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Will US Secret Service regret fortifying a DNC Bastille for protesters to storm?

The Secret Service planning its security measures for the upcoming DNC in Charlotte, North Caroline, has ordered unprecedented quantities of concrete barricades and fencing to insulate convention activities from the expected demonstrations. Protesters will have full run of downtown Charlotte, within the parade permits, except for the facilities scheduled by the Democratic Party. Barricades will block the convention center, an arena, and an additional warehouse whose purpose has is not being explained. Intelligence command and control centers are not unprecedented, although like police stations, have never been the target of protest. Mass detention centers such as used in NYC 2004 might be another story.

New ICE building is half windowless

ice offices in pueblo bank trust buildingAs reported by the Gazette on Nov 30, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security has opened an office in Colorado Springs in the Pueblo Bank and Trust Building. The implication is of a lonely field office to monitor the busy I-25 corridor, but the Nation Magazine is reporting that ICE locations nationwide are being used as unmarked and unmonitored detention facilities for undisclosed detainees. I can’t vouch for ours. Anyone up for a photo field trip? Bring your papers.

According to the Gazette, the office has been a pet pork project of Congressman Doug Lamborn. Their description of the new facilities:

The downtown office in Colorado Springs is the ninth ICE office in Colorado and houses several cubicles and conference rooms as well as a cache of secure rooms to be used for interviews, confidential paperwork and holding weapons.

Detentions have been until now subcontracted with El Paso County. Currently the county holds approximately 150 detainees for ICE.

Did you catch this choice segment of the story? County Commissioner Jim Bensberg apparently confuses “to have a chilling effect” with crime deterrence:

“The presence of the federal office will have a chilling effect on a wide variety of activities,” he said, without elaborating.

“There were days I thought this would never happen,” he said. “If I had a tail right now, I’d be wagging it.”