West Bank purge of settlement goods: boycotting your own pantry hurts who?

Michelle Malkin urged boycott of Rose O'Donnell advertisersThe Palestinian Authority’s issuing stickers to West Bank houses who’ve destroyed their goods from Israeli settlements reminds me of wingnut hate-mite Michelle Malkin in 2007 instructing her viewers to scour their homes for products to “boycott.” The technique brims with spirit, but misses the point of bringing economic pressure to bear. Foregoing what you’ve already paid for is to boycott what’s yours. How convenient for Fatah to put the burden on Palestinians themselves, meanwhile endorsing no interruption of trade with Israel. IE’s Ali Abunimah suggests Mahmoud Abbas aims to undermine the BDS campaign. Israel is certainly pleased to publicize the settlement businesses placed in jeopardy, as well as divert international energy from the spreading BDS movement.

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  1. Avatar Brian T. Manning says:

    The point in checking your pantry is to recognise the products you may have bought not know their origin was indeed from Israeli Settlements….Having bought the product once ,the point is; Don’t buy it again.
    I check everything I buy. I do not buy products from the USA either. I would rather go without.

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