Oaxaca begins to rebound

The people of Oaxaca have begun to rebound from the wave of repression that Vicente Fox unleashed on them in his final days of office. Many were rounded up and sent off to far away prisons in other Mexican states to be tortured, beaten, and sexually assaulted, and the population as a whole cowered in fear of the same being dished out to them.

Meanwhile, Felipe Calderon began a media campaign to improve his already horrible presidential image. He mobilized the military to scurry around and pretend that it was waging in a gigantic campaign against Narco-lawlessness. Few have been impressed, though. He announced that he was beginning a jobs program. Few have been impressed though. He announced that he would try to stop the rise in price of Mexico’s staple, the corn tortilla. Few have been impressed though.

Meanwhile, the family of Brad Will have begun a campaign against Mexican government impunity and demanded that justice be done for Brad Will, who was the Indymedia American reporter shot down in cold blood during a protest in Oaxaca late last October. Justice for Brad Will!

Meanwhile, the family of the political prisoners held and abused by the Mexican police and army, began to protest on behalf of their family members. This was being met by repression itself, outside the jails.

Finally, after the weeks of repression, last weekend the people of Oaxaca once again demonstrated their opposition to the political repression that the government of Fecal (Felipe Calderon) was directing against their state. Ten thousand fearful marchers turned out into the streets once again. The crowd was overwhelming from the poorer strata of society, and one cannot see even a single kid in the crowd. It would have been too risky to bring them to the protest, with such a high level of repression coming from state authorities. .

Check out the film of this march. To finally win a struggle, one must not give up, and must protest, protest, protest. Certainly a lesson that we in the United States need to learn well. Victory never comes easily. Here is the Oaxaca march on video.

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