Those poor banks! Those poor grocery store chains!

The banks have ‘failed their stress tests’ and now need at least $75 BILLION dollars from taxpayers! See Ten US banks fail ‘stress tests’ …Doesn’t your heart just bleed for them? And not to be outdone the grocery store chains, led by Kroger (KING STUPID), Safeway, and Albertsons are out there trying to convince the general public that they are being beat up bad by union workers, most of who make less than $15 per hour. They just can’t take it anymore! So their solution?

It looks like it might be to lock out the workers and use the government’s police to try to force these people into unemployment lines! Destroy their pension plans. Work them to death and then discard them! This all is on hold for now, but the companies may begin this assault within days?

DON’T SCAB if they do lock out the grocery workers. Support union labor and they will support you! Workers have Rights, but only if you solidly back them up with Your Solidarity instead of giving in to these crappy food grocery chains by vacantly walking past union picket lines if they are forced to go up.

Eat right! Do right! Don’t cross picket lines. Write Management a note and tell them how you feel! And tell the workers you support them, too.

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4 Responses to Those poor banks! Those poor grocery store chains!

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Good Job Tony!

  2. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Please email the president of King Soopers, Russ Dispense, and tell him that what he is doing to the workers is WRONG. His email address is

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Dear Mr. Dispense,

    We agreed to an extension, and in my opinion that was
    a gift to you on a silver platter.

    Let me point out to you that it would be foolish to lock
    us out if safeway workers were to strike because it would
    give us an opportunity to take thier customers.

    Not to mention that it would show that you were truly willing
    to negotiate.

    Two issues which shouldn’t be ignored are:
    1) Our pension, Why must you make such cuts?

    2) The hellishly long 3 year wait that the Children
    of New Hires, and Newly hired Courtesy Clerks must endure.

    Keep in mind that Ernie Duran only addresses issues and
    decides upon a course of action because we ask him to do so.

    The next time you print any literature against the Union,
    keep in mind that it is not printed against Ernie, it is
    printed against those of us who work for YOU.

    If you truly want to negotiate with your workers, then
    please consider lowering the waiting period for healthcare
    and please don’t drastically reduce our pension.

    This letter is my final plea before we negotiate again.

    Yours Truly

    Ed Billings
    King Soopers # 6

    (an open letter to Russ Dispense, president of King Soopers)

  4. Avatar copy cat says:

    If the workers don’t like the terms, then they should not work there. as for insurance benefits, I would like to see insurance separated from a person’s employment all together. This not done through regulation, but through the free markey, where people would buy insurance for major medical problems, and pay out of pocket for doctor visits, and routine medical visits. If we were to get the government out of health car all together, the prices would be lower, because the ones receiving the care would be the ones paying for that care. They would care about the cost, and the quality. With programs like medicare, the consumer has no way to force the medical provider to give better care, because the consumer is not the one who pays the bill.

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