Where to put the Guantanamo detainees

Billboard on Colfax Avenue urges CLOSE GUANTANAMO
A major sticking point which prevented President Bush from closing Guantanamo, purportedly, and which we hear Barack Obama has been hastening to address, is what to do with Guantanamo’s inmates after the island prison is closed. I can offer only this rather obvious suggestion:

Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Free every last one and PUT THEM UP AT THE WALDORF! What the fuck do you think we should do to make amends for six years in cages at Camp X-Ray?!

Are you pretending to grasp only one half of the Guantanamo violation? The Gitmo purgatory beyond the rule of law was wrong, but so too was the indefinite detention of “illegal combatants.”

Closing Guantanamo, together with the whole network of US covert prisons will be a step toward restoring America’s image as a law abiding nation. But if you’re simultaneously searching for alternative jailers to take the Gitmo detainees, you’re not showing much understanding of what you’re doing wrong.

Seriously. We hear this nation or that will not accept the nationality-appropriate of our detainees. Thus far I believe, we are objecting because our would-be partners can’t guarantee that they will continue to hold the subjects for the indefinite period we require.

And that wouldn’t compound the wrong?

Close Guantanamo. Free everyone. If there are particular men you want to charge, put them in a US prison and give them every right accorded anyone else. Give them lawyers, and recourse for redress.

Otherwise put them up in posh digs. Prostrate yourselves before them, hopefully they will someday forgive us. And they are by no means obligated to do so.

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  1. We could put them in Congress, they are no doubt less criminal than the vast majority already there.

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