisfaction that Senator Stevens will live to see his namesake effect calculated into pollster projections of upcoming elections.

El Paso County resists blue trend how?

Two articles caught my eye in this morning’s Gazette, and I’d like to thank the editors for putting them side by side. The first lauded El Paso County’s strong Republican push-back to the Obama landslide, the other illuminated Clerk and Recorder Bob Balink’s dubiously legal measures at the EPC polling stations. Do the Gazette editors think, as I, that one of these stories could have a bearing on the other?

The first article was written with the partisanship we’re used to from the Gazette. In face of this election’s “blue tsunami,” El Paso County remained high and dry. Can we read this any other way than meaning “safe” and Republican (red), in the face of the Obama danger? The article detailed how El Paso County voted against the prevailing tide. Even the Democratic candidates who won elsewhere were “stomped” here. Stomped –like cockroaches?

The adjacent article was about the Clerk and Recorder. It reported that on election day, the media had been banned from the local polling places. This measure was in defiance of common practice and, the question was raised, even election law. Apparently, lawsuits may follow.

Mention was also made of Balink’s attempt to intimidate Colorado College students.

Did the media ban mask inappropriate election worker activity? Had the CC letter deterred student voters?

The article did not mention a yet-to-be investigated story, the mysterious fire alarm at Centennial Hall, a half hour after voting closed. Everyone had to leave the building. By the way, the fire alarm tactic is a recurring theme if you’ve watched video reports of past election irregularities, in this new age of the self-deputized citizen poll watcher.

Centennial Hall was not only the main poll station downtown, and the chief early voting location, it was the central office into which all the El Paso County precincts reported their election results. Might there be a story here?

The article also didn’t address why in El Paso County, paper ballots were not permitted for early voters. Only Diebold touch-screen machines were available for the early birds, who one might guess would have been the most activated of the new wave.

Dixie got ditched for now

dixie-bitch-bikini-blondDixie is a mean bitch and she got ditched for now. That’s all it is. All you got to do is check out the electoral map for the election results some. See what happened to Dixie?
Congratulations to New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida for not backing Dixie up, too. Virginia don’t count because these days she’s DC, not Dixie.

It was the Hispanics that did Dixie in eventually, too. Even the Cubans just got fed up with her bitchy ways and together with the other Latino groups helped put holes into Dixie Land! Look away…look away… look away. Even Cubans in the US don’t like losing their houses and homes, and South Florida is suffering terribly from that credit crunch hurricane that we all read about and fear coming our way.

Poor Old Dixie! She needs reconstruction and beware!

80906 Parade of Homes of Assholes

McCain doesnt know Shiite from shinolaCOLORADO SPRINGS- Is it my imagination, or are the McCain/Palin yard signs receding? This year has meant such a depressing drive through our neighborhood, to see all the “Families for McCain,” even “Women for McCain” signs. Today we thought we’d record just how many there were, and lo, they appear to be on the wane. Sure, signs for local Republican contenders remain, thus the selfish/conservative residences are still marked, but their homeowners may now be shying away from being full-on bullish for their dwarf geezer and his bespectacled Gold Rush tart.

Still, let’s list the addresses of those Colorado Springs 80906 neighbors who steadfastly endorse the McCain/Palin ticket. Smile, you’re on Candid “dumbshits-only” Camera. This time your arrogant determination to show your ignorant boot-heel clicking is for keeps.

These signs are like BBB badges, but say the obverse. I’ll bet these households are the same as in 2004, when they were the Bastards who Backed Bush.

We thought about offering OPT-OUT coupons, for those who didn’t want their addresses on a Dumbshit List. But it would have been disingenuous of us. The election results are going to be permanent. Which side you cheered tells plenty about you, and it will be good to remember.

Untrusty democrat to win by a landslide!

I KNOW THIS FEELING. We’ve all had this premonition before. Democrat Expected to Win by a Landslide. The candidates don’t even compare: one, tall, erudite and commanding, the other an idiot pre-adolescent runt. You couldn’t even conceive the loser getting voted bat boy unless his dad owned the franchise. Smart dude to win by a landslide! In 2004.

Or was that 2000, which turned out to have been the identically-themed prequel to 2004?

But 2000 and 2004 was before we’d learned about electronic vote rigging, about disenfranchised voters, and about imposing barriers to drive away lower class participation. Work all those into the mix, combined with media scare tactics whch included psych-out tactics to misrepresent the authentic public leanings, and you ended up with no landslide at all. In fact, alas and alack actually, the results gave a small lead to… the retard. In the end, a frightened America went for the safe-bet, best pick for a drinking companion, “right man for the job,” in-the-flesh zit.

P.T. Barnum’s adage could never account for this measure of public foolishness. Even when coached by a remote debate-aid prompter hidden under his suit, the incumbent came off as a moron, and won the election.

Barack Obama is now being spun by the GOP as untrustworthy, as had been John Kerry. Back then, the corporate media slander of Kerry looked to amount to a hill of nonsense, until, THE DAY AFTER.

Sure enough, as the 2004 election results emerged to be in contradiction to the exit polls, as voter groups were prepared to challenge Black Box voting, and as plump election officials did their grubby finger-work behind closed doors, John Kerry mounted the stage and… capitulated! Thus confirming what Democrats didn’t want to believe: Kerry turned out to be… untrustworthy! The imposing, if stiff, politician betraying his supporters should have led to the firing of all the party heads, in my opinion, but progressives are such forgiving dupes. In any event, did the media slander turn out to be prophetic?

Now. What are they saying about the not-to-be-trusted Barack Obama? He’s going to win by a landslide?

John Howard- Oz’s political dinosaur dies due to Global Warming

John Howard, Australia’s political dinosaur, is finally dead due to the effects of Global Warming. He lost the election for Australian Prime Minister, and the reason why is that…

like our own local idiots at The Gazette editorial pages he was a political dinosaur who pooh-poohed Global Warming as being of any real concern to him. But it killed him in the end.

In the land most effected by the Ozone Hole and Coral Reef Destruction, drought, and extinction of wildlife, John Howard insisted on mouthing off the same old prescriptions for yet more disaster. Plus, he was a political whore in bed with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfield.

In the end though, Global Warming finally caught up with the dumb bastard. See John Howard Asleep on Climate Change, where Australian Labor nails him on the issue.

Here is Howard’s mistaken belief… Climate not main challenge: PM. As we can see from the election results, this dinosaur was absolutely mistaken.

Like with the Gazette editorial staff, some political Dodo Birds will either have to evolve or just go extinct. In Oz, Howard is now dead. In Colorado Springs, the paper is just less read.

Did Kerry tip his hand?

Did John Kerry tip his hand by conceding early? Perhaps we are better off knowing he was going to betray us. But what now of efforts to recount the election results?

Here we are forced to spearhead the efforts ourselves, contribute our own dollars when the Democratic party had millions in reserve for this eventuality. So we overturn the election results, with Ralph Nader’s help no less, and what happens if we succeed? Our stand-in Kerry stands in?

Perhaps this is better than if Kerry had won outright, because we never would have know he was a turncoat. Now he has to prove he was a different candidate.

But I’m troubled quite a bit by the millions still held by the Democrats. Is that something of why Kerry turned so early?

And maybe the reluctance many are showing to denouncing Kerry has to do with keeping hope alive for the success of a recount. Specifically a reassessment of the voting irregularities: the paperless electronic voting machines, the bottlenecks created in Democratic precincts, the voter intimidation, the discarding of provisional ballots.