Why hippies call them pigs

g20 police riot officer tear gas canisterHere are a few troubling images of the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh, where police brutality insulated the globalist ministers from the anti-capitalist demonstrations.
Look at this smile. Next time they’re eulogizing a policeman killed on the job, or the city proposes changing a street name to commemorate a fallen officer, think about this image. A Pittsburgh cop does not conceal a fiendish grin as he throws tear gas canisters at the G-20 protesters.

Video footage captured three policemen disguised as black bloc anarchists, walking menacingly among the much younger, more educated looking demonstrators.


Whether the undercover cops were intended to be provocateurs or thinly veiled intimidation is debatable. In any case, bystanders reported that these three broke cameras and can be overheard making sarcastic comments. The protesters kept them surrounded and confronted.

G20-protest-pittsburgh-abduction-uniforms-paramilitaryThis widely circulated video purported to show uniformed paramilitary thugs in the act of abducting a black-clad protester. The unmarked sedan pulled up, made the grab, and rolled away. Inconsistencies with the perp attire, mode of undress, and odd accessorizing, point to doubt as to whose street theater this was. God Bless ’em.

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4 Responses to Why hippies call them pigs

  1. Avatar Wyatt says:

    Isn’t it possible that it is a grimace from pulling the pin? I’m not sure if you have ever pulled a pin on a grenade before, or had something dig into your finger, but your muscles in your face tense up in the slight pain. I looks like you are grinning, but it is just the tightening of muscles in your face.
    If that does not make sense to you, think about that moment when you are about to take a punch. You tense up, including your face. You seem to grin.

    Honestly, it looks to me like this officer is just readying himself to pull the pin, he has braced himself, and I am sure a second later, his arm was cocked back to throw.

    Stop being so extreme and making a huge deal out of nothing.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    He was about to commit chemical warfare against Americans. Tear gas might not be as lethal as nerve gas, but it is still lethal.
    I think the pig was enjoying the show of watching his fellow Americans gasping for air.

    Pigs are like that. They tell you, when they’re in your cell and have you helpless, torturing you with clubs and tazers, that “who’s gonna believe YOU? It’s our word against yours, we’ve got the Courts in OUR pockets, not a Judge in America would ever convict us and besides, we have Sucks like Wyatt willing to muddy the waters with their own Lies in our defense”.

    Besides, that wasn’t the only picture of that particular Pig gassing his fellow Americans. He was enjoying himself. Just like you enjoy watching people get tasered or even killed. It’s your Pig version of Porn.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Maybe you collect the videos of Other Victims of the Pig Gas attacks, old people, people with asthma or emphysema, very young children, pets, anybody who might be even more strongly harmed by it.

    Especially knowing that they’re helpless, that part really gets you off, doesn’t it, Wyatt?

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    When I’m about ta take a punch, Wyatt, I’m usually spitting in the Pigs face. It’s the only thing I can do because I’ll be handcufed or held by three of Your Other Pig Thug “heroes”.

    Oh, that’s right, there IS something you wish I would do… Grovel to your PIG buddies and beg their forgiveness for talking back to them. Plead for their non-existent mercy.
    Instead of “smarting off” to the Gestapo Thugs. The way I’m smarting off to YOU right now.

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