City revives debtors’ prison fast-track

Homeless - give them a hand, not the boot
COLORADO SPRINGS- Despite impassioned resistance to the city’s proposed tough-love homeless self-help ordinance, the city council held firm. Move your butts, and poop, and personal crap off our land, or face fines and work camp.

5 thoughts on “City revives debtors’ prison fast-track

  1. The Money Changers have spoken.

    Miss Beep-Beep is collecting her 30 silver shekels apiece.

    Maybe they’ll give her “charity” the concession of selling off the belongings of the Homeless PEOPLE at auction.

    She might want to check the money to see that it’s not poisoned or counterfeit. Her “friends” play dirty. If you ever shake hands with one of them, count your fingers when you pull your hand back. Make sure they didn’t steal any.

    It must be True Hell for them, their only social group is made up of Fellow Thieves.

  2. Dear BJ:

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre… it did… Eric Verlo and Doug Bruce speaking to the City Council… both protesting the No Camping Ordinace… now that is truly a match made in Heaven.

    Did you have to promise Doug extra rations to join his “Dream Team”? Or a free t-shirt?

    Talk about strange bedfellows…. be careful, because I’ve read a man is judged by the company he keeps… YIKES!

  3. How much money do you have invested in the prison system as it stands and the Expansion it would take to enforce the ordinance, Patch? What about Beep-beep? How much, in other words, are you going to make from the forced labor camps?

    Of course, that would make you a Slaveholder.

    Imagine that, if you will. Slaves owning other Slaves. “Yikes”.

  4. Yeah, I figured. On a more promising note, Tom Gallagher is actually promoting the notion I published about buying the KOA campground. That would be a helluva good investment. It has water and even Electricity hookups, shower facilities and a now-hulled out Laundry room.

    The City and/or County could pay it off partly with Tax Credits.
    It’s their favorite way of attracting MegaCorporate businesses to the city.

    It would be a lot better investment than the other usual course of action, giving the property to WalMart or some other entity that could pay for it out of pocket change. But won’t unless the deal is “sweetened” with long term Tax Amnesty.

    “Oh, we’d simply love to get a good real estate deal where we can exploit the location to the tune of a pennies on the dollar Profit Margin, but we just have to get that profit to be Tax Free as well”.

    Oink friggin’ Oink Oink..

    That’s the kind of short dealing that got America, not just the Springs, into such a deep hole in the first place.

    But at least the irons are in the fire.

    Holmes’ plan is doomed to failure right from the beginning.

    Meanwhile, what happens to the New Migrant Class?

    If the capitalists are right, the dispossessed will rise to the top, Social Darwinism and all that.
    In which case they’d want to make sure that somebody who might be an Extremely Valuable Citizen in the future doesn’t have a memory of Colorado Springs tainted with the inhospitable attitude of Shitty Council.

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