What comes after the donkey eats the carrot?

donkeyNo doubt about it, the American ruling class has decided to rewire the circuits once again. But what comes after? What comes after the big CHANGE?

Certainly a Black man and his relatively young Black wife in the White House are going to look pretty world wide. What better way to promote The Empire than this? Especially when one considers that the other possibility was having Sarah Palin in there with her Clod… I meant Todd. The entire world is going to breathe a big sigh of relief…. at least initially. However…

We have to ask ourselves how long will this relief actually last? We might ask ourselves, just how long did Colin Powell’s and Ricardo Sanchez’s presence provide relief for American image in Iraq? A couple of years maybe? But then those alarming breakdowns in US image began to occur, Black and Brown faces not withstanding. For example, who is moaning about losing the pretty little Black face of Condaleeza Rice from the international scene? Not too many.

Yes, the Republican Elephant already had a whole lot of dark skin covering for the US imperialists’ image worldwide. Now it is the Donkey’s time. They’ll have White donkeys out there, too (like Joe Biden for one) but the Black ones are the ones that certainly will stand out. Everybody will be asking themselves, just what will the Black donkey bray out next? There’ll be a lot of curiosity at first, but then folk will notice that this donkey is about the same as the White donkeys.

Obama is most likely to begin with a blast of rhetoric and action about ‘winning’ the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ and by that, he will mean that he will be advancing the frontlines against the Chinese and Russians’ national interests. He will send more US troops into Afghanistan, and, Joseph Biden, Zionist leader and African ‘specialist’ on ‘Darfur’ will be mobilizing those US troops under AFRICOM command to save people (just like the Iraqis and Afghans were supposedly saved from themselves previously) in the exotic lands of Fureigners (foreign Fur-people of the Dar-land). Joe is a great humanitarian and no doubt about it, that Barack Hussein is, too. They will be ‘saving’ people almost everywhere, just like the Republicans did before them. And like the Republicans they will claim that this is what makes America so great!

On the home front it will be like a Hollywood cop movie, where Black cop and White cop move together in gunfire and action! Evil racist creeps (US Right Wingers) will snarl and growl in response, and it’ll all look good and bang-bang at first, but then it will begin to be noticed by some that the movie has no plot. The real plot will be that the no plot script beyond superficial ‘action’ will be the plot… the DP plot as usual. Cover for the big while pretending to be for the little. Hey! That’s the same script of the Republicans, too! The economy will continue its slide down hill and the only question will be at what velocity it goes?

Liberal wimps and the sensitive people will be held up to be esteemed once more again in our American Eden. Thugs, cons, and conmen will seemingly be on vacation at first. Then, all of a sudden, some astute Americans will begin to notice that the Donkeys and Elephants are still cooperating in that so heralded ‘bipartisan’ American manner still. They will notice that the US military is even growing bigger and more all encompassing than it was before. They will notice that there is still a war with out end still going on. And they will notice that Blacks are still more held in jails than in public government offices or universities or business boardrooms. And they will notice that despite all the announced change, it is merely that the American ruling class has only rewired the circuits of their control over the rest of us once again. Most won’t notice much at all. Some will begin to holler out for the Elephant to return once again to the White House on the hill.

2 thoughts on “What comes after the donkey eats the carrot?

  1. The difference is the People, not the Leaders.

    The “leaders” are only a small part of the “people”.

    Part of, yes, but not ALL of.

    The difference is that the PEOPLE are demonstrating that we’re not giving in to or buying fear.

    There’s plenty of Fear on the market, to be sure.

    But, we can pick choicer fruits than the ones tainted with Fear.

    If Obama’s ethnicity means anything to anybody, it’s only to those who live in Perpetual Fear and demand the rest of us do so as well.

    If there’s an advantage, a benefit, to growing up poor and multi-ethnic, then by God I managed to get that benefit myself.

    Forced by poverty to live in “mixed” neighborhoods, thus, learning how to get along with people whose own cultures and subcultures were radically different from other people in the same neighborhood.

    You’ve had the same experiences, Tony, probably lived in some of the same neighborhoods I did.

    Your focus shifts from time to time, and when it shifts to the Good in people you say write and do some outstanding work.

    Right now, there’s plenty of anger to go around, we’ll find it and run into it daily, I’m sure of it.

    I can also see that you’re looking forward, seeing a future, and the future you’re seeing is pretty bright.

    For one, you see that you will be a part of that future, and us too.
    Go back and read what you wrote these past couple of weeks and you’ll see it too.

    And if we’re both wrong, and the world is terminally screwed, well, I’ll meet you at the barricades.

    Most we can do, right?

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