Apartheid Israel must be abolished

After what Israel has done to the Palestinians for the last 60 years, they have every right to want the destruction of Israel. And so should everyone else. Didn’t the world learn anything from the rise of Nazi Germany?
410 children killed in Gaza

“I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
–Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

Obama’s Inauspicious Beginning by Khalid Amayreh

We in the Middle East realize quite well that Obama is not going to be the paragon of freedom and justice many naïve people had thought he would be.

Unfortunately, the American political environment is too morally barren to produce truly moral politicians who would be willing, let alone able, to call the spade a spade, especially when the Zio-Nazi state is concerned.

Israel Must Stop Fanning the Flames That Will Consume Us
by David Grossman

A month after the war began, in the midst of the wave of nationalist invective now sweeping Israel, it would not hurt to keep in mind that this latest military operation in Gaza was, when all is said and done, just one more way-station on a road paved with fire, violence and hatred. On this road, you sometimes win and you sometimes lose, but in the end it leads to ruin.

But as the magnitude of the killing and the devastation has become apparent to all, perhaps Israeli society will, for a brief moment, put its sophisticated mechanisms of repression and self-righteousness on hold. And then perhaps a lesson of some sort will be etched into the Israeli consciousness. Maybe then we will finally understand something deep and fundamental — that our conduct here in this region has, for a long time, been flawed, immoral and unwise. Time and again, it fans the flames that are consuming us.

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  1. Not My Tribe: ““I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    –Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001”

    This statement, “allegedly” made by Ariel Sharon, has been shown to be fabricated, a hoax. Read the information below and please delete this false quote from your Website.


  2. Alicia, thank you for your input, perhaps you could quote a source which is not entirely a propaganda “news outlet” for Israel.

    For example, please forward what you believe is a more suitable translation of what Sharon said.

    Not My Tribe is not a platform for only one side or another. We do not get our talking points from internet megaphone PR distributers. We tolerate their comments, mostly to demonstrate the revealing uniformity of their talking points.

  3. Eric: “please forward what you believe is a more suitable translation of what Sharon said.”

    Me: Sharon never said, “We, the Jewish people, control America! Read the entire linked story. The sourcing for the quote was shown to be bogus. The original Israeli source denied giving the quote to the Arab source and the Arab source is now defunct. The editor of the American columnist who picked up the alleged quote has admitted the quote is not verifiable by independent (non-Arab) sources and printed this clarification in each newspaper carrying the column…
    “Editor’s note: Georgie Anne Geyer’s May 10 column included a quote from Ariel Sharon, ‘I control America.’ This quote was widely reported in the Palestinian press but cannot be confirmed in independent sources. Geyer and Universal Press Syndicate regret not having attributed the quote more specifically.

    In the end, the Sharon quote cannot be confirmed to accepted American journalistic standards and posting it on your blog suggests otherwise. You really should be more responsible publishing what could be construed in a court of law as libelous. I suggest you take the Sharon quote down from your blog.

  4. Eric,

    You wrote:

    Not My Tribe is not a platform for only one side or another. We do not get our talking points from internet megaphone PR distributers. We tolerate their comments, mostly to demonstrate the revealing uniformity of their talking points.

    Taking quotes out of context and then deliberately ignoring information that reveals that the quote was taken out of context is disinformation. The right thing would be to remove the quote.

  5. As a postscript, below is what the Wall Street Journal’s blog has said about the Sharon quote. One would hope Not My Tribe would exercise greater scrutiny in verifying volatile and incendiary statements from world figures before posting them on their blog.

    “The Google search shows that this quote has spread widely on pro-Arab, Islamist, far-right and far-left Web sites, but it does not appear to have been reported by any legitimate news organization. The notion that Israel’s leader would assert the anti-Semitic canard that “the Jewish people control America” does not, to say the least, have the ring of truth. And the pro-Israel media-watchdog group Camera flatly calls the quote a hoax and says “Kol Yisrael confirmed that no such broadcast exists.”

    “Now, it’s common on Arab television to hear commentators and clerics liken Jews to animals, and there probably are some extremist Israelis who reciprocate the sentiment. But it’s not even remotely plausible that an American TV station would air an ad saying that “the Arabs are all dogs.” Yet Geyer’s column making this assertion appeared not just in the Chicago Tribune but also in the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Tulsa World. There’s certainly room for a diversity of opinions on the Mideast conflict, but even opinion writers–and their editors–have a duty not to publish blatant falsehoods”.

  6. The most recent development regarding the Sharon quote is that the source of the alleged quote, the Islamic Association for Palestine, has been shuttered by the US government for ties to terrorist organizations. In December 2004, a federal judge in Chicago ruled that IAP (along with the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, or HLF), was liable for a $156 million lawsuit for having aided and abetted Hamas in the West Bank killing of a 17-year-old American citizen named David Boim. IAP thereafter had its assets frozen by the U.S. government and was shut down on grounds that it was funding terrorism.

    It would be appropriate for Not My Tribe to take down the Sharon quote until it can be corroborated by a reliable and independent source.

