The supposedly civilized world’s ‘Sewer rat children’

deported-children.jpg Roman police find sewer children but the USA leads the way in having ‘sewer rat children’ in its fields, jails, and other nooks and crannies. Thousands of Deported Children Abandoned at Mexican Border, and that’s just the Mexican-US Border, but the US also has Mexico doing its dirty work for them at the Mexican-Guatemalan Border, too.

The following is a youtube video of al jazeera’s coverage of the problem …Mexico’s deported children

1 thought on “The supposedly civilized world’s ‘Sewer rat children’

  1. In Anthropological terms, a society graduates to being a “Civilization” at the point where the Elite members of the Society have organized a power structure strong enough that they can oppress, enslave and murder other members of their own Society, now Civilization…

    …and not be punished for doing so.

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