Dodgers sportscasters recall Chavez Ravine, not Battle of Chavez Ravine

Ry Cooder recorded an album to commemorate Chavez RavineChávez Ravine isn’t just the site of Dodger Stadium. Major League announcers mentioned it knowingly today during the Cubs game, looking over at its Hollywood-like “Think Blue” sign, but Chávez Ravine is no mere physical feature. It names the Hispanic community purged in the postwar years, three entire neighborhoods razed under the pretext of a planned housing project, a final holdout kept bulldozers at bay with a shotgun. When the ten-year Battle of Chávez Ravine was over, the land seized by eminent domain was delivered to a wealthy team-owner and the rest is baseball history under the bridge.

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2 Responses to Dodgers sportscasters recall Chavez Ravine, not Battle of Chavez Ravine

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not all the MSM ignores it though. I did watch an hour-long documentary on the continuing incident during the arbitrarily assigned “Hispanic History Month” (Imagine, a WHOLE MONTH dedicated to Hispanic History.. oh well, better than it was when I was a kid…) but it was, 4 years ago on Denver’s PBS station. That random comma punctuation, eh. I paused while trying to think how long it was. Some events, though, are radically different and like a cool summer shower. The story and the events described suck much. The fact that it’s actually heard, at least sometimes, that’s important. Remember that song from Camp Casey, the Unitarian hymn… ?
    “it will be hard, we know
    and the road ahead is muddy and long
    But we’ll get there…
    Heaven knows how, we will get there,
    But we know we will…”

  2. Avatar Leninha says:

    I’ve played Brock Park once, about five years ago in November. The most meobramle thing about it was getting ravaged by mosquitoes! You literally could not stand still for two seconds over your ball without those motherf*ckers swarming all over you!As for the course itself, the most meobramle thing about it was the crappy greens. I remember on the very first hole hitting my putt and watching abruptly halt once it came upon the crabgrass circling the cup. I’ve also heard some stories from friends about muggings taking place on the course, so you might want to pack some heat otherwise your savings my never materialize.

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