The Well of apologism for Obama now seems endless and without limits

obamaLast night at work shortly after the New Year had arrived, I got into a conversation with my two co- workers who began to reprimand me for ‘not giving Barack Obama a chance’. …I was told that ‘he can’t do anything yet, he hasn’t even taken office!’

‘Give him time’, I was admonished.

Yeah, well…. ‘my country right or wrong’ was what I was thinking to myself. To these two very nice and sincere people it was perfectly understandable that Barack Obama somehow could not open his mouth.

Like DUH, Tony… can’t you understand that? Well, like DUH… NO, like I can’t!

What’s wrong with these people I wonder? To add another sample like this one to the narrative, I too was admonished by another friend a week or so previously, who addressed another listening in on us, with the sarcasm that ‘Tony wants a Cuba to be established here in the US’. He told this third person this line with a knowing smirk on his face. (Tony’s so extreme he’s off the wall completely… )

Like DUH, Tony… can’t you see that we must go slow, this is America and not your fantasy dreamland, Dude? Well, like DUH, I don’t understand your apologism for Obama acting completely like just Bush Lite? ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton acted like Bush Lite, too, and you got Bush #2 for it, did you not? Like, DUH!

These people got jobs so they are slow and careful… As my co-worker said to me during our ‘Don’t get impatient with Barack’ conversation…

‘Thank God we got jobs! Sure we hate the jobs we get, but at least we got them.’

I guess that about explains all. We got jobs still so we should give Obama a honeymoon until we lose them too.

‘This country is messed up, and it will take a while to fix things (once again)’, I was told.

Sure, right… My reply to that note was?

What makes you think Barack Obama wants to fix anything? (That never seemed to have crossed their minds!) They both looked rather perplexed at that point…

What makes YOU think that Barack wants to fix anything?

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2 Responses to The Well of apologism for Obama now seems endless and without limits

  1. Avatar Thomas Mc says:

    See, Democrats and Republicans aren’t so different at all.
    They are both fools who believe, because they want to believe.
    Facts matter little to the partisan minded.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, it is sad but true.

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