Which Republicans are not assholes?

Joe Wilson yelled YOU LIE during Obama speechThis Republican has apologized for yelling “YOU LIE” during President Obama’s speech to Congress tonight. Does sorry mean anything if he’s expecting endless slaps on the back from the Glenn Beck fans? Joe Wilson, Asshole Party house representative from South Carolina is one of the DC hosts of the Teabaggers 9/12 anti-health reform tour. Not one of these honorable gentlemen had the temerity to call George Bush on his obvious lies.

At most, President Obama was voicing a difference of opinion. What gave the plantation owner’s son from South Carolina a sense that he had an opening to accuse his president of being a liar?

Let Representative Wilson make his case. If it turns out President Obama wasn’t lying, let them call for a duel. Wilson’s confederate sword against the Chief Executive’s navy. I’m all for speaking out, but let there be respect for consequences. Maybe the best we can hope for it that Joe Wilson has earned himself a new moniker YOU LIE!

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2 Responses to Which Republicans are not assholes?

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    But Obama is a liar! But what makes this South Carolina political twit so obsessed with ‘illegal aliens’? Dumb fucking racist asshole!

    Mexican labor built the South, that is after the Black slaves did. Joe Wilson and the racist White assholes he represents need to get out and do some honest work for a change. They’re so fucking lazy, you know?

    Loud mouth Mfuckers always complaining about those who do the actual work in this country! They make me sick! Joe Wilson and his ilk still have half their baby fat showing! At their age, too! And their Lily White manicured hands make me nauseated!

  2. Avatar Jack Spratt says:

    Calling Republicans “assholes” is offensive to a very important part of my anatomy.

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