The US Drug War’s Stew Maker

The US Drug War has helped create the Colombian death squads, whose calling card is often the chain saw. Now Meet the US Drug War’s creation in Mexico, a man nicknamed ‘Stew Maker’. Mexico man ‘dissolved 300 bodies’ All America’s wars create monsters, including the US soldiers and their allies themselves.

3 thoughts on “The US Drug War’s Stew Maker

  1. I think, drugs and drug pushers are great problem of nowadays, they are danger to life of all us and our children, I think, for all parents the most awful thing is to know, that their children using drugs. So many people die because of using drugs, it is very serious illness and its cure needs a lot of time and efforts and 20% of patients achieve good results. So something must be done to stop drugs.

  2. Drugs have been around as long as mankind.

    Killing people isn’t going to stop that.

    In the 1960s several states especially the TextBook Example (Literally, it was in my 7th grade Health text book) had penalties for selling Marijuana that started at 20 years and for the third offense the Death Penalty.

    All of the states had Marijuana laws that imposed MANDATORY prison time for merely possession.

    Remember, that was the Sixties and into the Seventies.

    When the use of Marijuana in the United States INCREASED from about 3 percent of the population using to almost 30 percent.

    Yeah, Real Success Story for the draconian penalties there.

    Sometime read up on the Chagra brothers.

    Lee Chagra was a successful attorney, in El Paso Texas.

    The ALLEGED drug pushers and users actually got a fair deal in TEXAS courts because of his work.

    Then in 1978 somebody walked into his (at the time it was high tech) Very Secure Office Right Across The Parking Lot From The El Paso County Jail and blew him away.

    Then took the video tapes.

    The Cops, who hated Lee Chagra with “a purple passion” and had PLENTY of motives to Kill Him, said that it was party or parties unknown, and Probably Gangsters.

    Oh, it was a gang alright. One of the Police Death Squad gangs.

    Like the gang in the picture.

    Stop Drugs? The VAST majority of drugs are non-prescription and/or have absolutely no prohibition on their sale, possession or use.

    The two single most socially destructive Killer Drugs on the market are sold with not only the approval but the Cooperation of the government at all levels.

    Tobacco which kills just from lung cancer 160,000 people a year.

    You want to put a dollar figure on that it would be almost a hundred BILLION. Because treating lung cancer is Mucho Expensive-o.

    Or in Real Spanish muy caro.

    When George Bush was Governor of Texas he had the former State Attorney General prosecuted and imprisoned for suing the Tobacco companies and winning.

    George Bush and Rick GoodHair Perry then knocked a zero off the right hand side of the settlement and just recently knocked it down by half again.

    George Bush, you see, not only has investments in War industries but also the Tobacco industry.

    And the pharmaceutical “legal” drug Industry.

    Not surprising that somebody like that would have Goon Squads like the one pictured to “muscle in” on the competition.

  3. Not to mention Alcohol, which goes without saying, so I won’t.

    The guy laying face down has a towel over his head so you don’t see the gaping hole in it.

    He also is semi-nude, that means they dragged him from his bed to kill him.

    The Soldier-cop pointing the rifle at his corpse is Posing because he’s proud of Killing People.

    “Hey, Ma! I just blew this guy away! look at Me look at me look at me, I’m a Cold Blooded Asesinero”

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