US ruling class and their torture toads continue to debate how to use US govmt criminality to benefit themselves

CIA capWe have a really stupid US ruling class in God Bless America Land, but then again most class societies on Real Planet Earth actually do. See Ex-CIA chief: Obama risks national security

Some of these ‘American leaders’ just can’t seem to decide whether to go with the rack, or not? Of course, their gut instinct in the majority of them always is to simply call out the torturing class as much, as often, and as chilling as they can… … and then to lye about it all to the general public.

Both Obama and his ‘critics’ are fully on waterboard together about this. What they really disagree on, is how best to LYE to others about their torture use though? YES, how best to do that? How best to continue their eternal war making and cover all that up in lye? They need some abuse there! Under the rug or above?

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