I protest UC students self interest

UC students are occupying campus buildings, in scenes gloriously reminiscent of the 60s. Debbie Downers have foretold that an antiwar movement would not catch the interest of youth until there was a military draft to affect them. They are right. We’ve seen marches and rallies for peace, but it took a tuition hike to light a fire under these selfish tight asses. The students are right to be enraged by a 30% tuition rise, but have they a case to justify civil disobedience? They’re rebelling against the result of an economy going bust, of the middle class losing the privilege to educated its kids. Rise up, protest, but make it look like more than about your entitlement to a post-highschool social life.

2 thoughts on “I protest UC students self interest

  1. Debbie Downer is another name for realist. Fact of the matter is MOST people are motivated by self-interest. The UC protests are evidence of that fact. It takes an epiphany to change people from inward to outward. Fortunately, you have been motivated. Feel pity and try to understand and educate those that have not.

  2. Perhaps they can tie their cause to the war, since the War is one of the biggest factors in the collapse of Capital.
    Add in the fact that the war was started as a method for shoring up Capital. Have them remind the Corporate types that the lies their Corporate Henchmen spread, such as 5000 metric tonnes of non-existent WMDs, a mythical attachment of Saddam Hussein to 9/11, and the long-stated Corporate plans to seize … errr “rescue” lands around the Persian Gulf (Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan all border on Iran) in order to have Air Bases always within striking distance of any of the Arabian Peninsula and Southwest Asian oil fields. Gunboat diplomacy with Predator remote control Murder Weapons. Gotta teach those Wogs not to mess with “our” Puppet Dictators. Like King Faisal and the Pahlavi family.

    Force them to pay tribute for our “protection” so the very richest Americans can still maintain their conspicuous consumption lifestyle.

    Make it look like a war for freedom and against Terrorism.
    Teach the Higher Ranking officers not to mouth off publicly about how much they hate “Muzzle Monkeys” or “Ragheads” (at least not where TV cameras are) so they can look pious and righteous, and not at all like the Racist pricks they truly are.

    Of course, all that costs money, and burdens the economy to the point of breaking, and already broke the economy.

    So what if the Scions of the working class and les petits-bourgeoisie
    aren’t educated? According to Republican stalwarts, the People don’t need education, all we need is enough education to perform our tasks in THEIR industries efficiently, and be able to read the instruction manuals on How To Operate Military Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

    Educate them just enough to understand the commercials for purchasing the American Dream and chant slogans about how we have so much Liberty and Justice For All. All people are equal, but some are more equal than others.

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