Daily KOS and the radical status que?

KOS taking on the systemDoes the DAILY KOS strike you as a little too big for their britches? But that’s not a new observation. Maybe it’s voiced out of envy, maybe the criticism is just frustration with Markos Moulitsas’ eagerness to play gatekeeper. I’ll only assert it’s the iPeter Principle. So, aren’t you just too curious about what’s inside KOS: Taking On the System. The subtitle?! Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era.

The KOSogshere needn’t have invented the internet, but we can give them credit for helping elect Barack Obama. Fair enough. But now not a cable news hour goes by without Obama’s agenda looking less and less like change, and certainly nothing remotely approaching radical.

By my calculation, every hour since the inauguration KOS has lost footing to be able to instruct aspiring reformers about how to do anything. I love it. I want to write about how to finish a book, and leave off mention on the cover that the last quarter of the book is blank.

KOS has been throttling every grassroots effort of the left, and now they’re claiming the compliant corporate feel-good left-enough as the radical path. Not that I would assert any standard for radical-enough. But it’s not centrism, it’s not appointing Republicans into your cabinet, it’s not doing the bankers’ bidding, it’s not lengthening wars you were sent to truncate, and it’s not incarcerating innocent detainees a moment longer.

KOS, like Obama, has taken the American public’s moral outrage, and given it the finger. And KOS wants to sell us a book about where to stick that finger and call it change.

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