  7. Yes, Alicia is possibly correct about Thomas’s material, Eric. YES- This quote is under dispute (per wikipedia for example) as to whether Sharon ever actually said those words. Since Thomas has run off in a huff and doesn’t actually defend any of his excessive screaming out of ‘Nazi’ that you posted here, all I can do is put up a Sharon quote that is not in dispute to whether it was actually ever said.

    “You cannot like the word, but what is happening is an occupation — to hold 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation. I believe that is a terrible thing for Israel and for the Palestinians,” he said Monday.

    taken from CNN for that one… http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/05/26/mideast/

    Personally, I find Thomas Mc to have been very irresponsible and bizarre in his behavior on this site. You made a mistake, Eric in just posting his screaming Nazi material out of any context that his site at least some what afforded it.

    I do not know if Thomas Mc is actually Jewish and we have only his word for it that he is? But however if the guy runs off and will not debate these Zionists posting here, it is all to his total discredit in my book. He can scream and shout, but he cannot do anything more than insult people who call it all into questioning! Very sad.

    That being said, the Zionist ‘Internet Megaphone’ is irresponsible in how they spam all web sites with Israeli government propaganda while pretending to just be unaffiliated concerned citizens. ‘Thomas Mc’ gave them an opening to look better than they really are by his repulsive Nazi Israel stuff that was unfortunately run on this web site. There is a price to pay when such stupid rhetoric is employed.

  8. Tony Logan,

    Your unsubstantiated allegations in another thread that Israel is engaging in “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” and is an “Apartheid” state is in the same character as Thomas Mc’s rant. That people are calling to account those claims is to be expected. Those claims have no merit. They only distort the very real and complex issues that drive the Middle East dispute.

  9. You say they are unsubstantiated, Mr. Israeli Megaphone, but many others in the world are not of your opinion. In fact, billions of other people agree with these charges made by me and tons of other writers about your government. It is you and Israel that are the minority, but a minority with guns.

  10. Tony Logan,

    They are unsubstantiated. First, nothing Israel has done or is doing even begins to resemble a genocide under the standard set forth under international law. Second, none of Israel’s laws are similar to those of Apartheid-era South Africa e.g., as per the Library of Congress’s Country Study on South Africa. Thus, the evidence is against the allegations. Therefore, the allegations are unsubstantiated.

    Finally, facts not popular opinion are relevant with respect to whether Israel is engaging in genocide or Apartheid. The facts demonstrate otherwise. That the anti-Israel mobs distort reality is irrelevant. Israel is not responsible for genocide. Israel is not an Apartheid state.

  11. Tony Logan: “Mr. Israeli Megaphone”

    Mr. Logan, wh not uplift your posts to exclude such crude conspiratorial references that might be construed as anti-Semitic? One can be supportive of Israel without being part of some Israeli cabal. For my part, I live in America and do not work on behalf of Israel. I call them as I see them and am critical of Israel when I feel it’s warranted. Can you say the same about your support for the Palestinians? Are they infallible? It will serve to put both you and the blog in a much more favorable light.

  12. Tony Logan,

    Once again, The Library of Congress’ Country Study on South Africa details South Africa’s Apartheid era laws. It states:

    The Population Registration Act (No. 30) of 1950 provided the basis for separating the population of South Africa into different races. Under the terms of this act, all residents of South Africa were to be classified as white, coloured, or native (later called Bantu) people. Indians, whom the HNP in 1948 had refused to recognize as permanent inhabitants of South Africa, were included under the category “Asian” in 1959. The act required that people be classified primarily on the basis of their “community acceptability”; later amendments placed greater stress on “appearance” in order to deal with the practice of light-colored blacks “passing” as whites. The act also provided for the compilation of a population register for the whole country and for the issuing of identity cards.

    Other laws provided for geographic, social, and political separation. The Group Areas Act (No. 41) of 1950 extended the provisions of the Natives Land Act (No. 27) of 1913, and later laws divided South Africa into separate areas for whites and blacks (including coloureds), and gave the government the power to forcibly remove people from areas not designated for their particular racial group. The Tomlinson Commission in 1954 officially concluded that the areas set aside for Africans would support no more than two-thirds of the African population even under the best of conditions, but the government ignored its recommendation that more land be allocated to the reserves and began removing Africans from white areas.

    The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act (No. 55) of 1949 made marriages between whites and members of other racial groups illegal. The Immorality Act (No. 21) of 1950 extended an earlier ban on sexual relations between whites and blacks (the Immorality Act [No. 5] of 1927) to a ban on sexual relations between whites and any non-whites. The Bantu Authorities Act (No. 68) of 1951 established Bantu tribal, regional, and territorial authorities in the regions set out for Africans under the Group Areas Act, and it abolished the Natives Representative Council. The Bantu authorities were to be dominated by chiefs and headmen appointed by the government. The government also sought in 1951 to remove coloured voters in the Cape from the common roll onto a separate roll and to require that they elect white representatives only (Separate Representation of Voters Act [No. 46] of 1951). The Supreme Court immediately declared the act invalid on constitutional grounds, but after a long struggle it was successfully reenacted (the Separate Representation of Voters Amendment Act [No. 30] of 1956).

    As you claim nothing is factual, please provide the specific Israeli laws that are identical to South Africa’s Apartheid-era laws.

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