The truth comes out about how actually the US government tortured its POWs

Sept. 11 planner waterboarded 183 times: report, but this is a little bit different than the US government officials’ lies about how they used torture on Pentagon held POWs, is it not?

We ask, because the apologists for US government torture use have always tried to paint a picture of themselves using only supposedly limited and necessary tortures, needed and used only to protect the larger US common society from baddies. In such, they have mimicked the Israeli government’s murderous actions against Palestinians, too, where all the Israeli government abuse is qualified as being merely a restrained and rational program of protection for endangered Jewish people. But the truth actually in both cases is that both the Israeli and US governments are engaging in their own form of terrorism against people they have tried to deligitimize as supposedly not being subject to international laws of humanity and human decency.

4 thoughts on “The truth comes out about how actually the US government tortured its POWs

  1. The truth is both the US and Israel are on the frontline of World War III, the war against terrorism and draconian measures for protection are warranted. Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. Terrorists do not honor civil rights nor are they to be accorded civil rights.

  2. You are right. Both Israel and the US started WW3 long time ago. It just hasn’t been labelled as such until you, playing the part of Churchill, came along. You are such an original genius that I love you to death, ScissorBill! Got any more? (like I gotta ask …lol…)

  3. “Dan’, you falsely informed us on this blog earlier that you were a law student (one of your many lies), but you did not tell us that you are already practicing pretend ‘law’ on behalf of the Dick Cheney Klan. Obviously we know that going to law school would never provide you with enough spare time to spam Not My Tribe non-stop as you do.

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