For a good time call Heidi Barsuglia

Heidi Dejong BarsugliaCalifornia legislator Michael Duvall has resigned over indiscretions about two infidelities. His wife’s problem, even if he postures as a Family Values politician. Our problem, one of Duvall’s playmates is a utilities industry lobbyist, whose interests Duvall protected. The QUIM PRO QUO for Sempra Energy Global, San Diego Gas and Electric, Southern California Gas Company, and the California Retailers Association is Heidi de Jong Barsuglia.

Duvall’s other infidelity also involved a lobbyist, referred to Duval as “Shar.” According to Reuters:

On July 8, Duvall told fellow Republican Assemblyman Jeff Miller of Corona, a longtime friend, that he also was sleeping with another lobbyist, who has been identified by Capitol sources as a one-time lobbyist for several different interest groups.

The identity of the second lobbyist remains to be divulged. NMT has been assured in a letter from Dale Stern of the law firm of Stern, Van Vleck, and McCarron LLC, that earlier named Shari McHugh of the “highly regarded Sacramento lobbying firm of McHugh and Associates” was not one of the lobbyists with whom Assemblyman Michael Duvall was fraternizing.

While we regret the error, we do wonder about the etiquette of accusations regarding lobbyists and members of a legislature. No quarter? What consideration is ever given the public by lobbyists who serve moneyed interests, whether they are sleeping with them, or greasing their palm?

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  1. Avatar W.C. Varones says:

    Quim pro quo! I love it!

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