Colo. Springs finds jobs for homeless

COLORADO SPRINGS- Any development on the local homeless front as funds dry up to hide them in roach motels? Sure: we’ve harnessed the destitute with bigger burdens to pull across public sidewalks. Not only do they have nowhere to put their bags, thanks to the no-camping ordinance, they have to haul their tents and bedding wherever they go, like prisoners made to wear stripes, for law enforcement to hound.

1 thought on “Colo. Springs finds jobs for homeless

  1. Time to propose again the idea that people who use public streets as private parking spaces should either pony up a parking fee, or get ticketed under the same No Camping ordinance. It doesn’t specifically say you actually have to be IN the vehicle or tent or sleeping bag or cardboard box, nor does it have to be stored at the corner of Under and Bridge. Just storing personal belongings on public property.

    It’s gotten so bad that the Westside Pioneer, well known for its editorial slant that’s slightly to the left of Vlad the Impaler.

    Hardly a group of Flaming Liberals. But coming up West Cucharras for instance, there’s several places where two cars can’t pass each other because of all the parked cars on the street.

    I mean, fair is fair. “The Law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike from begging, stealing bread and sleeping under bridges”
    Just not, you know, storing private belongings on public property. That’s an exclusive privilege of the Wealthy.

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